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# HS Code HS Code Code Description
1 330113 Essential Citrus Fruit Oils Of Lemon
2 840110 Nuclear Reactors
3 840120 Isotopic Separation Machinery And Apparatus, And Parts Thereof
4 840130 Fuel Elements (Cartridges), Non-Irradiated, For Nuclear Reactors, And Parts Thereof
5 840140 Parts Of Nuclear Reactors
6 930000 Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories thereof
7 930110 Artillery Weapons
8 930111 Artillery Weapons E.G. Guns, Howitzers And Mortars, Self-Propelled
9 930119 Artillery Weapons E.G. Guns, Howitzers And Mortars, Not Self-Propelled
10 930120 Rocket Launchers; Flame-Throwers; Grenade Launchers; Torpedo Tubes And Similar Projectors
11 930190 Military Weapons,
12 930200 Revolvers And Pistols, Designed To Fire Live Ammunition
13 930310 Muzzle-Loading Firearms
14 930320 Sporting, Hunting Or Target-Shooting Shotguns, Including Combination Shotgun-Rifles, Except Muzzle-Loading Firearms
15 930330 Sporting, Hunting Or Target-Shooting Rifles, Except Muzzle-Loading Firearms And Combination Shotgun-Rifles
16 930390 Devices Designed To Project Only Signal Flares; Pistols And Revolvers For Firing Blank Ammunition; Captive-Bolt Humane Killers; Line-Throwing Guns
17 930400 Arms (Including Spring, Air Or Gas Guns And Pistols, But Excluding Swords, Bayonets And Similar Arms)
18 930510 Parts And Accessories Of Revolvers Or Pistols
19 930520 Parts And Acc. Of Shotguns Or Rifles Of Heading 9303
20 930521 Smooth Barrels For Sporting, Hunting And Target-Shooting Rifles Of Heading 9303
21 930529 Parts And Accessories For Sporting, Hunting And Target-Shooting Rifles Of Heading
22 930591 Parts And Accessories For Military Weapons Of Heading 9301
23 930599 Parts And Accessories For Articles Of Headings 9302 To 9304
24 930621 Shotgun Cartridges
25 930629 Air Gun Pellets And Parts Of Shotgun Cartridges
26 930630 Cartridges And Parts Thereof,
27 930690 Bombs, Grenades, Torpedoes, Mines, Missiles And Similar Munitions Of War And Parts Thereof; Other Ammunition And Projectiles And Parts Thereof,
28 930700 Swords, Cutlasses, Bayonets, Lances And Similar Arms And Parts Thereof And Scabbards And Sheaths Therefor