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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 271019 "Medium oils and preparations, of petroleum or bituminous minerals"
2 271290 "Micro-crystalline petroleum wax, slack wax, ozokerite, other mineral waxes and similar products"
3 340590 Other preparations for polishing glass or metals
4 391739 "Other flexible tubes, pipes and hoses, and fittings therefore, of plastics"
5 391990 "Self-adhesive plates, sheets, foil, film, tape, strip and other flat items of plastics"
6 392321 "Sacks, bags, cartridges, of polymers of ethylene"
7 392610 "Office or school supplies, of plastics"
8 392620 "Articles of apparel and clothing accessories produced by the stitching or sticking together of plastic sheeting, including gloves, mittens and mitts"
9 392690 "Articles of plastics and articles of other materials of heading 3901 to 3914, n.e.s"
10 400922 "Tubes, pipes and hoses, of vulcanized rubber (excluding hard rubber), reinforced or otherwise combined only with metal, with fittings"
11 401693 "Gaskets, washers and the like, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber"
12 401699 Other articles of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber
13 420211 "Trunks, suitcases, briefcases and similar containers, with an outer surface of leather, composition leather or patent leather"
14 420219 "Trunks, suitcases, briefcases and similar containers of other materials"
15 420222 "Handbags, whether or not with shoulder straps, including those without handles, with an outer surface of plastic sheeting or textile materials"
16 420231 "Articles of a kind normally carried in the pocket or in the handbag, with an outer surface of leather, composition leather or patent leather"
17 420292 Other articles with an outer surface of plastic sheeting or textile materials
18 420329 "Other gloves, mittens or the like, for other uses, of leather or composition leather"
19 481920 "Collapsible cartons and boxes, of non-corrugated paper or paperboard"
20 482010 "Registers account books, notepads, memorandum pads and the like"
21 482030 "Binders, folders, file covers, of paper or paperboard"
22 482040 "Manifold forms and books, whether or not with interleaved carbon sheets"
23 482190 Other labels of paper or paperboard
24 491000 "Printed calendars of all kinds, including tear-off calendars"
25 491110 "Trade advertising printed material, commercial catalogues and the like"
26 491199 Other printed material
27 560900 "Articles of yarn, strip or the like of headings 5404 or 5405, other cordage, rope or cable"
28 591131 "Woven fabrics and felts, continuous, of a kind used for paper-making, weighing < 650 g per m²"
29 591132 "Woven fabrics and felts, continuous, of a kind used for paper-making, weighing => 650 g per m²"
30 591190 Other textile products and articles for technical purposes
31 610333 "Men's or boys' jackets and blazers of synthetic fibres, knitted or crocheted"
32 610910 "T-shirts and singlets, of cotton, knitted or crocheted"
33 611699 "Gloves, mittens and the like, of other textile materials, knitted or crocheted"
34 620193 "Other men's or boys' overcoats, anoraks and similar articles, of synthetic or artificial fibres"
35 620333 Men's or boys' jackets and blazers of synthetic fibres
36 630790 Other made-up articles of textile materials
37 650590 "Chapéus e outros artefatos de uso semelhante, de malha ou confeccionados com rendas, feltro ou outros produtos têxteis"
38 660191 Umbrellas having a telescopic shaft
39 680421 "Other millstones, grindstones of synthetic or natural diamond, agglomerated"
40 680422 "Other millstones, grindstones of other agglomerated abrasives or ceramics"
41 680430 "Hand sharpening or polishing stones, of natural stone or artificially agglomerated"
42 680510 "Natural or artificial abrasive powder or grain, on a base of woven textile fabric only"
43 680520 Natural or artificial abrasive powder or grain on a base of paper or paperboard only
44 680530 Natural or artificial abrasive powder or grain on a base of other materials
45 691110 "Tableware and kitchenware, of porcelain"
46 731290 "Plaited bands, slings and the like, of iron or steel, not isolated for electrical purposes"
47 731815 "Other threaded screws and bolts, whether or not with their nuts and washers, of cast iron, iron or steel"
48 731816 "Nuts of cast iron, iron or steel"
49 731821 "Spring washers and other lock washers, not threaded, of cast iron, iron or steel"
50 731824 "Cotters and cotter-pins, of cast iron, iron or steel"
51 732020 "Helical springs, of iron or steel"
52 732619 "Other articles of iron or steel, forged or stamped"
53 732620 Articles of iron or steel wire
54 732690 Other articles of iron or steel
55 820310 "Files, rasps and similar hand tools of base metal"
