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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 252020 Plaster
2 271119 "Gaseous hydrocarbons, liquefied, not elsewhere specified or included"
3 281810 "Artificial corundum, chemically defined or not"
4 300590 "Wadding, gauze, bandages and the like, impregnated or covered with pharmaceutical substances or put up for retail sale for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary purposes"
5 300610 "Sterile surgical catgut, similar sterile suture materials, including sterile absorbable surgical or dental yarns, and sterile tissue adhesives for surgical wound closure, sterile laminaria and sterile laminaria tents, sterile absorbable surgical or denta
6 300640 "Dental cements and other dental fillings, bone reconstruction cements"
7 320500 Colour lakes and their preparations
8 340700 "Modeling pastes, dental wax and other plaster-based compounds for use in dentistry"
9 350610 Products used as glues or adhesives put up for retail with a net weight of <= 1 kg
10 381010 "Pickling preparations for metal surfaces, welding or soldering pastes and powders consisting of metal and other materials"
11 381090 "Other fluxes and auxiliary preparations for cores or coating of electrodes or rods, for welding"
12 381600 "Refractory cements, mortars, concretes and similar compositions"
13 382490 Other products and preparations of the chemical industry and alike not included in the other headings
14 391000 "Silicones, in primary forms"
15 392310 "Boxes, cases, crates, similar articles, of plastics"
16 392321 "Sacks, bags, cartridges, of polymers of ethylene"
17 392329 "Sacks, bags, cartridges, of other plastics"
18 392390 "Other articles for conveyance or packing , of plastics"
19 392410 "Table sets and other tableware and kitchenware, of plastics"
20 392620 "Articles of apparel and clothing accessories produced by the stitching or sticking together of plastic sheeting, including gloves, mittens and mitts"
21 392690 "Articles of plastics and articles of other materials of heading 3901 to 3914, n.e.s"
22 400690 "Other forms and articles, of unvulcanized rubber"
23 420211 "Trunks, suitcases, briefcases and similar containers, with an outer surface of leather, composition leather or patent leather"
24 420212 "Trunks, suitcases, briefcases and similar containers, with an outer surface of plastics or textile materials"
25 420222 "Handbags, whether or not with shoulder straps, including those without handles, with an outer surface of plastic sheeting or textile materials"
26 420239 "Articles of a kind normally carried in the pocket or in the handbag, with an outer surface of other materials"
27 441900 "Tableware and kitchenware, of wood"
28 481910 "Cartons and boxes, of corrugated paper or paperboard"
29 481920 "Collapsible cartons and boxes, of non-corrugated paper or paperboard"
30 481940 "Other sacks, bags and packets, of paper or paperboard"
31 482010 "Registers account books, notepads, memorandum pads and the like"
32 482090 "Other articles of paper or paperboard, for office or stationery"
33 491000 "Printed calendars of all kinds, including tear-off calendars"
34 491110 "Trade advertising printed material, commercial catalogues and the like"
35 491199 Other printed material
36 560750 "Twine, cordage, rope and cable of synthetic fibres"
37 560790 "Other twine, cordage, rope and cable, of other textile materials"
38 580639 Narrow woven fabrics of other textile materials
39 621600 "Gloves, mittens and the like"
40 630260 "Toilet linen and kitchen linen, of terry toweling or similar terry fabrics of cotton"
41 630291 Other toilet linen and kitchen linen of cotton
42 680291 "Marble, travertine and alabaster, otherwise prepared, with a flat or even surface, and their artwork"
43 680990 Other articles of plaster or of composition based on plaster
44 690310 "Other refractory ceramic products containing > 50% graphite or other carbon, by weight"
45 690320 "Other refractory ceramic products containing > 50% alumina or alumina and silica, by weight"
46 691110 "Tableware and kitchenware, of porcelain"
47 691200 "Ceramic tableware, kitchenware, other household articles and toilet articles, excluding porcelain"
48 701328 "Drinking glasses, stemware (excluding glasses of glass ceramics)"
49 701337 Other drinking glasses (excluding glasses of glass ceramics)
50 701339 Other glassware for table or kitchen purposes
51 701342 Glassware for table or kitchen purposes of glass having a linear coefficient of expansion <= 5 x 10-6 per kelvin within a temperature range of 0░C to 300░C
52 701720 "Laboratory glassware, of any other glass, with a linear coefficient of expansion <= 5x106 per Kelvin"
53 701790 "Other laboratory, hygienic and pharmaceutical glassware"
54 701820 Glass microspheres <= 1 mm in diameter
55 711790 Other imitation jewelry
56 731815 "Other threaded screws and bolts, whether or not with their nuts and washers, of cast iron, iron or steel"
