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  • Country : : Burkina Faso
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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 1704900000 "Sugar Confectionery Not Containing Cocoa, Incl. White Chocolate (Excl. Chewing Gu"
2 3304910000 "Make-Up Or Skin Care Powders, Incl. Baby Powders, Whether Or Not Compressed (Excl"
3 3307900000 "Depilatories And Other Perfumery, Toilet Or Cosmetic Preparations, N.E.S."
4 4823600000 "Other paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres, cut to size or shape, other articles of paper pulp, paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibres. - Trays, dishes, plates, cups and the like, of paper or paperbo
5 5608901000 "Knotted netting of twine, cordage or rope, made up fishing nets and other made up nets, of textile materials - Of man-made textile materials -- Made up fishing nets"
6 6309000000 "Worn Clothing And Clothing Accessories, Blankets And Travelling Rugs, Household L"
7 6404110000 "Sports Footwear, Incl. Tennis Shoes, Basketball Shoes, Gym Shoes, Training Shoes "
8 7320900000 "Springs And Leaves For Springs, Of Iron Or Steel, Incl. Flat Spiral Springs (Excl"
9 7615110000 "Pot Scourers And Scouring Or Polishing Pads, Gloves And The Like, Of Aluminium (E"
10 8708600000 "Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of headings 87.01 to 87.05. - Drive-axles with differential, whether or not provided with other transmission components, and non-driving axles, parts thereof"
11 9603210000 "Tooth Brushes, Incl. Dental-Plate Brushes"
12 9617000000 "Vacuum Flasks And Other Vacuum Vessels, And Parts Thereof (Excl. Glass Inners)"