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  • Address : 4650 S Racine Ave. IL 60609. USA
  • City State : Chicago
  • Country : United States
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  • Telephone : (773)-376 90 00
  • Fax : (773)-843 75 90
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Leading Oleochemical Producer - Focused on the Future

We are North America’s most trusted supplier of Oleochemicals. The company has world class assets and an experienced team that our customers have recognized as leaders in the manufacturing and marketing of fatty acids and glycerine. The Oleochemicals business takes pride in delivering impeccable service to customers. The business is headquartered in Chicago.

Vantage continues to be focused on natural chemistry platforms. Our brands will continue to be recognized as a benchmark for quality and value. We are proud to offer products derived from natural raw materials; fatty acids and glycerine, all of which are used in everyday applications supported by an experienced technical service team and certified by a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory.


Vantage Oleochemicals was first purchased by Unilever from Darling Delaware in 1985 and was operated as part of Unichema International with manufacturing locations worldwide. The business was known for making quality oleochemicals and specialty chemicals derived from natural oils and fats. In May of 1997, Unilever announced the sale of Unichema International to Imperial Chemical Industries (“ICI”), who subsequently changed the name to UniQema. In June of 2006, ICI agreed to sell UniQema to Croda International. Then in May of 2008, Croda International sold the UniQema Chicago-based oleochemicals plant to H.I.G. Capital, L.L.C. Effective June 1, 2009, the oleochemical business, UniQema Americas, launched its new name, Vantage Oleochemicals.

Vantage Oleochemicals has continued the investments needed to modernize its 34-acre plant site in Chicago, Illinois. From 1985 through 1997, investment at the site was such that it increased capacity by more than a factor of 10. In more recent years, further investments were made to add to the overall reliability, including all new control systems and a secondary high pressure boiler. Every major piece of equipment has been built or been upgraded since 1985. Today, the Chicago facility serves as a highly qualified plant for hundreds of customers around the world who depend on supplies from a trusted source. This world-class facility is among the largest state-of-the-art oleochemical operations in the world.
NO HS Code HS Code Description
1 290545 Glycerol
2 152000 Glycerol (Glycerine), Crude; Glycerol Waters And Glycerol Lyes
3 382311 Stearic Acid
4 382312 Oleic Acid
5 380992 Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers And Preparations , Of A Kind Used In The Paper Or Like Industries