56 820411 "Hand-operated spanners and wrenches, of base metal, non-adjustable"
57 820559 "Other hand tools, of base metals"
58 820600 "Sets of two or more tools of heading 8202 to 8205, put up in sets for retail sale"
59 820719 "Other rock drilling or earth boring tools, interchangeable, including their parts, with working parts of base metal"
60 820770 "Interchangeable tools for milling, of base metal"
61 820790 "Other interchangeable tools for hand tools, of base metal"
62 821191 Table knives with fixed blades of base metal
63 821193 "Knives, excluding those with fixed blades, including pruning shears, of base metal"
64 840991 Parts suitable for use with spark-ignition internal combustion piston engines
65 841420 Hand or foot-operated air pumps
66 841989 "Other machinery, plant and equipment, for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature"
67 844110 Cutting machines for paper or paperboard
68 844240 "Parts of machinery, apparatus and equipment of subheading 8442.30"
69 845150 "Machines for reeling, unreeling, folding, cutting or pinking textile fabrics"
70 846090 "Other machines for deburring, grinding or polishing metal"
71 846291 Hydraulic presses for working metal
72 846420 "Grinding or polishing machines, for working stone, ceramics, concrete or like mineral materials or for cold working glass"
73 846610 Tool holders and self-opening dieheads
74 846620 Work holders for other machine-tools
75 846630 Dividing heads and other special attachments for machine-tools
76 846691 Parts and accessories for machine-tools in heading 8464
77 846694 Parts and accessories for machine-tools in heading 8462 or 8463
78 846711 "Tools for working in the hand, pneumatic, rotary type"
79 846729 "Electro-mechanical tools for working in the hand, with self-contained electric motor"
80 846792 Parts of pneumatic tools for working in the hand
81 846799 "Other parts of pneumatic tools for working in the hand, hydraulic or with self-contained non-electric motor"
82 847030 Other calculating machines
83 847989 "Other machines and mechanical appliances, with specific functions"
84 848110 Pressure-reducing valves
85 848120 Valves for oleohydraulic or pneumatic transmission
86 848210 Ball bearings
87 848310 Transmission shafts (including cam shafts and crank shafts) and cranks
88 848330 "Bearing housings for machinery, not incorporating ball or roller bearings"
89 848340 "Gears and gearing for machinery, chain sprockets and other transmission elements, ball screws, gear boxes and other speed changers"
90 848390 "Toothed wheels, chain sprockets and other transmission elements presented separately, parts of transmission shafts, ball screws, couplings and other articles of heading 8483"
91 850151 "Other AC motors, multi-phase, of an output <= 750 W"
92 850152 "Other AC motors, multi-phase, of an output > 750 W but <= 75 kW"
93 850300 Parts suitable for use solely or principally with machines of heading 8501 or 8502
94 850511 Permanent magnets of metal
95 850519 Other permanent magnets and articles intended to become permanent magnets after magnetization
96 851010 "Shavers, electric"
97 851310 Portable electrical lamps
98 852340 Optical media for the recording of sound or of other phenomena
99 852491 "Other recording media, for reproducing phenomena other than sound or image"
100 853321 Other fixed electrical resistors for a power handling capacity <= 20 W
101 853340 Other electrical variable resistors (including rheostats and potentiometers)
102 853650 Switches for a voltage <= 1 kV
103 853690 "Other electrical apparatus for switching or making connections to or in electrical circuits, for a voltage <= 1 kV"
104 853890 "Other parts suitable for use solely or principally with the apparatus of heading 8535, 8536 or 8537"
105 854389 "Other electrical machines and apparatus, having individual functions"
106 854442 "Electric conductors for a voltage <= 1,000 V, insulated, fitted with connectors, n.e.s."
107 854520 Carbon brushes for electrical purposes
108 854590 "Articles of graphite or carbon, for lamps, batteries, with or without metal, for electrical purposes"
109 900510 Binoculars
110 901320 "Lasers, excluding laser diodes"
111 901780 Other hand-held instruments for measuring length
112 903289 "Other regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus, automatic"
113 910211 "Wrist-watches, electrically operated, with mechanical display only"
114 940320 Other metal furniture
115 940390 Parts of furniture
116 950662 Inflatable balls
117 960350 "Other brushes constituting parts of machines, appliances or vehicles"
118 960390 "Squeegees of rubber or other flexible materials, other brooms and brushes"
119 960831 Indian ink drawing pens
120 960860 Refills for ball-point pens
121 961380 Other lighters