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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 251710 Pebbles, Gravel, Broken Or Crushed Stones For Concrete Aggregates, For Road Metalling Or Ballast, Shingle And Flint, Whether Or Not Heat Treated
2 2710199921 Diesel Fuel Oil For Internal Combu Eng Cntg By Wt Not More Than 0.05% Sulphur
3 2929100090 Isocyanates, N.E.S.
4 400942 Tubes, Pipes And Hoses Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber, Reinforced Or Combined With Other Materials , With Fittings
5 4009429090 Tubes,Pipes & Hoses,Of Vulcanized Rbr, Reinf W Mat O/T Met/Tex,W Fittings,Nes
6 442190 Articles Of Wood,
7 681091 Prefabricated Structural Components For Building Or Civil Engineering Made Of Cement, Concrete Or Artificial Stone, Whether Or Not Reinforced
8 691390 Ceramic Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Of Other Than Porcelain Or China
9 730210 Railway Or Tramway Rails Of Iron Or Steel
10 7302101090 Rails, iron or steel, for railway, worn, nes
11 730240 Railway Or Tramway Track Fish-Plates And Sole Plates Of Iron Or Steel
12 730290 Railway Or Tramway Track Construction Material Of Iron Or Steel
13 7302900090 Rail or tramway track construction material of iron or steel, nes
14 731449 Grill, Netting And Fencing Of Iron Or Steel Wire
15 731700 Nails, Tacks, Drawing Pins, Staples (Other Than In Strips), And Similar Articles, Of Iron Or Steel, Excluding Such Articles With Heads Of Copper
16 7317009010 Spikes, Of Iron Or Steel, Excluding Articles Or Heading 83.05 And Articles With Copper Heads
17 731811 Coach Screws, Threaded, Of Iron Or Steel
18 7318110000 Threaded Coach Screws - Iron Or Steel
19 7318159049 Bolts, W/N With Their Nuts/Washers, Of Iron/Steel, Threaded, Nes
20 731990 Knitting Needles, Bodkins, Crochet Hooks, Embroidery Stilettos And Similar Articles For Use In The Hand, Of Iron Or Steel,
21 7326909099 Articles, Of Iron Or Steel, Nes
22 761610 Nails, Tacks, Staples (Other Than In Strips), Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Screw Hooks, Rivets And Similar Articles, Of Aluminum
23 7616109090 Staples (O/T Heading 83.05),Screw-Hooks,Cotters,Cotter-Pins & Sim Art,Alum,Nes
24 7616999090 Articles Of Aluminum, Nes
25 820559 Handtools , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
26 8205599080 Other Hand Tools For Masons, Watchmakers And Miners, N.E.S.
27 8205599090 Parts For Masons, Watchmakers And Miners Hand Tools, N.E.S.
28 820790 Interchangeable Tools , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
29 830249 Mountings, Fittings And Similar Articles, And Parts Thereof, , Of Base Metal
30 8409990020 Governors and parts thereof, for compression-ignition diesel locomotive engines
31 841330 Fuel, Lubricating Or Cooling Medium Pumps For Internal Combustion Piston Engines
32 841459 Fans,
33 842091 Cylinders For Calendering Or Other Rolling Machines, Other Than For Metals Or Glass
34 842890 Lifting, Handling, Loading Or Unloading Machinery
35 8428900099 Lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery, nes
36 846420 Grinding Or Polishing Machines For Working Stone, Ceramics, Concrete, Asbestos-Cement Or Like Mineral Materials Or For Cold Working Glass
37 846789 Tools For Working In The Hand, With Self-Contained Nonelectric Motor,
38 8467890010 Hydraulic Powered Tools,H-Dir,O/T Rock/Sinker Drill,Stoper Drill W Feed Leg,Etc
39 8467890091 Tools for working in the hand,self-contained non-electric motor,metalworking
40 846799 Parts Of Tools With Self-Contained Nonelectric Motor, For Working In The Hand,
41 847521 Machines For Making Optical Fibers And Preforms Thereof
42 847989 Machines And Mechanical Appliances Having Individual Functions,
43 8479899090 Machines And Mechanical Appliances Having Individual Functions, Nes
44 8479909090 Parts Of Machines And Mechanical Appliances Having Individual Functions, Nes
45 848120 Valves For Oleohydraulic Or Pneumatic Transmissions
46 8481200011 Valves For Oleohydraulic Transmissions, Directional Control, Manual
47 8481800099 Valves, Nes
48 848330 Bearing Housings, Plain Shaft Bearings
49 8483300029 Plain Shaft Bearing Without Housing, N.E.S.
