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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 251320 "Emery, natural corundum, natural garnet and other natural abrasives, whether or not heat-treated"
2 391739 "Other flexible tubes, pipes and hoses, and fittings therefore, of plastics"
3 392690 "Articles of plastics and articles of other materials of heading 3901 to 3914, n.e.s"
4 401019 "Other conveyor belts, of vulcanized rubber"
5 401693 "Gaskets, washers and the like, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber"
6 482110 "Labels of paper or paperboard, printed"
7 490199 "Other books, brochures and similar printed matter"
8 491110 "Trade advertising printed material, commercial catalogues and the like"
9 591000 "Conveyor or transmission belts or belting, of textile materials, whether or not reinforced with metal or other materials"
10 591120 "Bolting cloth, whether or not made up"
11 680422 "Other millstones, grindstones of other agglomerated abrasives or ceramics"
12 730629 "Casing and tubing of a kind used in drilling for oil or gas, welded, of flat-rolled products of iron or steel"
13 731512 "Other articulated link chain of cast iron, iron or steel"
14 731815 "Other threaded screws and bolts, whether or not with their nuts and washers, of cast iron, iron or steel"
15 731816 "Nuts of cast iron, iron or steel"
16 731819 "Other threaded articles, of cast iron, iron or steel"
17 731822 "Other washers of cast iron, iron or steel"
18 732090 "Other springs, of iron or steel"
19 732599 "Other molded articles of cast iron, iron or steel"
20 732620 Articles of iron or steel wire
21 732690 Other articles of iron or steel
22 741999 Other articles of copper
23 820559 "Other hand tools, of base metals"
24 820730 "Interchangeable tools for pressing, stamping or punching, of base metal"
25 820890 "Other knives and cutting blades, for machines or for mechanical appliances, of base metal"
26 831000 "Sign-plates, name-plates, address-plates and similar plates, numbers, letters and other symbols, of base metal, non electrical"
27 841231 "Pneumatic power engines and motors, linear-acting, (cylinders)"
28 841360 "Other rotary positive displacement pumps, power-driven"
29 841451 "Table, floor, wall, window, ceiling or roof fans, with a self-contained electric motor of an output <= 125W"
30 842091 Cylinders for calendering or other rolling machines
31 842131 Intake air filters for internal combustion engines
32 842199 Other parts of machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying liquids or gases
33 844110 Cutting machines for paper or paperboard
34 844190 "Parts of machinery for making up paper pulp, paper or paperboard"
35 844332 "Machines which only perform one of the functions of printing, copying or facsimile transmission, capable of connecting to an automatic data processing machine or to a network"
36 845229 "Other sewing machines, non automatic"
37 845320 Machinery for making or repairing footwear
38 845380 "Other machinery for making or repairing articles of hides, skins or leather"
39 845390 "Parts of machinery for preparing, tanning or working hides, skins or leather or for making or repairing footwear or other articles of hides, skins or leather"
40 846210 Forging or die-stamping machines (including presses) and hammers
41 847141 "Other data-processing machines, automatic, comprising in the same housing at least a central processing unit, and one input unit and one output unit, whether or not combined"
42 847160 "Input or output units for automatic data-processing machines, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing"
43 847330 Parts and accessories for automatic data-processing machines or for other machines of heading 8471
44 848110 Pressure-reducing valves
45 848120 Valves for oleohydraulic or pneumatic transmission
46 848180 "Appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like"
47 848210 Ball bearings
48 848240 Needle roller bearings
49 848340 "Gears and gearing for machinery, chain sprockets and other transmission elements, ball screws, gear boxes and other speed changers"
50 848350 "Flywheels and pulleys, including pulley blocks"
51 848360 "Clutches and shaft couplings, including universal joints, for machinery"
52 850110 Motors of an output <= 37.5 W
53 850440 Static converters
54 852340 Optical media for the recording of sound or of other phenomena
55 853339 Other wirewound variable electrical resistors
56 853530 "Isolating switches and make-and-break switches, for a voltage > 1 kV"
57 853610 Fuses for a voltage <= 1 kV
58 853650 Switches for a voltage <= 1 kV
59 853931 "Discharge lamps, fluorescent, hot cathode"
60 854140 "Photosensitive semiconductor devices, including photovoltaic cells whether or not assembled in modules or made up into panels, light emitting diodes"
61 854231 "Electronic integrated circuits as processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits"
62 854232 Electronic integrated circuits as memories
63 854420 "Co-axial cable and other co-axial electric conductors, insulated"
64 902620 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking the pressure of liquids or gases
65 903089 "Other instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking voltage, current, resistance or electrical quantities"
66 903290 "Parts and accessories for regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus, automatic"
67 960839 Other fountain pens and other pens