Company Details
  • Name : tf tafyy babyşti.
  • City State : BURSA
  • Country : Turkey
  • Web Page :
  • E-Mail :
  • Telephone : (224)-361 68 58
  • Fax : (224)-361 68 60
  • Trade Marks : TAFYY BEBE
Company Profile
In 2006 our company started to manufacture our team of 4 persons, had improved time keeping up with the colorful assortment of baby & children ages innovation and brands at the forefront of stylish clothing could move, including the name of the semi. Our products in domestic market and foreign markets can be able to reach a lot of wholesale sales point. Our goal is to be next to the most special days of our baby, to produce the perfect clothing in terms of health and comfort, and to win the satisfaction of the mother.
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