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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 291829 "Other carboxylic acids with phenol function but without other oxygen function, their anhydrides, halides, peroxides, peroxyacids and their derivatives"
2 350691 Adhesives based on polymers of heading 3901 to 3913 or on rubber
3 382490 Other products and preparations of the chemical industry and alike not included in the other headings
4 390529 "Other vinyl acetate copolymers, in primary forms"
5 390690 "Other acrylic polymers, in primary forms"
6 391110 "Petroleum, coumarone, indene or coumarone-indene resins and polyterpenes, in primary forms"
7 391610 "Monofilament of which any cross-sectional dimension > 1 mm, rods, sticks and profile shapes, of polymers of ethylene, whether or not surface-worked"
8 391910 "Self-adhesive plates, sheets, tapes, film and other flat items of plastics, in rolls <= 20 cm wide"
9 391990 "Self-adhesive plates, sheets, foil, film, tape, strip and other flat items of plastics"
10 392020 "Plates, sheets, foil, film, strip, of polymers, without backing, not reinforced"
11 392043 "Plates, sheets, foil, film and strip, of polymers of vinyl chloride, containing by weight => 6% of plasticizers, without backing, not reinforced,"
12 392071 "Plates, sheets, foil, film, strip, of regenerated cellulose, without backing, not reinforced"
13 392072 "Plates, sheets, foil, film, strip, of vulcanized fiber, without backing, not reinforced"
14 392119 "Plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, of cellular plastic"
15 392340 "Spools, spindles and similar supports, of plastics"
16 392610 "Office or school supplies, of plastics"
17 400129 "Natural rubber in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip"
18 400299 "Other synthetic and artificial rubber, in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip"
19 480890 "Other paper and paperboard, corrugated, creped, in rolls or sheets"
20 481159 "Other paper and paperboard, surface-coloured, surface-decorated or printed, coated, impregnated or covered with artificial resins or plastics, in rolls or sheets"
21 482090 "Other articles of paper or paperboard, for office or stationery"
22 482190 Other labels of paper or paperboard
23 540741 "Other woven fabrics of filament yarn, containing => 85% nylon or other polyamides by weight, bleached or not"
24 590699 Other rubberized textile fabrics
25 722230 Other bars and rods of stainless steel
26 842230 "Machinery for filling, closing, sealing, capsuling or labeling bottles, cans, boxes, bags or other containers, machinery for aerating beverages"
27 842240 Other packing or wrapping machinery
28 844190 "Parts of machinery for making up paper pulp, paper or paperboard"
29 847780 Other machinery for working rubber or plastics or for the manufacture of products from these materials
30 847790 Parts of machinery for working rubber or plastics or for the manufacture of products from these materials
31 851680 Electric heating resistors
32 960820 Felt-tipped and other porous-tipped pens and markers