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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 04090000 miel natural.
2 071120 "Olives, provisionally preserved but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption"
3 07132090 "hortalizas de vaina secas desvainadas, aunque esten mondadas o partidas. garbanzos los demas"
4 071333 "Dried, shelled kidney beans ""Phaseolus vulgaris"", whether or not skinned or split"
5 071340 "Dried, shelled lentils, whether or not skinned or split"
6 071340 Lentils, Dried Shelled, Including Seed
7 080111 "Desiccated coconuts, whether or not shelled"
8 080620 Dried grapes
9 081320 Dried plums
10 090420 "pimienta del genero piper, frutos de los generos capsicum o pimenta, secos, triturados o pulverizados. frutos de los generos capsicum o pimenta, secos, triturados o pulverizados"
11 100590 Maize
12 100610 Rice (paddy) in husk
13 10061092 No Parboilizado
14 100620 "Rice (cargo or brown), husked"
15 100630 "Semi-milled or wholly milled rice, whether or not polished or glazed"
16 10063021 "arroz. arroz semiblanqueado o blanqueado, incluso pulido o glaseado---no parboilizado----pulido o glaseado"
17 10082090 "alforfon, mijo y alpiste, los demas cereales. mijo los demas"
18 100830 Canary seed
19 110100 Wheat or meslin flour
20 11010010 harina de trigo o de morcajo (tranquillon). de trigo
21 150910 Virgin olive oil and its fractions
22 150990 "Refined olive oil and fractions, not chemically modified"
23 151219 "Sunflower-seed or safflower oil and their fractions, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified"
24 15121910 "(aceites de girasol, cartamo o algodon, y sus fracciones, incluso refinados, pero sin modificar quimicamente.--aceites de girasol o cartamo, y sus fracciones:---los demas----de girasol------de girasol:)ES"
25 180500 "Cocoa powder, not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter"
26 190120 "Mixes and doughs, for food preparations at bakery, pastry-making"
27 190520 "productos de panaderia, pasteleria o galleteria, incluso con adicion de cacao, hostias, sellos vacios de los tipos utilizados para medicamentos, obleas para sellar, pastas secas de harina, almidon o fecula, en hojas, y productos similares. pan de especia
28 190520 Spice bread (e.g. gingerbread and the like)
29 200190 "hortalizas, frutas u otros frutos y demas partes comestibles de plantas, preparados o conservados en vinagre o en acido acetico. los demas"
30 200190 "Other vegetable products, fruit and edible parts of plants, prepared or preserved by vinegar or in acetic acid"
31 200570 "Olives, prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid, not frozen"
33 200860 "Cherries, prepared or preserved"
34 200870 "Peaches, prepared or preserved"
35 20087010 "frutas u otros frutos y demas partes comestibles de plantas, preparados o conservados de otro modo, incluso con adicion de azucar u otro edulcorante o alcohol, no expresados ni comprendidos en otra parte. duraznos (melocotones)*, incluidos los grinones y
36 200891 "frutas u otros frutos y demas partes comestibles de plantas, preparados o conservados de otro modo, incluso con adicion de azucar u otro edulcorante o alcohol, no expresados ni comprendidos en otra parte.--los demas, incluidas las mezclas, excepto las me
37 200961 "Grape juice, including grape must, unfermented, Brix value <= 30"
38 210390 Mayonnaise and other seasonings and mixed spices
39 21069029 "preparaciones alimenticias no expresadas ni comprendidas en otra parte. las demas---polvos, incluso con adicion de azucar u otro edulcorante, para la fabricacion de budines, cremas, helados, flanes, gelatinas o preparaciones similares----los demas"
40 23099010 "preparaciones de los tipos utilizados para la alimentacion de los animales. las demas preparaciones destinadas a proporcionar al animal la totalidad de los elementos nutritivos necesarios para una alimentacion diaria, racional y balanceada (piensos compu
41 391000 "Silicones, in primary forms"
42 392020 "Plates, sheets, foil, film, strip, of polymers, without backing, not reinforced"
43 392062 "Plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, of non-cellular polyethylene terephthalate, without backing, not reinforced"
44 392063 "Plates, sheets, foil, film, strip, of polyesters, unsaturated, without backing, not reinforced"
45 392390 "Other articles for conveyance or packing , of plastics"
