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Company Profile

Anıl Agricultural Machinery Co. was established in 1980 and located in Konya/TURKEY. Since then it has grown steadily and built up a solid reputation as a manufacturer of farm machinery. Our product ranges including 45 different types of machines in four groups. Sowing, fertilizing and plant protection machines Soil preparation machines Mowers, baling and harvesting machines Conveyors and other machines Our company has been experiencing in the domain of this activity for almost 45 years and our main trump is our staffs that demonstrate their best activity and make possible achievements of formulated goals. Therefore we will continue to develop and improve our existing production.

Product Image

Pneumatic Seed Drills

Pneumatic seed drill can be easily connected to the tractor’s three point hitch system and powered by a cardan shaft connected to the power take-off tractor. The machine is particularly suitable for precision seeding, for multi-purpose use and it is suitable for all kinds of tilled land. The seeding machine is pneumatically operated. The crops such as corn, cotton, sugar, beet, sunflower, chickpea, bean, tomato can be sowed by the special seed discs easily. Pneaumatic seed drill is used especially with the special seed discs and different accessories. And also the interrow distance of the machine is manually adjustable. The operating manuel that includes spare parts list is given to the customer with the machine.

Square Baler Machine

Square Balers are straw and hay collecting equipment. Optimum design, superior parameters, a long useful life and reliable operations. The proprietary balanced crank & piston system allows for the elimination of harmful vibrations, affecting both the operator and the tractor, and improve labor conditions. Baler machine, binds faultlessly, bales adjustable from 0,3 meters to 1,3 meters protecting their rectangular side shapes. Tight and strong junction process helps a smooth transport of bales. In the entrance side even in case of extreme material loading, the material stream on collection auger and feeding unit keeps smoothly and without any jamming. Wide material collection opening and proper material pressing assures all the bales to have the same density. It extends grass collection capacity.

AT-FS SERIES Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizer spreader machine is connected to the tractor to tractor three-point linkage system. The machine is operated by PTO via shaft. lt spreads fertilizer to furthest point in balance with 6 wings and spreading width is 16m. lt spreads to the left, to the right, or sides. Through specially designed the outlet holes are provided on both sides equal fertilization.

AT-LB Levelling Blade

Levelling Blades are mounted to tractors by three point linkage system. These Levelling Blades can be used in various purposes like making a field way, land levelling, opening ditches and filling. By the help of their 360° working angle they can be used in different directions. Blades are produced from special steel to prevent corrosion and breakings. Also both sides of these removable blades can be used.

AT-PDH Post Hole Digger

Hole Digger mainly consists of power head, PTO shaft and auger. The auger consists of a screwdriver bit on the auger tip, with threads on the auger tip. Simple structure, effectively speed working, more powerful drill ability, low operating cost, high flexibility. Hole Digger can be easily mounting to the tractor with the three-point hitch connection. You can quickly and economically drill holes depth is 850-1000 mm and with selected auger diameter of 20-30-45-60 cm. Hole digger is used for tree planting in columns, vineyards or structure etc. In suitable landscapes, you can dig approximately 40 holes for 300 mm diameters per hour, 30 holes for 450 mm diameters and 15 holes for 600 mm diameters per hour with our AT-PDH20 model. The model AT-PDH10 post hole digger is suitable for 15-40 HP sub compact tractors equipped with a category-1N 3-point hitch connection and a 540 RPM PTO. Spiral bevel gearboxes are equipped having 2.92:1 gear ration and PTO driveline with over load protection clutch.

AT-RR330 Rotary Hay Rake

Rotary hay rake with rotors is facilitates the picking and the baling with the grass picking trailer or baling machine by forming the harvested feed-plants in rows arranged at regular intervals. Stabilizer shock absorbers stabilize the machine when it is lifted. And also the machine is provides a smooth ride for the best quality raking. The gearbox is fully encapsulated and maintenance free. The height can be adjusted easily by using the hand lever on the gear box. It performs a high-quality picking by leaving clean stubble as it doesn’t leave any stone or similar objects in the grass that has been picked. The rake arms that constitute the picking unit of the machine are attached to the conveyor slots after being disassembled; in this way, the total length of the machine is minimized by folding suitably for safe transport.

AT-HS4 Wheels Hay Rakes

Hay rake machine is mounted to tractor with the three point hitch system. It operated by itself. It’s use for turning, raking, spreader and tedding any kind of grasses and clovers. Hay Rake is easily adaptable to each type of tractor by its’ three point linkage system. It provides a lot of time and labor saving. Our machine offers an excellent performance on each kind of fields and it helps farmers to make work easier than previous.Hay Rake is used for separating the green herb over the field to ventilate them to dry in a short time. It can be used to collect the cut plant talks(barley, wheat stalks) together to put this in a standard row and by this way the plant stalks returns to the economy and obtained extra gain.

AT-FTS1200 Lt. Fertilizer Spreader Twin Disc

Fertilizer Spreader machines are manufactured with hydraulic controller. Thanks to this feature, at the beginning of the border, from the tractor cabin, spreading can be controlled easily and quickly. The mixer shaft in the fertilizer tank is located in a horizontal position and rotates with low rev. This shaft absolutely does not turn the fertilizer into the dust. By this way, distrubition of the fertilizer into the field is more homogeneous and fluidal. Spread rate and working with of machine can reach to 18 and 36 meters, but depending on the type of fertilizer. The settings of angle and wing length on the disc must be changed in the light of fertilizer chart.

HS Code(s) this company exports

# HS Code HS Code Description
1 842441 Mechanical appliances; agricultural or horticultural sprayers; portable sprayers
2 842890 Lifting, Handling, Loading Or Unloading Machinery
3 843210 Plows For Soil Preparation Or Cultivation
4 843221 Disc Harrows
5 843229 Harrows (Except Disc), Scarifiers, Cultivators, Weeders And Hoes
6 843230 Seeders, Planters And Transplanters
7 843240 Manure Spreaders And Fertilizer Distributors
8 843242 Spreaders and distributors; for manure and fertilizers, for agricultural, horticultural or forestry use; fertiliser distributors
9 843320 Mowers, Including Cutter Bars For Tractor Mounting
10 843330 Haying Machines, Other Than Mowers
11 843340 Straw Or Fodder Balers, Including Pick-Up Balers
12 843359 Harvesting Machinery,