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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 121410 Alfalfa meal and pellets
2 121490 "Swedes, forage roots and other forage products, whether or not in the form of pellets"
3 170211 "Lactose in solid form and lactose syrup, containing by weight => 99% lactose, expressed as anhydrous lactose, calculated on the dry matter"
4 230110 "Flours, powders and pellets of meat, or offal, unfit for human consumption, greaves"
5 23011010 "harina, polvo y ½pellets╗, de carne, despojos, pescado o de crustaceos, moluscos o demas invertebrados acuaticos, impropios para la alimentacion humana, chicharrones. harina, polvo y ½pellets╗, de carne o despojos, chicharrones de carne"
6 230320 "Beet-pulp, bagasse and other waste of sugar manufacture"
7 230990 Other preparations of a kind used in animal feeding
8 23099090 preparaciones de los tipos utilizados para la alimentacion de los animales. las demas
9 251200 Siliceous fossil meals and other siliceous earths of an apparent specific gravity of <= 1
10 284290 "Other salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids, excluding azides"
11 291619 "Other unsaturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids, their anhydrides, halides, peroxides, peroxyacids and their derivatives"
12 380290 "Other activated natural mineral products, animal black"
13 392010 "Plates, sheets, foil, film, strip, of polymers of ethylene, without backing, not reinforced"
14 392062 "Plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, of non-cellular polyethylene terephthalate, without backing, not reinforced"
15 392063 "Plates, sheets, foil, film, strip, of polyesters, unsaturated, without backing, not reinforced"
16 392321 "Sacks, bags, cartridges, of polymers of ethylene"
17 392329 "Sacks, bags, cartridges, of other plastics"
18 401693 "Gaskets, washers and the like, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber"
19 401699 Other articles of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber
20 730799 "Other tube fittings of cast iron, iron or steel"
21 730900 "Reservoirs, tanks, vats and similar containers, of cast iron, iron or steel, of a capacity of > 300 liters, not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment"
22 731815 "Other threaded screws and bolts, whether or not with their nuts and washers, of cast iron, iron or steel"
23 731816 "Nuts of cast iron, iron or steel"
24 731821 "Spring washers and other lock washers, not threaded, of cast iron, iron or steel"
25 731822 "Other washers of cast iron, iron or steel"
26 732690 Other articles of iron or steel
27 820830 "Knives and cutting blades, for kitchen appliances or for machines used by the food industry, of base metal"
28 841480 Other air pumps and ventilating or recycling hoods
29 841939 Other dryers
30 842330 Constant weight scales and scales for discharging a predetermined weight of material into a bag or container
31 842832 "Other continuous-action elevators and conveyors for goods or materials, bucket type"
32 842839 "Other continuous-action elevators and conveyors, for goods or materials"
33 843691 Parts of poultry-keeping machinery
34 843699 "Other parts of agricultural, horticultural, forestry or bee-keeping machinery"
35 843780 Other machinery used in the milling industry or for the working of cereals or dried leguminous vegetables
36 847989 "Other machines and mechanical appliances, with specific functions"
37 848180 "Appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like"
38 848210 Ball bearings
39 848390 "Toothed wheels, chain sprockets and other transmission elements presented separately, parts of transmission shafts, ball screws, couplings and other articles of heading 8483"
40 853710 "Boards, cabinets and similar bases with two or more apparatus of heading 8535 or 8536, for electric control or the distribution of electricity, for a voltage <= 1 kV"
41 854449 "Electric conductors, for a voltage <= 1,000 V, insulated, not fitted with connectors, n.e.s."
42 902511 "Thermometers, liquid-filled, for direct reading, not combined with other instruments"
43 902519 "Other thermometers and pyrometers, not combined with other instruments"
44 902580 "Hydrometers, aerometers, hygrometers and other instruments"
45 902620 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking the pressure of liquids or gases
46 902780 "Instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis, or for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension or the like, or for measuring or checking quantities of heat, sound or light, n.e.s."