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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 3926904090 Conveyor belts, of plastics, cut to length & parts thereof, nes
2 401019 Conveyor Belts Or Belting Of Vulcanized Rubber,
3 4010191900 Conveyor Belts, Of Vulcanized Rubber, Cut To Length, Nes
4 731930 Pins , Of Iron Or Steel
5 7319309000 Pins, Of Iron Or Steel, N.E.S.
6 820830 Knives And Cutting Blades For Kitchen Appliances Or For Machines Used By The Food Industry, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
7 8208300000 Knives And Blades For Kitchen Appliances Or Food Industry Machines
8 842220 Machinery For Cleaning Or Drying Bottles Or Other Containers
9 8422200000 Machinery For Cleaning Or Drying Bottles Or Other Containers
10 842230 Machinery For Filling, Closing, Sealing, Capsuling Or Labeling Bottles, Cans, Boxes Or Other Containers, Machinery For Aerating Beverages
11 842290 Parts For Machines For Dishwashing, For Cleaning, Filling Etc. Containers And For Packing And Wrapping, Parts Of Machines For Aerating Beverages
12 8422909050 Parts Of Machinery For Filling/Closing/Labelling Btle/Cans/Boxes/Bags/O Ctnr,Etc
13 8422909070 Pts Of Mach For Fil,Clos,Seal/Caps Bottle/O Ctn,Labelling Or Aerating Beverages
14 842839 Continuous-Action Elevators And Conveyors, For Goods Or Materials, Other Than For Underground Use,
15 8428390032 Continuous-action bulk conveyors, vibrator type, for goods or materials, nes
16 843139 Parts For Lifting, Handling, Loading Or Unloading Machinery,
17 8431390013 Parts For Well Drill Derrick,Well Servicing Rig Or S-Prop Crawler Mtd Pipelayers
18 843360 Machines For Cleaning, Sorting Or Grading Eggs, Fruit Or Other Agricultural Produce
19 8433600099 Machines for clean,sort or grad fruit or other agr produce o/t agr or hort type
20 843810 Bakery Machinery And Machinery For The Manufacture Of Macaroni, Spaghetti Or Similar Products
21 8438100000 Bakery Machinery & Machinery F Manufacture Macaroni/Spaghetti/Similar Products
22 843860 Machinery For The Preparation Of Fruits, Nuts Or Vegetables
23 8438601000 Bean Sprout Germination Mach,Hash Brown Equp,Potato Chipper,Strawberry Decap,Etc
24 8438609010 Machinery For The Preparation Of Fruit Or Vegetables, Nes
25 843880 Machinery For The Industrial Preparation Or Manufacture Of Food Or Drink (Not For The Extraction Etc. Of Animal Or Fixed Vegetable Fats Or Oils)
26 8438800000 O Mach,F Industrial Prep/Mfr Of Food/Drink,O/T Extr/Prep Anml/Veg Fat/Oil,Nes
27 8438809900 Mchy For The Ind Prep/Mfr Of Food/Drink O/T For Extrac/Prep Veg Fats/Oils, Nes
28 843890 Parts Of Machinery For The Industrial Preparation Or Manufacture Of Food Or Drink,
29 8438900000 Parts Of Machinery,F Ind Prep/Mfr Food/Drink,O/T Extr/Prep Anml/Veg Fat/Oil,Nes
30 8438901097 Parts Of Machinery For Preparation Of Fruits,Nuts Or Vegetables
31 8539491090 Ultra-violet lamps o/t for detecting scheelite ore, nes