50 850134 Dc Motors And Generators Of An Output Exceeding 375 Kw
51 8501342000 Dc Generator, Output Exceeding 375Kw
52 850440 Electrical Static Converters, Power Supplies For Adp Machines Or Units Of 8471
53 850519 Permanent Magnets And Articles Intended To Become Permanent Magnets After Magnetization, Made Of Materials Other Than Metal
54 8505190000 Permanent Magnets And Art Intended To Become Permanent Magnets,O/T Of Metals,Nes
55 8505900000 Other, Electro-Magnets,Electro-Magnetic Lifting Heads,Etc,Parts Of No. 85.05,Nes
56 850730 Nickel-Cadmium Storage Batteries
57 8507309000 Electric Nickel-Cadmium Accum, Incl Sep, W/N Rect (Incl Sq), Nes
58 851629 Electric Space Heating Apparatus And Electric Soil Heating Apparatus
59 851810 Microphones And Stands Therefor
60 8523292010 Magnetic Media, Video Recordings, Not Including News Features Or Current Events
61 852560 Transmission Apparatus For Radiobroadcasting
62 8525600090 Other Transceivers, Nes
63 853010 Electrical Signaling, Safety Or Traffic Control Equipment For Railways, Streetcar Lines Or Subways
64 8530100000 Electrical Signaling, Safety Or Traffic Control Equipment - For Railways Or Tramways
65 853090 Parts For Electrical Signaling, Safety Or Traffic Control Equipment For Rail Lines, Roads, Waterways, Parking Areas, Port Installations Or Airfields
66 8530900010 Parts Of Elec Signalling,Safety/Traffic Control Equipment For Railways/Tramways
67 853340 Variable Resistors, Including Rheostats And Potentiometers,
68 853610 Fuses For Electrical Apparatus For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V
69 853630 Electrical Apparatus For Protecting Electrical Circuits For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V,
70 8536309090 Electrical Apparatus For Protecting Electrical Circuits, Voltage <=1000 V, Nes
71 853641 Relays For A Voltage Not Exceeding 60 V
72 8536410099 Electric Relays,O/T Contactors/Electro-Mechanical,With Contact >= 10A,<= 60V,Nes
73 853710 Boards, Panels, Consoles, Etc. With Electrical Apparatus, For Electric Control Or Distribution Of Electricity, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V
74 8537109990 Other Boards,Panels,Consoles,Control/Distribution Electricity,Vltge<=1,000V,Nes
75 853890 Parts For Electrical Apparatus For Electrical Circuits, Boards, Panels Etc. For Electric Control Or Distribution Of Electricity,
76 8538909090 Pts,Suitable For Use Solely/Principally W Apparatus Of Hds 85.35/85.36/85.37,Nes
77 8543909000 Parts, Of Electrical Machines And Apparatus, Having Individual Functions, Nes
78 854442 Insulated Electric Conductors, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1000 V, Fitted With Connectors
79 860400 Railway Or Tramway Maintenance Or Service Vehicles, Whether Or Not Self-Propelled (For Example, Workshops, Cranes, Ballast Tampers, Trackliners, Etc.)
80 8604001000 Railway Cranes And Derricks, Kind Designed For Lifting Locomotives
81 8604009010 Ballast tampers, used in the maintenance or servicing of railways or tramways
82 8604009090 Maintenance or service vehicles used on railways or tramways, nes
83 8607192100 Whl/Blk, W/N W Axls, For Rlway & Trmway Veh, For Rep Of Trmway Veh W Magnt Brks
84 8607195030 Parts Of Bogies & Bissel-Bogies(Truck Assy) For Non S-Prop Rolling-Stock, Nes
85 860721 Airbrakes And Parts Thereof, For Railway Or Tramway Vehicles
86 8607219010 Air Brakes And Pts Thereof For The Vehicles Of Heading No. 86.05 Or 86.07
87 860729 Brakes (Except Airbrakes) And Parts Thereof, For Railway Or Tramway Vehicles
88 8607299000 Brakes And Parts Thereof For Railway Rolling Stock, Nes
89 860730 Hooks And Other Coupling Devices, Buffers And Parts Thereof, For Railway Or Tramway Vehicles
90 8607301000 Hooks & O Coupling Devices, Buffers,& Pts T/O For S-Prop Rlwy Rolling Stock Etc.
91 860791 Parts Of Railway Or Tramway Locomotives,
92 8607910000 Parts Of Rail Vehicles - Locomotive Parts Nes
93 860799 Parts Of Railway Or Tramway Vehicles, Other Than Locomotives,
94 8607991120 Parts Of S-Prop Rlwy Or Tramway Maintenance & Service Veh
95 8607992000 Parts Of Non Self-Propelled Railway Rolling-Stock N.E.S.
96 860800 Rail Track Fixtures, Mechanical Signaling, Safety Or Traffic Control Equipment For Rail, Road, Waterway, Parking, Airfield Etc. Areas, Parts Thereof
97 8608001010 Insul swch rods,flshg lt cross arms & semaphore train order sgnl & pts for rlwy
98 8608001090 Signalling equipment and parts for railways, nes
99 8608009000 Signalling Equipment And Parts N.E.S., For Roads, Inland Waterways, Parking Facilities And Airfields
100 860900 Containers (Including Containers For The Transport Of Fluids) Specially Designed And Equipped For Carriage By One Or More Modes Of Transport
101 8609009010 Cargo Containers Of Metal, Designed For Carriage By One Or More Modes Of Transp
102 870590 Special Purpose Vehicles, Other Than Those Principally Designed For The Transport Of Persons Or Goods,
103 8705909090 Special Purpose Motor Vehicles, Nes
104 8708291100 Stampings, Body, For Pedestrian Controlled, Track-Lying And Other Tractors With Internal Combustion Engine Excluding Road Or Log Skid
105 870850 Drive Axles With Differential And Non-Drive Axles And Parts Thereof, For Motor Vehicles
106 8802300015 Airplanes,non military,multi-eng,o/t turbofan,unladen weight>4,536<=15,000kg,new
107 900659 Photographic Cameras (Other Than Cinematographic),
108 900691 Parts And Accessories For Photographic (Other Than Cinematographic) Cameras
109 901730 Micrometers, Calipers And Gauges
110 9017300020 Gauges
111 902620 Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Checking Pressure Of Liquids Or Gases,
112 9030339090 Instruments & Apparatus, To Measure/Check Power, W/O Recording Device, Nes
113 903180 Measuring Or Checking Instruments, Appliances And Machines,
114 903300 Parts And Accessories (Not Specified Or Included Elsewhere In This Chapter) For Machines, Appliances, Instruments Or Apparatus Of Chapter 90