Company Name City / State Country
D************************* Iran Iran
B*************************** Bogota D.C. Colombia
Q************************** Mexico-Distrito Federal-Cuauhtemoc Mexico
F****************** Buenos Aires Argentina
S********************* Philippines Philippines
C***************** Bogota D.C. Colombia
L*************************************** Costa Rica Costa Rica
D********************* Mexico-Tlahuac-Distrito Federal Mexico
V*************************************** Mexico-Benito Juarez-Distrito Federal Mexico
R*************** Philippines Philippines
I*************************************** Chennai,Tamilnadu India
S************************** Bharuch India
C********************** Netherlands Netherlands
G************************** United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
N************** Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The Central Africa COUNTRIES
N***************************** Thailand Thailand
L************************* Ate Vitarte-Lima Peru
M************** New York United States
A******************** Caracas Venezuela
Q************** Mexico-El Salto-Jalisco Mexico
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