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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 040210 Milk And Cream, Concentrated, Whether Or Not Sweetened, In Powder, Granules Or Other Solid Forms, Of A Fat Content, By Weight, Not Exceeding 1.5%
2 040310 Yogurt, Whether Or Not Sweetened, Flavored Or Containing Added Fruit, Nuts Or Cocoa
3 040410 Whey And Modified Whey, Whether Or Not Concentrated Or Containing Added Sweeteners
4 0404101000 Whey Protein Concentrates
5 0404102100 Whey Powder, Whether Or Not Concentrated/Sweetened Within Access Commitment
6 060290 Live Plants (Including Their Roots), Cutting And Slips, Mushroom Spawn
7 121299 Vegetable Products (Including Unroasted Chicory Roots Of The Variety Cichorium Intybus Sativum) Of A Kind Used Primarily For Human Consumption,
8 151329 Palm Kernel Or Babassu Oil And Their Fractions, Refined But Not Chemically Modified
9 1513299000 Palm Kernel Nes Or Babassu Oil & Their Fractions,Refined But Not Chem Modified
10 151620 Vegetable Fats And Oils And Their Fractions, Hydrogenated, Interesterified, Reesterified Or Elaidinized, Whether Or Not Refined, Not Further Prepared
11 180500 Cocoa Powder, Not Containing Added Sugar Or Other Sweetening Matter
12 1805000000 Cocoa Powder, Not Containing Added Sugar Or Other Sweets
13 320412 Acid Dyes, Whether Or Not Premetallized, And Preparations Based Thereon, Mordant Dyes And Preparations Based Thereon
14 330210 Mixtures Of Odoriferous Substances And Mixtures (Including Alcoholic Solutions) With A Basis Of These Substances Used In The Food Or Drink Industries
15 392099 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics, Not Self-Adhesive, Non-Cellular, Not Reinforced Or Laminated Etc.,
16 3920999990 Film & sheet,etc,not supp or combi w other materials, of plastics,nes
17 731010 Tanks, Drums, Cans, And Similar Plain Containers, A Capacity Of 50 Liters (13.21 Gal.) Or More, But Not Over 300 Liters (79.25 Gal.), Of Iron Or Steel
18 7310101929 Drums,o/t one-trip shippers,iron or steel,capacity>=50 but<=300 litres,nes
19 847480 Machinery For Agglomerating Etc. Solid Mineral Fuels, Ceramic Paste Or Other Mineral Products, Machines For Forming Foundry Molds Of Sand
20 847982 Machines And Mechanical Appliances For Mixing, Kneading, Crushing, Grinding, Screening, Sifting, Homogenizing, Emulsifying Or Stirring,