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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 020220 Meat Of Bovine Animals, Cuts With Bone In (Other Than Half Or Whole Carcasses), Frozen
2 040120 Milk And Cream, Not Concentrated Nor Sweetened, Of A Fat Content, By Weight, Exceeding 1% But Not Exceeding 6%
3 070820 Beans (Vigna Spp., Phaseolus Spp.), Fresh Or Chilled
4 075700
5 080420 Figs, Fresh Or Dried
6 080620 Grapes, Dried (Including Raisins)
7 090620 Cinnamon And Cinnamon-Tree Flowers, Crushed Or Ground
8 120910 Sugar Beet Seed Of A Kind Used For Sowing
9 121010 Hop Cones, Neither Ground Nor Powdered Nor In The Form Of Pellets, Fresh Or Dried
10 150100 Lard, Other Pig Fat And Poultry Fat, Rendered, Whether Or Not Pressed Or Solvent-Extracted
11 160300 Extracts And Juices Of Meat, Fish Or Crustaceans, Molluscs Or Other Aquatic Invertebrates
12 180610 Cocoa Powder, Containing Added Sugar Or Other Sweetening Matter
13 180631 Chocolate And Other Cocoa Preparations In Blocks, Slabs Or Bars, Weighing 2 Kg Or Less, Filled
14 181776
15 201624
16 201988
17 210390 Sauces And Preparations Therefor, , Mixed Condiments And Mixed Seasonings
18 250590 Sands, Natural, Except Metal Bearing Or Silica Or Quartz Sands
19 251400 Slate, Whether Or Not Roughly Trimmed Or Merely Cut, By Sawing Etc. Into Blocks Or Slabs Of Rectangular Or Square Shape
20 251511 Marble And Travertine, Crude Or Roughly Trimmed
21 251690 Basalt, Porphyry And Other Monumental Or Building Stone, , Whether Or Not Trimmed Or Merely Cut Into Blocks Etc. Of Rectangular Or Square Shape
22 251741 Marble Granules, Chippings And Powder
23 252100 Limestone Flux, Limestone And Other Calcareous Stone, Of A Kind Used For The Manufacture Of Lime Or Cement (Or For Soil Improvement)
24 252500
25 261220 Thorium Ores And Concentrates
26 270730 Xylenes
27 271019 Petroleum Oils & Oils (Not Light) From Bituminous Minerals Or Preps 70%+ By Wt. From Petroleum Oils Or Bitum. Min.
28 271220 Paraffin Wax Containing By Weight Less Than 0.75% Oil
29 281830 Aluminum Hydroxide
30 282732 Aluminum Chloride
31 290341 Trichlorofluoromethane (Cfc-11)
32 290719 Monophenols,
33 290920 Cyclanic, Cyclenic Or Cycloterpenic Ethers And Their Halogenated, Sulfonated, Nitrated Or Nitrosated Derivatives
34 292142 Aniline Derivatives And Their Salts
35 293399 Heterocyclic Compounds With Nitrogen Hetero-Atom(S) Only,
36 310520 Mineral Or Chemical Fertilizers Containing The Three Fertilizing Elememts Nitrogen, Phosphorus And Potassium
37 329430
38 350300 Gelatin (Including Gelatin In Rectangular Or Square Sheets) And Gelatin Derivatives, Isinglass, Other Glue Of Animal Origin (Except Casein Glue)
39 350699 Prepared Glues And Adhesives,
40 360410 Fireworks
41 370252 Photographic Film Rolls, , Film , For Color Photography, Not Over 16 Mm (0.6 In.) Wide And Over 14 M (46 Ft.) Long, Sensitized, Unexposed
42 382590 Residual Products Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries, , Other Wastes, , Specified In Note 6 To Chapter 38
43 391990 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil, Tape And Other Flat Shapes Of Plastics, Self-Adhesive,
44 441114 Medium Density Fiberboard (Mdf), Whether Or Not Bonded With Resins Or Other Organic Substances, Of A Thickness Exceeding 9 Mm
45 441510 Cases, Boxes, Crates, Drums And Similar Packings Of Wood, Cable-Drums Of Wood
46 480210 Handmade Paper And Paperboard
47 480256 Paper/Paperboard For Writing/Printing/Other Graphic Purpose, Wt 40G/M2-150G/M2, N/O 10% Fiber By Mechanical/Chemi- Process, Sized Sheets
48 480640 Glassine And Other Glazed Transparent Or Translucent Papers, In Rolls Or Sheets
49 481910 Cartons, Boxes And Cases Of Corrugated Paper And Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
50 481920 Folding Cartons, Boxes And Cases, Of Non-Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
51 610323 Men'S Or Boys' Ensembles Of Synthetic Fibers, Knitted Or Crocheted
52 680100 Setts, Curbstones And Flagstones, Of Natural Stone (Except Slate)
53 680221 Monumental Or Building Stone And Articles Thereof , Simply Cut Or Sawn With A Flat Or Even Surface, Of Marble, Travertine And Alabaster
54 680223 Monumental Or Building Stone And Articles Thereof , Simply Cut Or Sawn With A Flat Or Even Surface, Of Granite