46 392640 "Statuettes and other ornamental articles, of plastics"
47 401039 "Other transmission belts or belting, of vulcanized rubber"
48 401120 "New pneumatic tyres, of rubber, of a kind used for buses or lorries"
49 401290 "Flaps, belts cords, for rubber tyres"
50 401310 "Inner tubes, of rubber, of a kind used for motor cars, buses and lorries"
51 401693 "Gaskets, washers and the like, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber"
52 401699 Other articles of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber
53 442010 "Statuettes and other objects, of wood, for ornamental purposes"
54 442190 Other articles of wood
55 481940 "Other sacks, bags and packets, of paper or paperboard"
56 491191 "Pictures, prints and photographs"
57 680291 "Marble, travertine and alabaster, otherwise prepared, with a flat or even surface, and their artwork"
58 680292 "Other calcareous stone, otherwise prepared and their artwork"
59 690890 Other glazed ceramic flags and similar articles
60 691090 "Ceramic sinks, baths, bidets and similar sanitary fixtures, excluding of porcelain"
61 700992 "Glass mirrors, framed"
62 701090 "Carboys, bottles, flasks, jars, pots, phials and other containers, of glass, of a kind used for the commercial conveyance or packing of goods"
63 701610 "Glass cubes and other glass smallwares, whether or not on a backing, for mosaics or similar decorative purposes"
65 730830 "Doors, windows and their frames and thresholds for doors, of cast iron, iron or steel"
66 731010 "Tanks, casks, drums, cans, boxes and similar containers, of cast iron, iron or steel, not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment, of a capacity of => 50 liters but <= 300 liters"
67 731815 "Other threaded screws and bolts, whether or not with their nuts and washers, of cast iron, iron or steel"
68 731821 "Spring washers and other lock washers, not threaded, of cast iron, iron or steel"
69 732020 "Helical springs, of iron or steel"
70 820830 "Knives and cutting blades, for kitchen appliances or for machines used by the food industry, of base metal"
71 830140 Other locks of base metal
72 840991 Parts suitable for use with spark-ignition internal combustion piston engines
73 841370 "Other centrifugal pumps, power-driven"
74 841480 Other air pumps and ventilating or recycling hoods
75 841510 "Window or wall air conditioning machines, self-contained or ""split-system"""
76 841582 Other air conditioning machines incorporating a refrigerating unit
77 841590 Parts of air conditioning machines
78 841899 Other parts of refrigerating or freezing equipment and heat pumps
79 841931 Dryers for agricultural products
80 841981 "Other machinery, plant and equipment for making hot drinks or for cooking or heating food"
81 842091 Cylinders for calendering or other rolling machines
82 842129 Other machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying liquids
83 842230 "Machinery for filling, closing, sealing, capsuling or labeling bottles, cans, boxes, bags or other containers, machinery for aerating beverages"
84 842240 Other packing or wrapping machinery
85 842290 Parts of machinery and apparatus of heading 8422
86 842489 "Mechanical appliances (whether or not hand-operated) for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powders"
87 842710 Self-propelled trucks powered by an electric motor
88 842720 Other self-propelled trucks
89 842790 "Other trucks fitted with lifting or handling equipment or cargo, not self-propelled"
90 842832 "Other continuous-action elevators and conveyors for goods or materials, bucket type"
91 842833 "Other continuous-action elevators and conveyors for goods or materials, belt type"
92 842839 "Other continuous-action elevators and conveyors, for goods or materials"
93 842840 Escalators and moving walkways
94 843069 "Other earth moving machinery, excluding self-propelled"
95 843120 Parts of machinery of heading 8427
96 843311 "Mowers for lawns, parks or sports grounds, powered, with the cutting device rotating in a horizontal plane"
97 843319 Other mowers for lawns
98 843710 "Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading seed, grain or dried leguminous vegetables"
99 843780 Other machinery used in the milling industry or for the working of cereals or dried leguminous vegetables
100 843790 Parts of machines of heading 8437
