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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 120242 Peanuts (Ground-Nuts), Not Seed, Not Roasted Or Cooked, Shelled
2 120600 Sunflower Seeds, Whether Or Not Broken
3 120750 Mustard Seeds, Whether Or Not Broken
4 320820 Paints And Varnishes (Including Enamels And Lacquers) Based On Synthetic And Other Polymers In A Nonaqueous Medium, Based On Acrylic Or Vinyl Polymers
5 320990 Paints And Varnishes (Including Enamels And Lacquers) Based On Synthetic And Other Polymers In An Aqueous Medium,
6 321519 Printing Ink, Other Than Black
7 340399 Lubricating Preparations Not Containing Petroleum Oils Or Oils Obtained From Bituminous Minerals,
8 350610 Products Suitable For Use As Glues Or Adhesves, Put Up For Retail Sale As Glues Or Adhesives, Not Exceeding A Net Weight Of 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs)
9 381400 Organic Composite Solvents And Thinners, , Prepared Paint Or Varnish Removers
10 391732 Tubes, Pipes And Hoses , Not Reinforced Or Otherwise Combined With Other Materials, Of Plastics, Without Fittings
11 391739 Tubes, Pipes And Hoses, Of Plastics,
12 391910 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil, Tape And Other Flat Shapes Of Plastics, Self-Adhesive, In Rolls Not Over 20 Cm (8 In.) Wide
13 392073 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics, Not Self-Adhesive, Non-Cellular, Not Reinforced Or Laminated Etc., Of Cellulose Acetate
14 392119 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics , Cellular Plastics
15 392321 Sacks And Bags (Including Cones), Of Polymers Of Ethylene
16 392640 Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Of Plastics
17 392690 Articles Of Plastics,
18 401693 Gaskets, Washers And Other Seals, Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber
19 410320 Reptile Skins, Fresh, Or Salted, Dried, Limed, Pickled Or Otherwise Preserved, But Not Tanned, Parchment-Dressed Or Further Prepared
20 430230 Furskins, Whole And Pieces Or Cuttings Thereof, Tanned Or Dressed, Assembled
21 481141 Self-Adhesive Paper And Paperboard, In Rolls Or Sheets, Other Than Of Heading 4803, 4809 Or 4810
22 482110 Paper And Paperboard Labels Of All Kinds, Printed
23 482390 Articles Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers,
24 560290 Felt, Whether Or Not Impregnated, Coated, Covered Or Laminated,
25 580710 Labels, Badges And Similar Articles Of Textile Materials, In The Piece, In Strips Or Cut To Shape And Size, Not Embroidered, Woven
26 590610 Rubberized Textile Adhesive Tape, Not Over 20 Cm In Width
27 731700 Nails, Tacks, Drawing Pins, Staples (Other Than In Strips), And Similar Articles, Of Iron Or Steel, Excluding Such Articles With Heads Of Copper
28 731815 Threaded Screws And Bolts , With Or Without Their Nuts Or Washers, Of Iron Or Steel
29 731816 Nuts, Threaded, Of Iron Or Steel
30 732010 Leaf Springs And Leaves Therefor, Of Iron Or Steel
31 732090 Springs , Of Iron Or Steel
32 740819 Wire Of Refined Copper, With A Maximum Cross Sectional Dimension Not Over 6 Mm (.23 In.)
33 741011 Copper Foil, Not Backed, Of Refined Copper, Not Over 0.15 Mm Thick
34 741300 Stranded Wire, Cables, Plaited Bands And Similar Articles, Of Copper, Not Electrically Insulated
35 741529 Rivets, Cotters, Cotter Pins And Similar Articles Of Copper (Not Threaded),
36 741999 Articles Of Copper,
37 750620 Nickel Plates, Sheets, Strip And Foil, Of Nickle Alloys
38 760611 Aluminum Nonalloyed Rectangular (Including Square) Plates, Sheets And Strip, Over 0.2 Mm Thick
39 760719 Aluminum Foil, Not Over 0.2 Mm Thick, Not Backed,
40 831000 Sign Plates, Name Plates, Address Plates And Similar Plates, Numbers, Letters And Other Symbols (Not Illuminated), And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
41 841459 Fans,
42 841460 Ventilating Or Recycling Hoods Incorporating A Fan, Having A Maximum Horizintal Side Not Exceeding 120 Cm
43 847170 Automatic Data Processing Storage Units, N.E.S.O.I.
