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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 392321 "Sacks, bags, cartridges, of polymers of ethylene"
2 392620 "Articles of apparel and clothing accessories produced by the stitching or sticking together of plastic sheeting, including gloves, mittens and mitts"
3 392690 "Articles of plastics and articles of other materials of heading 3901 to 3914, n.e.s"
4 401692 "Erasers, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber"
5 420222 "Handbags, whether or not with shoulder straps, including those without handles, with an outer surface of plastic sheeting or textile materials"
6 442190 Other articles of wood
7 482390 "Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres, cut to shape other than rectangular or square, and articles thereof"
8 540231 "Textured filament yarn of nylon or of other polyamides, with a linear density, per single yarn, of <= 50 tex"
9 610711 "Men's or boys' underpants and briefs of cotton, knitted or crocheted"
10 611120 "Babies' garments and their accessories of cotton, knitted or crocheted"
11 611211 "Track-suits of cotton, knitted or crocheted"
12 630140 "Blankets and travelling rugs of synthetic fibres, non electric"
13 630260 "Toilet linen and kitchen linen, of terry toweling or similar terry fabrics of cotton"
14 701590 "Clock or watch glasses and similar glasses, glasses for non-corrective spectacles, not optically worked, hollow glass spheres and their segments"
15 701790 "Other laboratory, hygienic and pharmaceutical glassware"
16 701990 Other articles made of glass fibres
17 732690 Other articles of iron or steel
18 820320 "Pliers (including cutting pliers), pincers and tweezers and similar hand tools, of base metal"
19 820559 "Other hand tools, of base metals"
20 821193 "Knives, excluding those with fixed blades, including pruning shears, of base metal"
21 821194 "Blades for knives, of base metal"
22 821300 "Scissors and their blades, of base metal"
23 821410 "Paper knives, letter openers, erasing knives, pencil sharpeners and their blades, of base metal"
24 841420 Hand or foot-operated air pumps
25 841480 Other air pumps and ventilating or recycling hoods
26 847160 "Input or output units for automatic data-processing machines, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing"
27 850511 Permanent magnets of metal
28 850519 Other permanent magnets and articles intended to become permanent magnets after magnetization
29 900490 "Spectacles, goggles and the like, corrective, protective or other"
30 900580 "Monoculars, astronomical and other optical telescopes and other astronomical instruments"
31 901180 Other optical microscopes
32 901380 Other liquid crystal devices and other optical appliances
33 901410 Direction finding compasses
34 901730 "Micrometers, calipers and other gauges (hand-held instruments for measuring length)"
35 902300 "Instruments, apparatus and models designed for demonstrational purposes (education, exhibitions) unsuitable for other uses"
36 902511 "Thermometers, liquid-filled, for direct reading, not combined with other instruments"
37 902780 "Instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis, or for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension or the like, or for measuring or checking quantities of heat, sound or light, n.e.s."
38 903180 "Other instruments, appliances and machines for measuring or checking"
39 910291 "Other pocket-watches and the like, electrically operated"
40 960390 "Squeegees of rubber or other flexible materials, other brooms and brushes"
41 960810 Ball-point pens