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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 100199 Wheat & Meslin Other Than Durum Or Seed Wheat
2 110220 Corn (Maize) Flour
3 110313 Groats And Meal Of Corn (Maize)
4 180632 Chocolate And Other Cocoa Preparations In Blocks, Slabs Or Bars, Weighing 2 Kg Or Less, Not Filled
5 180690 Cocoa Preparations, Not In Bulk Form,
6 190120 Mixes And Doughs For The Preparation Of Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Biscuits And Other Bakers' Wares Of Heading 1905
7 190590 Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Biscuits And Similar Baked Products, , And Puddings, Whether Or Not Containing Chocolate, Fruit, Nuts Or Confectionary
8 200210 Tomatoes, Whole Or In Pieces, Prepared Or Preserved Otherwise Than By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid
9 210111 Coffee Extracts, Essences And Concentrates, And Preparations With A Basis Of These Products Or With A Basis Of Coffee
10 210112 Coffee Extracts, Essences And Concentrates And Preparations Of These Extracts, Essences Or Concentrates Or With A Basis Of Coffee
11 220290 Nonalcoholic Beverages, (Including Milk-Based Drinks And Nonalcoholic Beer)
12 4823690000 Bandejas, fuentes, platos, tazas, vasos y articulos similares, de papel o carton.
13 6104620000 Pantalones largos, pantalones con peto, pantalones cortos (calzones) y ""shorts"", de punto, de algodon, para mujeres o ninas
14 6106900000 Camisas, blusas y blusas camiseras, de punto, de las demas materias textiles, para mujeres o ninas
15 6211499000 Conjuntos de abrigo para entrenamiento o deporte (chandales) y las demas prendas de vestir, de las demas materias textiles, para mujeres o ninas, excepto los de punto.
16 630532 Sacks And Bags, Of A Kind Used For The Packing Of Goods Of Manmade Textile Materials Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
17 9403890000 Muebles de otras materias, incluido el mimbre o materias similares.
18 940430 Sleeping Bags