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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 252020 Plaster
2 284170 Molybdates
3 284290 "Other salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids, excluding azides"
4 284990 "Other carbides, chemically defined or not"
5 290539 Other unsaturated diol alcohols
6 291439 "Other ketones, aromatic, without other oxygen function"
7 291440 Ketone-alcohols and ketone-aldehydes
8 291450 Ketone-phenols and ketones with other oxygen function
9 291539 Other esters of acetic acid
10 291612 Esters of acrylic acid
11 291614 Esters of methacrylic acid
12 291900 "Phosphoric esters, their salts and halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives"
13 291990 "Other phosphoric esters and their salts, including lactophosphates, their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives"
14 292249 "Other amino-acids and their esters (excluding those with more than one kind of oxygen function), salts thereof"
15 292250 "Amino-alcohol-phenols, amino-acid-phenols and other amino-compounds with oxygen function"
16 293100 Other organo-inorganic compounds
17 293499 "Other nucleic acids and their salts, other heterocyclic compounds"
18 320417 Pigments and their preparations
19 321511 Black printing ink
20 321519 Other printing ink
21 33012919 "aceites esenciales (desterpenados o no), incluidos los ""concretos"" o ""absolutos"", resinoides, oleorresinas de extraccion, disoluciones concentradas de aceites esenciales en grasas, aceites fijos, ceras o materias analogas, obtenidas por enflorado o m
22 380690 Other essences and derivatives of colophonies (rosin) or of resin acids and colophony oils
23 381400 "Organic composite solvents and thinners, prepared paint or varnish removers"
24 382490 Other products and preparations of the chemical industry and alike not included in the other headings
25 390390 "Other polymers of styrene, in primary forms"
26 390690 "Other acrylic polymers, in primary forms"
27 390950 "Polyurethanes, in primary forms"
28 391990 "Self-adhesive plates, sheets, foil, film, tape, strip and other flat items of plastics"
29 392690 "Articles of plastics and articles of other materials of heading 3901 to 3914, n.e.s"
30 401211 "Retreaded pneumatic tyres, of rubber, of a kind used on motor cars (including station wagons and racing cars)"
31 401519 Other gloves of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber
32 401693 "Gaskets, washers and the like, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber"
33 401699 Other articles of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber
34 481141 "Self-adhesive paper and paperboard, surface-coloured, surface-decorated or printed, in rolls or sheets"
35 482312 Self-adhesive paper in strips or rolls
36 491110 "Trade advertising printed material, commercial catalogues and the like"
37 560749 "Other twine, cordage, rope and cable of polyethylene or polypropylene"
38 57050000 "las demas alfombras y revestimientos para el suelo, de materia textil, incluso confeccionados."
39 590390 "Other textile fabrics, impregnated, coated, covered or laminated, with plastics"
40 66011000 "paraguas, sombrillas y quitasoles (incluidos los paraguas baston, los quitasoles toldo y articulos similares). quitasoles toldo y articulos similares"
41 66031000 "partes, guarniciones y accesorios para los articulos de las partidas 66.01 o 66.02.punos y pomos"
42 70060000 "vidrio de las partidas 70.03, 70.04 o 70.05, curvado, biselado, grabado, taladrado, esmaltado o trabajado de otro modo, pero sin enmarcar ni combinar con otras materias."
43 700910 "Rear-view mirrors, for vehicles"
44 730630 "Tubes, welded, of a circular cross-section, of iron or nonalloy steel"
45 731029 "Other reservoirs and the like, of cast iron, iron or steel, of a capacity of < 50 liters"
46 840510 "Producer gas or water gas generators, acetylene gas generators and similar water process gas generators, with or without their purifiers"
47 840991 Parts suitable for use with spark-ignition internal combustion piston engines
48 840999 "Other parts suitable for use with compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines, diesel or semi-diesel"
49 841330 "Fuel, lubricating or cooling-medium pumps for internal combustion piston engines"
50 841360 "Other rotary positive displacement pumps, power-driven"
51 842129 Other machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying liquids
52 842139 Other machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying gases
53 842240 Other packing or wrapping machinery
54 842839 "Other continuous-action elevators and conveyors, for goods or materials"
55 844332 "Machines which only perform one of the functions of printing, copying or facsimile transmission, capable of connecting to an automatic data processing machine or to a network"
56 844339 "Other machines which only perform one of the functions of printing, copying or facsimile transmission"
57 844351 Ink-jet printing machines
58 844390 Parts of printing machinery and machines for uses ancillary to printing
59 844399 "Parts and accessories of printers, copying machines and facsimile machines, n.e.s."
60 847160 "Input or output units for automatic data-processing machines, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing"
61 847180 Other units for digital automatic data-processing machines
62 847330 Parts and accessories for automatic data-processing machines or for other machines of heading 8471
63 848071 Injection or compression type molds for rubber or plastics
64 848110 Pressure-reducing valves
65 848190 "Parts of valves and similar articles for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like"
66 848310 Transmission shafts (including cam shafts and crank shafts) and cranks
67 848340 "Gears and gearing for machinery, chain sprockets and other transmission elements, ball screws, gear boxes and other speed changers"
68 848360 "Clutches and shaft couplings, including universal joints, for machinery"
69 850131 DC motors and DC generators of an output > 37.5 W but <= 750 W
70 850132 DC motors and DC generators of an output > 750 W but <= 75 kW
71 850450 Other inductors
72 851190 Parts of electrical ignition or starting equipment of heading 8511
73 851220 Other electrical lighting or visual signaling equipment for motor vehicles
74 851680 Electric heating resistors
75 851770 "Parts of telephone sets, telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks and of other apparatus for the transmission or reception of voice, images or other data, n.e.s."
76 852190 Video recording or reproducing apparatus
77 853610 Fuses for a voltage <= 1 kV
78 853710 "Boards, cabinets and similar bases with two or more apparatus of heading 8535 or 8536, for electric control or the distribution of electricity, for a voltage <= 1 kV"
79 854441 "Other electric conductors, for a voltage <= 80 V, insulated, fitted with connectors"
80 870829 Other parts and accessories of bodies for motor vehicles of heading 8701 to 8705
81 870830 "Brakes and servo-brakes and their parts, for motor vehicles of heading 8701 to 8705"
82 870839 Other brakes and servo-brakes and parts thereof for motor vehicles of heading 8701 to 8705
83 870870 Road wheels and parts and their accessories for motor vehicles of heading 8701 to 8705
84 870899 Parts and accessories for motor vehicles of heading 8701 to 8705
85 871499 "Other parts and accessories, for cycles"
86 900490 "Spectacles, goggles and the like, corrective, protective or other"
87 901832 "Tubular metal needles and needles for sutures, used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences"
88 902000 "Other breathing appliances and gas masks, excluding protective masks having neither mechanical parts nor replaceable filters"
89 902610 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking the flow or level of liquids
90 903289 "Other regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus, automatic"
91 96031000 "escobas y escobillas, cepillos, brochas y pinceles (incluso si son partes de maquinas, aparatos o vehiculos), escobas mecanicas, sin motor, de uso manual, fregonas o mopas y plumeros, cabezas preparadas para articulos de cepilleria, almohad illas o muneq