Company Details
  • Name : NOBEL İLAÇ
  • Address : İnkılap Mah. Akçakoca Sok. No:10 Ümraniye
  • City State : İstanbul (Avp)
  • Country : Türkiye
  • Web Page :
  • E-Mail :
  • Telephone : +90 216 633 6013
  • Fax : +90 216 633 6492
  • Trade Marks : NOBEL
Company Profile
Nobel Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of Turkey, has been carrying on its operations since 1964. Its product range includes both the drugs developed and manufactured by other affiliate companies and those prescription or OTC products that are licensed by Nobel. Nobel also holds an esteemed place among pharmaceutical exporters in Turkey. With many representative offices established across Asia and Europe, Nobel has introduced its products into the global market. With thousands of employees across this wide geography, Nobel has one of the largest sales force with 1000 medical representatives and 95 district managers in Turkey, besides more than 400 medical representatives and 782 employees in overseas offices. Adopting the vision of “being a worldwide, reliable organization with universal values’’ and the mission of “introducing state-of-the art and innovative products which promote the quality of life and make efficient use of available resources”, Nobel Pharma has b
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