Company Details
  • Address : Durasıllı Mah. 89 sokak nO : 19
  • City State : Manisa
  • Country : Turkey
  • Web Page :
  • E-Mail :
  • Telephone : (236)-734 22 83
  • Fax : (236)-734 27 65
  • Trade Marks : Kempostar
Company Profile

Kempostar was established in 2001 for producing whey powder by turning whey, which is considered as waste due to its environmental effects, into an industrial product. Thanks to the technology used in productions, automation system owned and modern production facilities, Kompostar is increasing its production capacity day by day and it continues to its investments to manufacture new products for the food sector.

Why us?

Kempostar daily provides the raw material used for producing whey powder from contracted suppliers and processes it. In each phase of production, Kempostar carries out physical, chemical and microbiological controls carefully and it operates under sanitary conditions in accordance with international standards.

Moreover, Kempostar creates product solutions intended for meeting customer demands and it performs on-time deliveries through its professional sales and distribution team. Continuing to its operations without making concessions on quality, Kempostar aims to further its current success with the sustained R&D works.

NO HS Code HS Code Description
1 040410 Whey And Modified Whey, Whether Or Not Concentrated Or Containing Added Sweeteners
2 040490 Products Consisting Of Natural Milk Constituents, Whether Or Not Sweetened,