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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 700992 Glass Mirrors (Other Than Rearview Mirrors For Vehicles), Framed
2 820730 Tools For Pressing, Stamping Or Punching, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
3 820790 Interchangeable Tools , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
4 820810 Knives And Cutting Blades For Metal Working, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
5 830250 Hat-Racks, Hat Pegs, Brackets And Similar Fixtures, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
6 841480 Air Pumps And Air Or Other Gas Compressors, , Ventilating Or Recycling Hoods Incorporating A Fan,
7 841869 Refrigerating Or Freezing Equipment,
8 842890 Lifting, Handling, Loading Or Unloading Machinery
9 8428900099 Lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery, nes
10 845610 Machine Tools For Working Any Material By Removal Of Material, By Laser Or Other Light Or Photon Beam Processes
11 8456100000 Mach-Tls,F Work Mat,By Removal Of Mat,Operated By Laser/Light/Photon Beam Proc
12 846221 Bending, Folding, Straightening Or Flattening Machines (Including Presses) For Working Metal, Numerically Controlled
13 846229 Bending, Folding, Straightening Or Flattening Machines (Including Presses) For Working Metal, Not Numerically Controlled
14 8462299990 O m/w mch-tls, incl press,bendg,straightening,folding,flattening,o/t n/c,new,nes
15 846241 Punching Or Notching Machines (Including Presses) For Working Metal, Including Combined Punching And Shearing Machines, Numerically Controlled
16 8462410019 Metalworking machine-tools, including presses, punching machines, n/c, new
17 8464209090 Grinding Or Polishing Machines For Working Ceramics, Asbestos-Cement And Similar Materials
18 846610 Tool Holders And Self-Opening Dieheads For Machines Or Any Type Of Tool For Working In The Hand
19 846693 Parts And Accessories For Machine Tools, For Laser Operation, Metalworking Machining Centers, Lathes And Drilling Machines, Etc.,
20 846694 Parts And Accessories For Machines Tools, For Forging, Die-Stamping, Shearing, Etc. Metal And Those For Working Metal Without Removing Material,
21 8466949000 Other Pts & Access Nes For Other Metalworking Mach-Tools Of Hd 84.62,84.63, Nes
22 851590 Parts For Electric Laser, Ultrasonic Etc. Welding Etc. Machines, Parts For Electric Machines For Hot Spraying Of Metals Or Sintered Metal Carbides
23 8515900099 Part Of Elec Apparatus For Sold,Braz Or Hot Spray Of Met Or Sinter Met Carbd,Nes
24 871690 Parts Of Trailers, Semi-Trailers And Other Vehicles, Not Mechanically Propelled