101 843810 "Machinery for the manufacture of macaroni, spaghetti or similar products"
102 843880 Other machinery for the preparation or manufacture of food or drink
103 844519 Other machines for preparing textile fibres
104 845229 "Other sewing machines, non automatic"
105 845811 "Horizontal lathes for removing metal, numerically controlled"
106 846781 "Chain saws for working in the hand, hydraulic or with self-contained non-electric motor"
107 846789 "Other tools for working in the hand, hydraulic or with non-electric motor"
108 847982 "Mixing, kneading, crushing, grinding, screening, sifting, homogenizing, emulsifying or stirring machines"
109 847989 "Other machines and mechanical appliances, with specific functions"
110 848180 "Appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like"
111 848210 Ball bearings
112 848291 "Balls, needles and rollers for bearings"
113 848299 Other parts of ball or roller bearings
114 848310 Transmission shafts (including cam shafts and crank shafts) and cranks
115 848330 "Bearing housings for machinery, not incorporating ball or roller bearings"
116 848360 "Clutches and shaft couplings, including universal joints, for machinery"
117 848390 "Toothed wheels, chain sprockets and other transmission elements presented separately, parts of transmission shafts, ball screws, couplings and other articles of heading 8483"
118 850212 "Generating sets with compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines, of an output > 75 kVA but <= 375 kVA"
119 850710 Lead-acid accumulators for starting piston engines
120 851410 Resistance heated industrial or laboratory furnaces and ovens (of indirect heating)
121 851590 Parts of machines and apparatus for soldering or welding or for hot spraying of metals or sintered metal carbides
122 852872 "Reception apparatus for television, colour, whether or not incorporating radio-broadcast receivers or sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus, designed to incorporate a video display or screen"
123 853210 Fixed capacitors designed for use in 50 or 60 Hz circuits and having a reactive power-handling capacity of => 0.5 kvar
124 853321 Other fixed electrical resistors for a power handling capacity <= 20 W
125 853329 Other fixed electrical resistors
126 854140 "Photosensitive semiconductor devices, including photovoltaic cells whether or not assembled in modules or made up into panels, light emitting diodes"
127 854370 "Electrical machines and apparatus, having individual functions, n.e.s."
128 854390 Parts of electrical machines and apparatus with individual functions
129 870190 Other tractors
130 871110 "Motor-cycles and cycles, with reciprocating internal combustion piston engine of a cylinder capacity <= 50 c.c."
131 871120 Motor-cycles with reciprocating internal combustion piston engine cylinder capacity > 50 c.c. but <= 250 c.c.
132 871140 Motor-cycles with reciprocating internal combustion piston engine of a cylinder capacity > 500 c.c. but <= 800 c.c.
133 871190 "Other motor-cycles (and mopeds) and other cycles fitted with auxiliary motor, even side-cars for motor cycles, side-cars"
134 871639 Other trailers and semi trailers for the transport of goods
135 901910 "Mechano-therapy appliances, massage apparatus and psychological aptitude-testing apparatus"
136 902519 "Other thermometers and pyrometers, not combined with other instruments"
137 940161 "Upholstered seats, with wooden frames"
138 940169 "Other seats, with wooden frames"
139 940171 "Upholstered seats, with metal frames"
140 940180 Other seats
141 940330 Wooden furniture for offices
142 940360 Other wooden furniture
143 940370 Furniture of plastic
144 940510 "Chandeliers and other electric ceiling or wall lighting fittings, excluding for lighting public open spaces or thoroughfares"
145 940520 "Electric table, desk, bedside or floor-standing lamps"
146 940530 Electric lighting sets of a kind used for Christmas trees
147 940540 Other electric lamps and lighting fittings
148 940550 Non-electrical lamps and lighting fittings
149 950300 "Tricycles, scooters, pedal cars and similar wheeled toys, dolls' carriages, dolls, other toys, reduced-size scale recreational models, working or not"
150 950341 Stuffed toys representing animals or non-human creatures
151 960200 Worked vegetable or mineral carving material and articles of these materials
152 970110 Paintings and drawings executed entirely by hand