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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 220110 Mineral Waters And Aerated Waters, Natural Or Artificial, Not Sweetened Or Flavored
2 2201100090 Artificial Mineral Water And Aerated Waters, Not Containing Sugar Or Sweet Matter Nor Flavoured
3 300439 Medicaments, In Measured Doses, Etc., Containing Hormones Or Other Steriods Used Primarily As Hormones, But Not Containing Antibiotics,
4 300450 Medicaments, In Measured Doses, Etc., Containing Natural Or Synthetic Vitamins And Their Derivatives
5 3004500061 Vitamins-Iron Preparation, For Human Use, In Dosage
6 3004500069 Multivitamins Mixed With Other Supplements, Nes, For Human Use, In Dosage,
7 330410 Lip Make-Up Preparations
8 330499 Beauty Or Make-Up Preparations And Preparations For Care Of The Skin (Excluding Medicaments) , Including Sunscreens And Suntan Preparations
9 3304999020 Face, Hand & Body Creams & Lotions
10 340119 Soap And Organic Surface-Active Products In Bars Or Other Shapes And Paper, Wadding Etc. Containing Soap Or Detergent, For Other Than Toilet Use
11 3401190090 Soap, Shaped, N.E.S., Papers And Nonwoven Impregnated With Soap Or Preparation, N.E.S.
12 340130 Organic Surface-Active Products And Preparations For Washing The Skin, In Liquid Or Cream Form, Put Up For Retail Sale
13 3402209090 Surface-Active Prep, Washing & Cleaning Prep, Put Up For Retail Sale
14 382319 Industrial Monocarboxylic Fatty Acids, , Acid Oils From Refining
15 3823190029 Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids, of vegetable origin, nes
16 3923409010 Bobbins for textile machines, of plastics
17 392490 Household Articles (Other Than Tableware And Kitchenware) And Toilet Articles, Of Plastics
18 420219 Trunks, Suitcases, Vanity Cases And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Materials Other Than Leather, Plastics Or Textiles
19 4202190000 Trunks, Suitcases And Similar Containers - Outer Surface Other Material Nes
20 420229 Handbags, Whether Or Not With Shoulder Strap Or Handles, With Outer Surface Of Materials
21 420231 Articles Normally Carried In The Pocket Or Handbag, With Outer Surface Of Leather, Composition Leather Or Patent Leather
22 481810 Toilet Paper
23 4901990010 Brochures
24 4909000010 Postcards, printed or illustrated
25 491000 Calendars Of Any Kind, Printed, Including Calendar Blocks
26 491110 Trade Advertising Material, Commercial Catalogs And The Like
27 4911101031 Catalogues,Not Cntg Publicity Material Relating To Canadian Products/Services
28 4911109000 Trade Advertising Material And The Like, Nes
29 491199 Printed Matter,
30 4911999000 Printed Matter, N.E.S.
31 630130 Blankets (Other Than Electric Blankets) And Traveling Rugs, Of Cotton
32 711320 Jewelry And Parts Thereof, Of Base Matel Clad With Precious Metal
33 7113209000 Articles Of Jewellery And Parts Thereof Of Base Metal Clad With Precious Metal
34 7323100090 Iron Or Steel Wool (Excluding Steel Wool Impregnated With Soap), Including Pot Scourers And The Like, Of Iron Or Steel
35 732393 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Stainless Steel
36 8211101000 Table Cutlery, Sets Of Assorted Articles (Knives Predominant)
37 821520 Sets Of Assorted Kitchenware Or Tableware Of Base Metal, Containing No Articles Plated With Precious Metal
38 842121 Water Filtering Or Purifying Machinery And Apparatus
39 8421210000 Machinery And Apparatus, For Filtering Or Purifying Water
40 8421211000 Filtering/Purifying Water Machinery/Apparatus For Aquariums, Swimming Pools,Etc
41 8421399099 Filtering Or Purifying Machines And Apparatus For Gases, Nes
42 8471490031 Combi input/output units,with colour cathode-ray tubes (CRT), in form of systems
43 8481800073 Faucets, unplated, hand operated or hand activated
44 950300 Toys, Including Riding Toys O/Than Bicycles, Puzzles, Reduced Scale Models