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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 030420 Frozen fish fillets
2 250490 Other forms of natural graphite
3 320414 Direct dyes and their preparations
4 320910 "Paints and varnishes based on acrylic or vinyl polymers, dispersed or dissolved in an aqueous medium"
5 321590 Writing or drawing ink and other inks
6 382200 "Diagnostic or laboratory reagents on a backing, prepared diagnostic or laboratory reagents whether or not on a backing, and certified reference materials"
7 391739 "Other flexible tubes, pipes and hoses, and fittings therefore, of plastics"
8 392390 "Other articles for conveyance or packing , of plastics"
9 392410 "Table sets and other tableware and kitchenware, of plastics"
10 392630 "Fittings for furniture, coachwork and the like, of plastics"
11 392690 "Articles of plastics and articles of other materials of heading 3901 to 3914, n.e.s"
12 401692 "Erasers, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber"
13 401699 Other articles of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber
14 420229 "Handbags, whether or not with shoulder straps, including those without handles, with an outer surface of other materials"
15 420231 "Articles of a kind normally carried in the pocket or in the handbag, with an outer surface of leather, composition leather or patent leather"
16 441510 "Cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packagings, cable-drums, of wood"
17 450490 Other articles of agglomerated cork
18 460290 "Basketwork, wickerwork and other articles, made from non-vegetable plaiting materials"
19 480540 "Filter paper and paperboard, uncoated, in rolls or sheets"
20 481720 "Letter cards, plain postcards and correspondence cards"
21 481940 "Other sacks, bags and packets, of paper or paperboard"
22 482050 "Albums for samples or collections, of paper or paperboard"
23 490510 "Globes (cartographic work, printed)"
24 591140 Filtering cloth (étreindelles) of a kind used in oil presses or for similar technical purposes
25 611692 "Gloves, mittens and mitts, of cotton, knitted or crocheted"
26 630493 "Other articles for interior furnishing, of synthetic fibres, excluding knitted or crocheted"
27 670290 "Artificial flowers, foliage and fruit and parts thereof, of other material"
28 691190 "Other household and toilet articles, of porcelain"
29 701190 "Other open glass ampoules and envelopes, and their parts"
30 701310 "Glassware of a kind used for table, kitchen, toilet, indoor decoration or similar purposes"
31 701710 "Laboratory glassware, of quartz or other fused silica"
32 730230 "Switch blades, crossing frogs, point rods and other crossing pieces, for railway or tramway track, of iron or steel"
33 730690 "Other tubes and hollow profiles of iron and steel, welded, riveted, seamed"
34 731819 "Other threaded articles, of cast iron, iron or steel"
35 732690 Other articles of iron or steel
36 741999 Other articles of copper
37 820320 "Pliers (including cutting pliers), pincers and tweezers and similar hand tools, of base metal"
38 820559 "Other hand tools, of base metals"
39 820890 "Other knives and cutting blades, for machines or for mechanical appliances, of base metal"
40 821192 Other knives with fixed blades of base metal
41 821193 "Knives, excluding those with fixed blades, including pruning shears, of base metal"
42 821300 "Scissors and their blades, of base metal"
43 821410 "Paper knives, letter openers, erasing knives, pencil sharpeners and their blades, of base metal"
44 821490 "Other articles of cutlery and their parts, of base metal"
45 830610 "Bells, gongs and the like, non-electric, of base metal"
46 830629 Other statuettes and other ornaments of base metal not plated with precious metal
47 831190 "Other wire, rods, tubes, plates, electrodes and the like, of base metal, used for soldering, welding or deposition of metal"
48 840790 Other spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion piston engines
49 841090 "Parts of hydraulic turbines and water wheels, including hydraulic turbine regulators"
50 841319 "Other pumps for liquids, fitted or designed to be fitted with a measuring device"
51 841391 Parts of pumps for liquids
52 841420 Hand or foot-operated air pumps
53 841430 Compressors for refrigerating equipment
54 841490 Other parts of air or other gas compressors
55 842121 Machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying water
56 842139 Other machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying gases
57 843319 Other mowers for lawns
58 844010 Book-binding machinery
59 844319 "Printing machinery used for printing by means of plates, cylinders and other printing components"
60 845610 Machine-tools operated by laser or other light or photon beam processes
61 847290 Other office machines and equipment
62 848110 Pressure-reducing valves
63 848130 Check valves
64 848180 "Appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like"
65 848340 "Gears and gearing for machinery, chain sprockets and other transmission elements, ball screws, gear boxes and other speed changers"
66 850440 Static converters
67 850519 Other permanent magnets and articles intended to become permanent magnets after magnetization
68 851310 Portable electrical lamps
69 852713 "Other radio-broadcast receivers capable of operating without an external source of power, combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus"
70 852719 Other radio-broadcast receivers capable of operating without an external source of power
71 853630 Other apparatus for protecting electrical circuits for a voltage <= 1 kV
72 853641 Relays for a voltage <= 60 V
73 853690 "Other electrical apparatus for switching or making connections to or in electrical circuits, for a voltage <= 1 kV"
74 860719 "Axles, wheels and their parts for railway or tramway locomotives or rolling-stock"
75 870829 Other parts and accessories of bodies for motor vehicles of heading 8701 to 8705
76 870870 Road wheels and parts and their accessories for motor vehicles of heading 8701 to 8705
77 900219 Other objective lenses
78 901210 "Electron microscopes, proton microscopes and diffraction apparatus"
79 901380 Other liquid crystal devices and other optical appliances
80 902300 "Instruments, apparatus and models designed for demonstrational purposes (education, exhibitions) unsuitable for other uses"
81 902480 "Other machines and appliances for testing the mechanical properties (hardness, elasticity) of materials"
82 902511 "Thermometers, liquid-filled, for direct reading, not combined with other instruments"
83 902750 "Other instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis, using optical radiations (up, visible or ire)"
84 902780 "Instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis, or for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension or the like, or for measuring or checking quantities of heat, sound or light, n.e.s."
85 902810 Gas meters
86 903180 "Other instruments, appliances and machines for measuring or checking"
87 903210 "Thermostats, automatic"
88 940180 Other seats
89 940370 Furniture of plastic
90 940490 "Eiderdowns, cushions, pouffes, pillows and similar articles of bedding"
91 940510 "Chandeliers and other electric ceiling or wall lighting fittings, excluding for lighting public open spaces or thoroughfares"
92 940520 "Electric table, desk, bedside or floor-standing lamps"
93 950490 "Tables for casino games, automatic bowling alley equipment, and other funfair, table or parlour games"
94 950510 Christmas articles
95 960810 Ball-point pens
96 960820 Felt-tipped and other porous-tipped pens and markers
97 960839 Other fountain pens and other pens
98 960840 Propelling or sliding pencils
99 960850 Sets of pens and propelling pencils
100 960860 Refills for ball-point pens
101 960891 Pen nibs and nib points
102 960899 "Duplicating stylus, pencil-holders, pen-holders and the like"
103 960910 Pencils
104 960990 "Pencils, pastels, drawing charcoals, writing or drawing chalks and tailors' chalks"
105 961210 Typewriter or similar ribbons