Company Details
  • Name : Kordon Tıp Sağlık Araç Gereçleri Müh. Prj. İth. Ltd. Şti.
  • Address : 10006/1 Sk. No:43 AOSB Çiğli
  • City State : İzmir
  • Country : Türkiye
  • Web Page :
  • E-Mail :
  • Telephone : +90 232 348 6060
  • Fax : +90 232 348 6090
  • Trade Marks : AXIS , AXSS
Company Profile
Kordon Tip ltd. was founded in 1998. We would like to introduce ourselves, as manufacturer and exporter of high quality Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers and Cartridges. We represent latest and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date know- how of modern techniques, combined with our most efficient customer support and service back up. Our company is in pursuit of attaining excellence in our manufacturing field through our dedicated research and development by incorporating latest technological advancements through different requirement of international Scientific Community. We are committed to provide international quality Ethylene Oxide sterilizers at reasonable price, complimented by our efficient and versatile customer support systems, so as to achieve
NO HS Code HS Code Description
1 291010 Oxirane (Ethylene Oxide)
2 380850 Goods Specified In Note 1 To Chapter 38
3 382200 Composite Diagnotic Or Laborartory Reagents, Other Than Those Pharmaceuticals In Heading 3002 Or 3006; Certified Reference Materials
4 481890 Bed Sheets And Similar Household Or Hospital Articles Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers,
5 841920 Medical, Surgical Or Laboratory Sterilizers
6 841990 Parts For Machinery, Plant Or Laboratory Equipment For The Treatment Of Material Involving Temperature Change (Except Domestic Machinery),
7 842240 Packing Or Wrapping Machinery (Including Heat-Shrink Wrapping Machinery),
8 851430 Industrial Or Laboratory Electric Furnaces And Ovens,
9 853110 Burglar Or Fire Alarms And Similar Apparatus
10 853180 Electric Sound Or Visual Signaling Apparatus (For Example, Bells, Sirens, Indicator Panels),
11 854370 Electrical Machines And Apparatus, Having Individual Functions,
12 940210 Dentists', Barbers' Or Similar Chairs And Parts Thereof
13 940290 Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Furniture (Except Dentists' Chairs) And Parts Thereof