55 680291 Worked Monumental Or Building Stone , Of Marble, Travertine And Alabaster
56 680292 Worked Monumental Or Building Stone , Of Calcareous Stone
57 680293 Worked Monumental Or Building Stone , Of Granite
58 680300 Worked Slate And Articles Of Slate Or Agglomerated Slate
59 681019 Tiles, Flagstones And Similar Articles Of Cement, Of Concrete Or Of Artificial Stone, Whether Or Not Reinforced
60 690510 Ceramic Roofing Tiles
61 690710 Unglazed Ceramic Tiles, Cubes And Similar Articles, The Largest Surface Area Of Which Can Be Enclosed In A Square With Sides Less Than 7 Cm
62 690790 Unglazed Ceramic Flags And Paving, Hearth Or Wall Tiles
63 690810 Glazed Ceramic Tiles, Cubes And Similar Articles, Largest Surface Area Of Which Can Be Enclosed In A Square With Sides Less Than 7 Cm
64 690890 Glazed Ceramic Flags And Paving, Hearth Or Wall Tiles
65 690912 Ceramic Articles Having A Hardness Equivalent To 9 Or More On The Mohs Scale
66 691110 Ceramic Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Porcelain Or China
67 691190 Ceramic Household And Toilet Articles , Of Porcelain Or China
68 691390 Ceramic Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Of Other Than Porcelain Or China
69 700521 Float And Other Glass, In Nonwired Sheets, Colored Throughout The Mass, Opacified, Flashed Or Surface Ground, Without An Absorbent Or Reflecting Layer
70 700529 Float Glass And Surface Ground Or Polished Glass, In Nonwired Sheets,
71 700530 Float Glass And Surface Ground Or Polished Glass, In Wired Sheets, Whether Or Not Having An Absorbent Or Reflecting Layer, But Not Otherwise Worke
72 701310 Glassware, Of Glass-Ceramics, Of A Kind Used For Table, Kitchen, Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Or Similar Purposes
73 701328 Stemware, O/Than Of Pressed And Toughened Glass, O/Than Lead Crystal
74 701329
75 701399 Glassware (Including Glassware Of A Kind Used For Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Or Similar Purposes) , Not Of Glass-Ceramics Or Lead Crystal
76 701590 Clock Or Watch Glass, Glasses For Noncorrective Spectagles Not Optically Worked, Hollow Glass Spheres And Their Segments For Making Such Glasses
77 701610 Glass Cubes And Other Glass Smallwares, Whether Or Not On A Backing, For Mosaics Or Similar Decorative Purposes
78 701690 Pressed Or Molded Glass Articles, Wired Or Not, For Building Or Construction, Leaded Glass Windows Etc., Formed Multicellular Or Foam Glass
79 701720 Laboratory, Hygienic Or Pharmaceutical Glassware, Glass , With A Linear Coefficient Of Expansion Not Over 5X10-6 Per Kelvin At 0 To 300 Degrees C
80 701820 Glass Microspheres Not Exceeding 1 Mm In Diameter
81 701911 Chopped Strands Of Glass Fibers Not Over 50 Mm Long
82 701919 Glass Fibers (Including Glass Wool) And Articles Thereof (For Example, Yarn, Woven Fabrics), N.E.S.O.I.
83 701952 Other Woven Narrow Fabrics Over 30 Cm Wide, Plain Weave, Etc.
84 702000 Articles Of Glass,
85 720421 Stainless Steel Waste And Scrap
86 731441 Grill, Netting And Fencing Of Iron Or Steel Wire , Plated Or Coated With Zinc
87 732690 Articles Of Iron Or Steel,
88 761699 Articles Of Aluminum, N.E.S.O.I.
89 830250 Hat-Racks, Hat Pegs, Brackets And Similar Fixtures, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
90 841440 Air Compressors Mounted On A Wheeled Chassis For Towing
91 841460 Ventilating Or Recycling Hoods Incorporating A Fan, Having A Maximum Horizintal Side Not Exceeding 120 Cm
92 847439 Machines For Mixing Or Kneading Earth, Stone, Ore Or Other Mineral Substances In Solid Form,
93 851190 Parts For Electrical Ignition Or Starting Equipment Used For Internal Combustion Engines, Parts For Generators And Cut-Outs Used With Such Equipment
94 851750
95 853650 Electrical Switches For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V,
96 870323 Passenger Motor Vehicles With Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Reciprocating Piston Engine, Cylinder Capacity Over 1,500 Cc But Not Over 3,000 Cc
97 900140 Spectacle Lenses Of Glass
98 901540 Photogrammetrical Surveying Instruments And Appliances
99 911110 Watch Cases Of Precious Metal Or Of Metal Clad With Precious Metal
100 970600 Antiques Of An Age Exceeding One Hundred Years