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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 340600 "Candles, wicks, tapers and the like"
2 370130 "Other photographic plates and flat film, sensitized, unexposed, with at least one side measuring > 255 mm"
3 391733 "Flexible tubes, pipes and hoses of plastics, not reinforced, with fittings"
4 391740 Fittings for plastic tubes
5 391910 "Self-adhesive plates, sheets, tapes, film and other flat items of plastics, in rolls <= 20 cm wide"
6 392390 "Other articles for conveyance or packing , of plastics"
7 392410 "Table sets and other tableware and kitchenware, of plastics"
8 392490 "Other household articles and toilet articles, of plastics"
9 392640 "Statuettes and other ornamental articles, of plastics"
10 392690 "Articles of plastics and articles of other materials of heading 3901 to 3914, n.e.s"
11 400821 "Plates, sheets and strips of non-cellular vulcanized rubber, not hardened"
12 401699 Other articles of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber
13 420292 Other articles with an outer surface of plastic sheeting or textile materials
14 441900 "Tableware and kitchenware, of wood"
15 442110 Clothes hangers of wood
16 460290 "Basketwork, wickerwork and other articles, made from non-vegetable plaiting materials"
17 481920 "Collapsible cartons and boxes, of non-corrugated paper or paperboard"
18 482190 Other labels of paper or paperboard
19 490199 "Other books, brochures and similar printed matter"
20 491000 "Printed calendars of all kinds, including tear-off calendars"
21 491110 "Trade advertising printed material, commercial catalogues and the like"
22 630493 "Other articles for interior furnishing, of synthetic fibres, excluding knitted or crocheted"
23 630790 Other made-up articles of textile materials
24 670210 "Artificial flowers, foliage and fruit and parts thereof, and articles made of artificial flowers, foliage or fruit, of plastics"
25 690810 "Glazed ceramic tiles, cubes, pastilles and similar articles, with side length < 7 cm"
26 691110 "Tableware and kitchenware, of porcelain"
27 691200 "Ceramic tableware, kitchenware, other household articles and toilet articles, excluding porcelain"
28 691390 Statuettes and other ornamental articles of ceramic
29 701090 "Carboys, bottles, flasks, jars, pots, phials and other containers, of glass, of a kind used for the commercial conveyance or packing of goods"
30 701328 "Drinking glasses, stemware (excluding glasses of glass ceramics)"
31 701329 Other drinking glasses of glass
32 701332 "Glassware for table or kitchen purposes of glass, with a linear coefficient of expansion <= 5x106 per Kelvin"
33 701337 Other drinking glasses (excluding glasses of glass ceramics)
34 701339 Other glassware for table or kitchen purposes
35 701349 "Other glassware for table or kitchen purposes (excluding, glassware of glass ceramics)"
36 701399 "Other glassware of a kind used for toilet, office, indoor decoration or similar purposes"
37 711790 Other imitation jewelry
38 731512 "Other articulated link chain of cast iron, iron or steel"
39 732119 "Appliances for baking, frying, grilling and cooking and plate warmers, for domestic use, of iron or steel, for solid fuel or other source of energy"
40 732393 "Other household articles and their parts, of stainless steel"
41 732394 "Other household articles and their parts, of iron or steel, enameled"
42 732399 "Other household articles and their parts, of cast iron, iron or steel"
43 750890 Other articles of nickel
44 761699 Other articles of aluminum
45 820510 "Hand-operated drilling, threading or tapping tools, of base metal"
46 820551 "Household hand tools, non-mechanical, with working parts of base metal"