44 847330 Parts And Accessories For Automatic Data Processing Machines And Units Thereof, Magnetic Or Optical Readers, Transcribing Machines, Etc.,
45 848340 Gears And Gearing (Except Toothed Wheels, Chain Sprockets, Etc.), Ball Or Roller Screws, Gear Boxes And Other Speed Changers, Incl Torque Converters
46 850110 Electric Motors Of An Output Not Exceeding 37.5 W
47 850431 Electrical Transformers , Having A Power Handing Capacity Not Exceeding 1 Kva
48 850490 Parts For Electrical Transformers, Static Converters And Inductors
49 850511 Permanent Magnets And Articles Intended To Become Permanent Magnets After Magnetization, Made Of Metal
50 850650 Primary Cells And Primary Batteries, Lithium
51 850760 Lithium-Ion Batteries
52 851230 Electrical Sound Signaling Equipment Used For Cycles Or Motor Vehicles
53 851810 Microphones And Stands Therefor
54 852290 Parts And Accessories, Except Pickup Cartridges, For Sound Reproducing, Sound Recording, And Video Recording Or Reproducing Apparatus
55 852351 Solid State Non Volatile Storage Devices
56 852910 Antennas And Antenna Reflectors And Parts Thereof
57 852990 Parts (Except Antennas And Reflectors) For Use With Radio Transmission, Radar, Radio Navigational Aid, Reception And Television Apparatus,
58 853190 Parts Of Electric Sound Or Visual Signaling Apparatus,
59 853221 Fixed Capacitors , Tantalum Electrolytic
60 853310 Fixed Carbon Resistors, Composition Or Film Types
61 853340 Variable Resistors, Including Rheostats And Potentiometers,
62 853390 Parts For Electrical Resistors, Including Parts For Rheostats And Potentiometers
63 853610 Fuses For Electrical Apparatus For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V
64 853669 Electrical Plugs And Sockets For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V
65 853690 Electrical Apparatus For Switching, Protecting Or Making Connections To Or In Electrical Circuits, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V,
66 853890 Parts For Electrical Apparatus For Electrical Circuits, Boards, Panels Etc. For Electric Control Or Distribution Of Electricity,
67 853990 Parts For Electric Filament, Discharge Or Arc Lamps
68 854110 Diodes, Other Than Photosensitive Or Light-Emitting Diodes
69 854190 Parts For Diodes, Transistors And Similar Semiconductor Devices, Parts For Photosensitive Semiconductor Devices And Mounted Piezoelectric Crystals
70 854231 Processors Or Controlers
71 854239 Electronic Integrated Circuits,
72 854290 Parts For Electronic Integrated Circuits
73 854420 Insulated Coaxial Cable And Other Coaxial Electrical Conductors
74 854690 Electrical Insulators,
75 854720 Insulating Fittings Of Plastics, For Electrical Machines Or Appliances
76 854790 Insulating Fittings , For Electrical Machines Or Appliances, Electrical Conduit Tubing And Joints, Of Base Metal Lined With Insulating Material
77 900290 Prisms, Mirrors And Other Optical Elements, Mounted, And Parts And Accessories Thereof,
78 900669 Photographic Flashlight Apparatus,
79 901380 Optical Devices, Appliances And Instruments,
80 901390 Parts And Accessories For Liquid Crystal Devices, Lasers (Other Than Laser Diodes) And Other Optical Appliances And Instruments,
81 903039 Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Checking Voltage, Current, Resistance Or Power, Without A Recording Device (Excluding Multimeters),
82 903090 Parts And Accessories Of Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring, Checking Or Detecting Electrical Quantities, Or Ionizing Radiations,
83 903290 Parts And Accessories Of Automatic Regulating Or Controlling Instruments And Apparatus