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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 010594 Fowls Of The Species Gallus Domesitcus, Weighing More Than 185G
2 120100 Soybeans, Whether Or Not Broken
3 151800 Animal Or Vegetable Fats, Oils And Their Fractions, Boiled, Oxidized, Etc., Inedible Mixes Or Preparations Of Animal Or Vegetable Fats And Oils,
4 160241 Hams And Cuts Thereof Of Swine, Prepared Or Preserved,
5 170250 Chemically Pure Fructose In Solid Form
6 293627 Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) And Its Derivatives, Unmixed
7 380300 Tall Oil, Whether Or Not Refined
8 380992 Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers And Preparations , Of A Kind Used In The Paper Or Like Industries
9 3809929010 Antifoaming Products And Preparations, Kind Used In The Paper Industry
10 411390 Leather Of Animals , Without Hair On, Further Prepared After Tanning Or Crusting, Other Than Leather Of Heading 4114
11 440320 Coniferous Wood In The Rough, Whether Or Not Stripped Of Bark Or Sapwood Or Roughly Squared, Not Treated
12 440710 Coniferous Wood Sawn Or Chipped Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Whether Or Not Planed, Etc., Over 6 Mm (.236 In.) Thick
13 4407100013 Lumber, Spruce, Pine, Fir(S.P.F.), Thickness >6Mm, Nes
14 440839 Veneer Sheets And Sheets For Plywood And Other Wood Sawn Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Thickness Not Over 6 Mm, Other Tropical Wood,
15 470500 Semichemical Woodpulp
16 470620 Pulps Of Fibers Derived From Recovered (Waste And Scrap) Paper Or Paperboard
17 480220 Paper And Paperboard Used As A Base For Photo-Sensitive, Heat-Sensitive Or Electro-Sensitive Paper Or Paperboard, Uncoated, In Rolls Or Sheets
18 600521 Unbleached Or Bleached Warp Knit Fabrics (Including Those Made On Galloon Knitting Machines) Of Cotton, Other Than Of Headings 6001 To 6004
19 820140 Axes, Bill Hooks And Similar Hewing Tools, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
20 840490 Parts For Auxiliary Plant For Use With Steam Or Other Vapor Generating Boilers And Condenser Power Units, Super-Heated And Central Heating Boilers
21 8421399099 Filtering Or Purifying Machines And Apparatus For Gases, Nes
22 846692 Parts And Accessories For Machine Tools For Working Wood, Cork, Bone, Hard Rubber, Hard Plastics Or Similar Hard Materials,
23 847149 Automatic Data Processing Machines And Units Thereof Presented In The Form Of Systems, N.E.S.O.I.
24 8471490089 Other Units, W/N Containing Storage Units In The Same Housing, Nes
25 847329 Parts And Accessories For Cash Registers And Machines For Accounting, Postage-Franking, Ticket-Issuing And Similar Machines With A Calculating Device
26 8501209020 Universal AC/DC motor, o/t gear, of an output > 750 W
27 850220 Generating Sets With Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Piston Engines
28 8504210020 Liquid Dielectric Transformers, With A Power Handling Capacity >= 500 B<= 650 Kva
29 900490 Spectacles, Goggles And The Like, Corrective, Protective Or Other,