Petrol Ofisi. A.Ş.


Petrol Ofisi. A.Ş.


Ünalan, Libadiye Cad. No: 82-F 34700 Üsküdar






+90 216 275 30 00


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Petrol Ofisi started its operations in 1941 in Ankara as a public enterprise with a team of nine people to purchase and import petroleum and petroleum products to address the needs of the public and private sector as well as of final consumers, to create stocks that would cover the entire country, and to do its marketing. Its symbol is a female wolf blasting flame from her mouth and has its origins in the female wolf Asena, one of the main figures in Turkish mythology.Petrol Ofisi became a joint stock company in 1983 and was privatized in 2000. Today, it is Turkey's leading fuel, LPG distribution and lubes and chemicals company with more than 1.800 fuel stations, 1 lubricants factory, 8 fuel terminals, 1 LPG terminal, 20 airport supply units, and approximately 1 million cubic meters of storage capacity. According to the 2019 data from Capital 500, Petrol Ofisi is Turkey's third largest company with a turnover of nearly 54 billion.

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4 381900 Líquidos para frenos hidráulicos y demás líquidos preparados para transmisiones hidráulicas, sin aceites de petróleo ni de mineral bituminoso o con un contenido inferior al 70% en peso de dichos aceites.
5 382000 Preparaciones anticongelantes y líquidos preparados para descongelar.
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