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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 300590 Wadding, Gauze, Bandages And Similar Articles, Impregnated Or Coated With Pharmaceutical Substances For Medical, Surgical Etc. Purposes,
2 390120 Polyethylene Having A Specific Gravity Of 0.94 Or More, In Primary Forms
3 392049 Nonadhesive Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil, Strip, Noncellular, Not Combined W/Other Materials, Of Polymers Of Vinyl Chloride, < 6% Plasticizers
4 392321 Sacks And Bags (Including Cones), Of Polymers Of Ethylene
5 392690 Articles Of Plastics,
6 400821 Plates, Sheets And Strip Of Vulcanized Rubber, Except Hard Rubber, Of Noncellular Rubber
7 401511 Surgical Gloves, Of Vulcanized Rubber
8 460194 Plaits And Similar Products Of Plaiting Materials, Whether Or Not Assembled Into Strips, Of Vegetable Materials,
9 480300 Toilet, Facial Tissue, Towel Or Napkin Stock And Similar Paper, Cellulose Fiber Wadding And Webs, In Rolls Or Sheets
10 481820 Handkerchiefs, Cleansing Or Facial Tissues And Towels, Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
11 481890 Bed Sheets And Similar Household Or Hospital Articles Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers,
12 560790 Twine, Cordage, Rope And Cable, Whether Or Not Plaited Or Braided Or Coated Etc. With Rubber Or Plastics, Of Fibers
13 590310 Textile Fabrics (Other Than Tire Cord) Impregnated, Coated, Covered Or Laminated With Polyvinyl Chloride
14 630630 Textile Sails For Boats, Sailboards Or Landcraft
15 630790 Made-Up Textile Articles,
16 732690 Articles Of Iron Or Steel,
17 820559 Handtools , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
18 820590 Sets Of Two Or More Handtools (Planes, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Etc.) , Provided For In Two Or More Subheadings
19 841420 Hand- Or Foot-Operated Air Pumps
20 842310 Personal Weighing Machines, Including Baby Scales, Household Scales
21 842710 Self-Propelled Lifting Or Handling Trucks Powered By An Electric Motor
22 844339 Other,
23 845130 Ironing Machines And Presses (Including Fusing Presses) For Textile Yarns, Fabrics Or Made Up Textile Articles
24 851610 Electric Instantaneous Or Storage Water Heaters And Immersion Heaters
25 852872 Reception Apparatus For Television, Incorporating A Screen Or Video Display Device, Color
26 854370 Electrical Machines And Apparatus, Having Individual Functions,
27 871680 Vehicles (Other Than Trailers And Semi-Trailers), Not Mechanically Propelled,
28 890391 Sailboats, With Or Without Auxiliary Motor
29 901812 Ultrasonic Scanning Apparatus
30 901839 Medical Etc. Needles , Catheters, Cannulae And The Like, Parts And Accessories Therof
31 901890 Instruments And Appliances For Medical, Surgical Or Veterinary Sciences, , And Parts And Accessories Thereof
32 901910 Mechano-Therapy Appliances, Massage Apparatus, Psychological Aptitude-Testing Apparatus, Parts And Accessories Thereof
33 902110 Orthopedic Or Fracture Appliances, And Parts And Accessories Thereof
34 902511 Thermometers And Pyrometers, Not Combined With Other Instruments, Liquid-Filled, For Direct Reading
35 902750 Instruments And Apparatus For Physical Or Chemical Analysis Using Optical Radiations (Ultraviolet, Visible, Infrared),
36 902780 Instuments And Apparatus For Physical Or Chemical Analysis,
37 903289 Automatic Regulating Or Controlling Instruments And Apparatus (Excluding Thermostats, Manostats And Hydraulic Types),
38 940290 Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Furniture (Except Dentists' Chairs) And Parts Thereof
39 940320 Metal Furniture,
40 940360 Wooden Furniture,
41 940370 Furniture Of Plastics,
42 940390 Parts Of Furniture,
43 940490 Articles Of Bedding And Similar Furnishings (Except Mattresses And Sleeping Bags), Fitted Or Stuffed Etc., Including Quilts, Pillows And Cushions
44 940510 Chandeliers And Other Electric Ceiling Or Wall Lighting Fittings, Excluding Those Used For Lighting Public Open Spaces Or Thoroughfares
45 950300 Toys, Including Riding Toys O/Than Bicycles, Puzzles, Reduced Scale Models
46 950450 Video Game Consoles And Machines, Other Than Of 9504.30, Parts And Acc.
47 950691 Articles And Equipment For General Physical Exercise, Gymnastics Or Athletics, , Parts And Accessories Thereof
48 950699 Articles And Equipment For Sports Or Outdoor Games, , Swimming Pools And Wading Pools, Parts And Accessories Thereof
49 961000 Slates And Boards, With Writing Or Drawing Surfaces, Whether Or Not Framed
50 961700 Vacuum Flasks And Other Vacuum Vessels, Complete With Cases, Parts Thereof Other Than Glass Inners