57 731821 "Spring washers and other lock washers, not threaded, of cast iron, iron or steel"
58 732190 "Parts of domestic appliances, of cast iron, iron or steel, not electrically heated"
59 732391 "Other household articles and their parts, of cast iron, not enameled"
60 732393 "Other household articles and their parts, of stainless steel"
61 732399 "Other household articles and their parts, of cast iron, iron or steel"
62 732599 "Other molded articles of cast iron, iron or steel"
63 750512 "Bars, rods, profiles and wire, of nickel alloys"
64 761290 "Other tanks and containers, of aluminum, of a capacity of <= 300 liters, not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment"
65 761519 "Other household articles and parts thereof, of aluminum"
66 810590 Other articles of cobalt
67 820551 "Household hand tools, non-mechanical, with working parts of base metal"
68 820559 "Other hand tools, of base metals"
69 821000 "Hand-operated mechanical appliances of base metal, weighing <= 10 kg, used in the preparation, conditioning or serving of food or drink"
70 821191 Table knives with fixed blades of base metal
71 821300 "Scissors and their blades, of base metal"
72 821520 "Other sets of spoons, forks, ladles or other articles of heading 8215, of base metal"
73 821599 "Other spoons, forks, ladles and similar articles, of base metal"
74 830400 "Filing cabinets, card-index cabinets, paper trays, paper rests, pen trays, office-stamp stands and similar office or desk equipment, of base metal"
75 831190 "Other wire, rods, tubes, plates, electrodes and the like, of base metal, used for soldering, welding or deposition of metal"
76 841410 Vacuum pumps
77 841989 "Other machinery, plant and equipment, for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature"
78 842310 "Personal weighing machines, including baby scales, household scales"
79 842430 Steam or sand blasting machines and similar jet projecting machines
80 846090 "Other machines for deburring, grinding or polishing metal"
81 846693 Parts and accessories for machine-tools in headings 8456 to 8461
82 846810 Hand-held blow pipes
83 847130 "Data-processing machines, automatic, portable, weighing <= 10 kg, consisting of at least a central processing unit, a keyboard and a display"
84 847150 "Processing units for automatic data-processing machines, whether or not containing in the same housing one or two of the following types of unit: storage units, input units, output units (excluding those of heading 8471.41 or 8471.49)"
85 847160 "Input or output units for automatic data-processing machines, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing"
86 847982 "Mixing, kneading, crushing, grinding, screening, sifting, homogenizing, emulsifying or stirring machines"
87 847990 "Parts of machines and mechanical appliances, with specific functions"
88 848210 Ball bearings
89 848590 "Parts of machinery of chapter 84, without electrical connections or devices"
90 850940 "Domestic food grinders and mixers and fruit or vegetable juice extractors, with self-contained electric motor"
91 850980 "Other electromechanical household appliances, with self-contained electric motor"
92 851420 Furnaces and ovens functioning by induction or dielectric loss
93 851440 Other equipment for the heat treatment of materials by induction or dielectric loss
94 851490 Parts of electric industrial or laboratory furnaces and ovens
95 851660 "Other electric ovens, cookers, cooking plates and boiling rings, electric grillers and roasters for domestic use"
96 852340 Optical media for the recording of sound or of other phenomena
97 853610 Fuses for a voltage <= 1 kV
98 854232 Electronic integrated circuits as memories
99 854330 "Machines and apparatus for electroplating, electrolysis or electrophoresis"
100 901730 "Micrometers, calipers and other gauges (hand-held instruments for measuring length)"
101 901832 "Tubular metal needles and needles for sutures, used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences"
102 901841 "Dental drill engines, whether or not combined on a single base with other dental equipment"
103 901849 Other instruments and appliances used in dental sciences
104 902121 Artificial teeth
105 902511 "Thermometers, liquid-filled, for direct reading, not combined with other instruments"
106 902730 "Spectrometers, spectrophotometers and spectrographs using optical radiations, (UV, visibles, IR)"
107 903300 "Parts and accessories for machines, appliances, instruments or apparatus in chapter 90"
108 910690 "Other time of day recording apparatus and apparatus for measuring, recording or indicating intervals of time, with clock or watch movement or with synchronous motor"
109 940320 Other metal furniture
110 960340 "Paint, distemper, varnish or similar brushes, paint pads and rollers"
111 960390 "Squeegees of rubber or other flexible materials, other brooms and brushes"
112 961620 Powder puffs and pads for the application of cosmetics or toilet preparations