47 820590 Sets of two or more tools of subheading 8205.70 and 8205.80
48 821110 Sets of assorted articles of knives
49 821191 Table knives with fixed blades of base metal
50 821210 Non-electric razors of base metal
51 821300 "Scissors and their blades, of base metal"
52 821520 "Other sets of spoons, forks, ladles or other articles of heading 8215, of base metal"
53 821591 "Spoons, forks, ladles and the like, plated with precious metal, of base metal,"
54 821599 "Other spoons, forks, ladles and similar articles, of base metal"
55 830230 "Base metal mountings, fittings and similar articles suitable for motor vehicles"
56 830250 "Hat-racks, hat-pegs, brackets and similar fixtures of base metal"
57 831190 "Other wire, rods, tubes, plates, electrodes and the like, of base metal, used for soldering, welding or deposition of metal"
58 841370 "Other centrifugal pumps, power-driven"
59 841451 "Table, floor, wall, window, ceiling or roof fans, with a self-contained electric motor of an output <= 125W"
60 841510 "Window or wall air conditioning machines, self-contained or ""split-system"""
61 841581 Other air conditioning machines incorporating a refrigerating unit and a valve for reversal of the cooling or heating cycle
62 841582 Other air conditioning machines incorporating a refrigerating unit
63 841590 Parts of air conditioning machines
64 841850 "Furniture chests, cabinets, display counters, show-cases and the like, for storage and display, incorporating refrigerating or freezing equipment"
65 841899 Other parts of refrigerating or freezing equipment and heat pumps
66 842310 "Personal weighing machines, including baby scales, household scales"
67 842430 Steam or sand blasting machines and similar jet projecting machines
68 842490 "Parts of mechanical apparatus for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powder"
69 842542 "Other jacks and hoists, hydraulic"
70 843311 "Mowers for lawns, parks or sports grounds, powered, with the cutting device rotating in a horizontal plane"
71 846721 "Drills of all kinds for working in the hand, with self-contained electric motor"
72 846722 "Saws for working in the hand, with self-contained electric motor"
73 846729 "Electro-mechanical tools for working in the hand, with self-contained electric motor"
74 846799 "Other parts of pneumatic tools for working in the hand, hydraulic or with self-contained non-electric motor"
75 847170 Storage units
76 847290 Other office machines and equipment
77 847989 "Other machines and mechanical appliances, with specific functions"
78 847990 "Parts of machines and mechanical appliances, with specific functions"
79 848180 "Appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like"
80 848190 "Parts of valves and similar articles for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like"
81 848210 Ball bearings
82 850511 Permanent magnets of metal
83 850610 Manganese dioxide cells and batteries
84 850811 "Vacuum cleaners, including dry cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners, with self-contained electric motor, power <= 1,500 W and having a dust bag or other receptacle capacity <= 20 liters"
85 850870 "Parts of vacuum cleaners, dry cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners, n.e.s."
86 850910 "Domestic vacuum cleaners, with self-contained electric motor"
87 850940 "Domestic food grinders and mixers and fruit or vegetable juice extractors, with self-contained electric motor"
88 850980 "Other electromechanical household appliances, with self-contained electric motor"
89 850990 "Parts of electromechanical domestic appliances, with self-contained electric motor, n.e.s."
