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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 030559 Fish, Dried, Whether Or Not Salted But Not Smoked,
2 071490 Roots & Tubers W/High Starch Or Inulin Content, ,Fresh, Chilled, Frozen Or Dried, Whether Or Not Sliced Or In Form Of Pellet, Sago Pith
3 081340 Fruit, Dried, , Other Than That Of Headings 0801 To 0806
4 090411 Pepper Of The Genus Piper (Black And White), Neither Crushed Nor Ground
5 090611 Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Blume) Neither Crushed Nor Ground
6 091091 Mixtures Of Two Or More Spices Provided For Separately In Different Headings Of This Chapter
7 100630 Rice, Semi-Milled Or Wholly Milled, Whether Or Not Polished Or Glazed
8 170240 Glucose (Dextrose) And Glucose Syrup, Containing In The Dry State At Least 20% But Less Than 50% By Weight Of Fructose
9 170290 Sugar, , Including Invert Sugar And Invert Syrup
10 190190 Malt Extract, Food Products Of Flour, Meal, Etc. With Cocoa (If Any) Under 40% And Milk Or Cream Products With Cocoa (If Any) Under 50%,
11 190220 Pasta, Stuffed (Including Ravioli, Cannelloni And Lasagna), Whether Or Not Cooked Or Otherwise Prepared
12 190240 Couscous
13 200791 Citrus Fruit Jams, Jellies, Marmalades And Cooked Purees Or Pastes,
14 200819 Nuts (Other Than Peanuts (Ground-Nuts)), And Other Seeds, Including Mixtures, Prepared Or Preserved,
15 200820 Pineapples, Prepared Or Preserved, Whether Or Not Containing Added Sweetening Or Spirit,
16 200980 Juice Of Any Other Single Fruit Or Vegetable, Unfermented And Not Containing Added Spirit, Whether Or Not Sweetened,
17 210610 Protein Concentrates And Textured Protein Substances
18 210690 Food Preparations
19 220110 Mineral Waters And Aerated Waters, Natural Or Artificial, Not Sweetened Or Flavored
20 220190 Waters Other Than Mineral Or Aerated, Not Sweetened Or Flavored , Ice And Snow
21 220290 Nonalcoholic Beverages, (Including Milk-Based Drinks And Nonalcoholic Beer)
22 330300 Perfumes And Toilet Waters
23 340119 Soap And Organic Surface-Active Products In Bars Or Other Shapes And Paper, Wadding Etc. Containing Soap Or Detergent, For Other Than Toilet Use
24 690100 Bricks, Blocks, Tiles And Other Ceramic Goods Of Siliceous Fossil Meals (Including Kieselguhr, Tripolite Or Diatomite) Or Similar Siliceous Earths
25 732399 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Iron (Not Cast) And Steel (Not Stainless), Not Enameled