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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 150500 "Wool grease and fatty substances derived there from, including lanolin"
2 251320 "Emery, natural corundum, natural garnet and other natural abrasives, whether or not heat-treated"
3 271011 "Light oils and preparations, of petroleum or bituminous minerals"
4 271019 "Medium oils and preparations, of petroleum or bituminous minerals"
5 271290 "Micro-crystalline petroleum wax, slack wax, ozokerite, other mineral waxes and similar products"
6 281610 Hydroxide and peroxide of magnesium
7 283090 Other sulphides and polysulphides
8 290290 Other cyclic hydrocarbons
9 290519 Other saturated monohydric acyclic alcohols
10 290719 Other monophenols
11 291590 "Other saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids, their anhydrides, peroxides and peroxyacids and their derivatives"
12 291619 "Other unsaturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids, their anhydrides, halides, peroxides, peroxyacids and their derivatives"
13 291819 "Other carboxylic acids with alcohol function but without other oxygen function, their anhydrides, halides, peroxides and peroxyacids and their derivatives"
14 292090 "Other esters of other inorganic acids, their salts and halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives"
15 293090 Other organo-sulphur compounds
16 293100 Other organo-inorganic compounds
17 321410 "Glazier's putty, resin cement, other mastics, painter's fillings"
18 340211 "Anionic organic surface-active agents, whether or not put up for retail sale"
19 340213 "Non-ironic organic surface-active agents, whether or not put up for retail sale"
20 34021300 "agentes de superficie organicos (excepto el jabon), preparaciones tensoactivas, preparaciones de lavar (incluidas las preparaciones auxiliares para lavado) y preparaciones para limpieza, aunque contengan jabon, excepto las de la partida 34.01.--agentes d
21 340219 "Other surface-active agents, whether or not put up for retail sale"
22 340290 Other surface-active preparations and preparations for washing and cleaning
23 340311 "Petroleum oil or bituminous mineral oil preparations for the treatment of textile, leather, furskins or other materials"
24 340319 Other preparations containing petroleum oil or oils obtained from bituminous minerals
25 340399 Other lubricant or anti-adherence or anti-rust preparations
26 340420 Artificial waxes and polyethylene glycol wax
27 340490 Other artificial or prepared waxes
28 380110 Artificial graphite
29 380120 Colloidal and semi colloidal graphite
30 381121 "Additives containing petroleum oil or bituminous mineral oils, for lubricating oils"
31 381129 Other additives for lubricating oils
32 381190 "Other prepared additives, for mineral oils or for other similar liquids with similar purposes"
33 381400 "Organic composite solvents and thinners, prepared paint or varnish removers"
34 381700 Mixed alkylbenzenes and mixed alkylnaphthalenes (excluding mixed isomers of cyclic hydrocarbons)
35 382490 Other products and preparations of the chemical industry and alike not included in the other headings
36 390290 "Other polymers of propylene or of other olefins, in primary forms"
37 390720 "Other polyethers, in primary forms"
38 390799 "Other polyethers, in primary forms"
39 391000 "Silicones, in primary forms"
40 720441 "Turnings, shavings, chips, milling waste, sawdust, filings, trimmings and stampings of iron or steel"
41 902750 "Other instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis, using optical radiations (up, visible or ire)"
42 903190 "Parts and accessories for instruments, appliances and machines for measuring or checking"