90 851020 Hair clippers with self-contained electric motor
91 851290 Parts of electrical lighting or signaling equipment of a kind used for cycles or motor vehicles
92 851310 Portable electrical lamps
93 851629 Other electric space heating and soil heating apparatus and the like
94 851631 "Hair dryers, electric"
95 851632 Other electro-thermic hair dressing apparatus
96 851640 "Smoothing irons, electric"
97 851660 "Other electric ovens, cookers, cooking plates and boiling rings, electric grillers and roasters for domestic use"
98 851671 "Electro-thermic coffee or tea makers, for domestic use"
99 851679 "Other electro-thermic appliances, for domestic use"
100 851690 "Parts of electric water heaters, space heating apparatus and other appliances of heading 8516"
101 851830 "Headphones and earphones, whether or not combined with microphone, and sets consisting of a microphone and one or more loudspeakers"
102 851840 Audio-frequency electric amplifiers
103 851850 Electric sound amplifier sets
104 851890 "Parts of microphones, earphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers"
105 851989 Other sound recording or sound reproducing apparatus
106 852032 "Magnetic tape recorders incorporating sound reproducing apparatus, digital audio type"
107 852090 "Other sound recording equipment, incorporating a sound reproducing device"
108 852190 Video recording or reproducing apparatus
109 852290 Other parts and accessories for apparatus of heading 8519 to 8521
110 852351 "Solid-state, non-volatile data storage devices for recording data from an external source"
111 852713 "Other radio-broadcast receivers capable of operating without an external source of power, combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus"
112 852719 Other radio-broadcast receivers capable of operating without an external source of power
113 853110 Burglar or fire alarms and similar apparatus
114 853180 Other electric sound or visual signaling apparatus
115 853610 Fuses for a voltage <= 1 kV
116 853630 Other apparatus for protecting electrical circuits for a voltage <= 1 kV
117 853650 Switches for a voltage <= 1 kV
118 853690 "Other electrical apparatus for switching or making connections to or in electrical circuits, for a voltage <= 1 kV"
119 853921 Tungsten halogen filament lamps
120 853922 Other filament lamps of a power <= 200 W and for a voltage > 100 V
121 853929 "Other filament lamps, electric"
122 853931 "Discharge lamps, fluorescent, hot cathode"
123 853932 "Mercury or sodium vapor lamps, metal halide lamps"
124 853939 Other discharge lamps
125 853949 Ultra-violet or infra-red lamps
126 853990 "Parts of electric filament or discharge lamps, sealed beam lamp units, ultra-violet and the like"
127 854370 "Electrical machines and apparatus, having individual functions, n.e.s."
128 854389 "Other electrical machines and apparatus, having individual functions"
129 854390 Parts of electrical machines and apparatus with individual functions
130 854449 "Electric conductors, for a voltage <= 1,000 V, insulated, not fitted with connectors, n.e.s."
131 871500 Baby carriages and parts thereof
132 901380 Other liquid crystal devices and other optical appliances
133 901780 Other hand-held instruments for measuring length
134 903031 "Multimeters, without recording device"
135 910511 "Other alarm clocks, electrically operated, excluding those with small size watch movements"
136 910690 "Other time of day recording apparatus and apparatus for measuring, recording or indicating intervals of time, with clock or watch movement or with synchronous motor"
137 920890 "Fairground organs, mechanical street organs, mechanical singing birds, musical saws and other musical instruments"
138 940180 Other seats
139 940320 Other metal furniture
140 940370 Furniture of plastic
141 940510 "Chandeliers and other electric ceiling or wall lighting fittings, excluding for lighting public open spaces or thoroughfares"
142 940520 "Electric table, desk, bedside or floor-standing lamps"
143 940530 Electric lighting sets of a kind used for Christmas trees
144 940540 Other electric lamps and lighting fittings
145 940592 "Parts of lamps and lighting fittings, illuminated signs, of plastics"
146 940599 "Parts of lamps and lighting fittings, illuminated signs, of other materials"
147 950210 "Dolls representing only human beings, whether or not clothed"
148 950341 Stuffed toys representing animals or non-human creatures
149 950390 Other toys
150 950490 "Tables for casino games, automatic bowling alley equipment, and other funfair, table or parlour games"
151 950510 Christmas articles
152 950590 "Festival, carnival or other entertainment articles, including conjuring tricks and novelty jokes"
153 950662 Inflatable balls
154 950669 Other balls
155 950691 "Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics or athletics"
156 960340 "Paint, distemper, varnish or similar brushes, paint pads and rollers"
157 960390 "Squeegees of rubber or other flexible materials, other brooms and brushes"
158 960500 "Travel sets for personal toilet, sewing or shoe or clothes cleaning"
159 960820 Felt-tipped and other porous-tipped pens and markers
160 961590 "Hairpins, curling pins, curling grips, hair-curlers and the like, and their parts"