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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 210690 Food Preparations
2 253090 Mineral Substances,
3 340319 Lubricating Preparations Containing Petroleum Oils Or Oils Obtained From Bituminous Minerals,
4 390760 Polyethylene Terephthalate, In Primary Forms
5 391000 Silicones, In Primary Forms
6 391810 Floor Coverings And Wall Or Ceiling Coverings Of Vinyl Chloride Polymers
7 392190 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics, , Non-Cellular Plastics
8 392321 Sacks And Bags (Including Cones), Of Polymers Of Ethylene
9 392330 Carboys, Bottles, Flasks And Similar Articles, Of Plastics
10 3923309041 Bottles, Of Polycarbonates, Capacity <= 2 Litres
11 392350 Stoppers, Lids, Caps And Other Closures, Of Plastics
12 392410 Tableware And Kitchenware Of Plastics
13 392490 Household Articles (Other Than Tableware And Kitchenware) And Toilet Articles, Of Plastics
14 392610 Office Or School Supplies Of Plastics
15 392620 Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Accessories , Of Plastics
16 3926209990 Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Accessories, Nes, Of Plastics
17 392640 Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Of Plastics
18 392690 Articles Of Plastics,
19 3926909099 Articles Of Plastics, Nes
20 420211 Trunks, Suitcases, Vanity Cases And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Leather, Composition Leather Or Of Patent Leather
21 420212 Trunks, Suitcases, Vanity Cases And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
22 4202121000 Trunks, Suitcases And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Textile Material, Of Silk (Less Than 85%)
23 420222 Handbags, Whether Or Not With Shoulder Strap Or Handles, With Outer Surface Of Plastic Sheeting Or Of Textile Materials
24 42022220 Hand-bags and shopping bags, of cotton
25 42022290 Other
26 420231 Articles Normally Carried In The Pocket Or Handbag, With Outer Surface Of Leather, Composition Leather Or Patent Leather
27 4202310090 Articles Carried In Pocket Or Handbag, With Outer Surface Of Leather, N.E.S.
28 420232 Articles Normally Carried In The Pocket Or Handbag, With Outer Surface Of Sheeting Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
29 4202321010 Wallets And Billfolds, With Outer Surface Of Textile Materials, Of Silk (Less Than 85%)
30 420292 Container Bags, Boxes, Cases And Satchels , With Outer Surface Of Sheeting Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
31 4202922021 Haversack,Knapsack,Packsack & Rucksack Of Tex Mat <85% By Wt Of Silk/Silk Waste
32 4202929019 Ctnr sim to travel good & hdbag,w outer surf of text,<85% wt of silk/silk waste
33 4202929090 Containers,Similar To Travel Goods & Handbags,W Outer Surf Of Plas/Tex Mat,Nes
34 442090 Wood Marquetry And Inlaid Wood, Caskets And Cases For Jewelry Or Cutlery And Similar Articles, Of Wood, Wooden Articles Of Furniture,
35 4420900090 Wood Marquetry And Inlaid Wood, Wooden Articlesof Furniture Not Falling In Chapter 94, N.E.S.
36 442190 Articles Of Wood,
37 480830 Kraft Paper, Other Than Sack Kraft Paper, Creped Or Crinkled, Whether Or Not Embossed Or Perforated, , In Rolls Or Sheets
38 481141 Self-Adhesive Paper And Paperboard, In Rolls Or Sheets, Other Than Of Heading 4803, 4809 Or 4810
39 481910 Cartons, Boxes And Cases Of Corrugated Paper And Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
40 481940 Sacks And Bags, , Including Cones, Of Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
41 482010 Registers, Account Books, Notebooks, Order Books, Receipt Books, Letter Pads, Memorandum Pads, Diaries And Similar Articles Of Paper Or Paperboard
42 4820100000 Registers, Account/Note/Order/Receipt Books, Letter/Memo Pads Diaries And Similar Articles - Paper
43 482030 Binders (Other Than Book Covers), Folders And File Covers, Of Paper Or Paperboard
44 482090 Blotting Pads, Book Covers (Including Cover Boards And Book Jackets) And Articles Of Stationery , Of Paper Or Paperboard
45 4820909090 Articles of stationary, of paper or paperboard, nes
46 482390 Articles Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers,
47 521152 Woven Fabrics Of Cotton, Under 85% Cotton (Wt.) Mixed Mainly With Manmade Fibers, Printed, 3-Thread, 4-Thread Or Cross Twill, Weighing Over 200 G/M2
48 570249 Carpets And Other Textile Floor Coverings, Woven, Not Tufted Or Flocked, , Of Pile Construction, Made-Up, Of Textile Materials
49 580632 Narrow Woven Fabrics , Not Over 30 Cm In Width, Of Manmade Fibers
50 611693 Gloves , Mittens And Mitts, Of Synthetic Fibers, Knitted Or Crocheted
51 620219 Women'S Or Girls' Overcoats, Raincoats, Carcoats, Capes, Cloaks And Similar Articles Of Textile Materials , Not Knitted Or Crocheted
52 62092000 Of cotton
53 621142 Women'S Or Girls' Garments , Of Cotton, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
54 6211420090 Women's/girls' garments, of cotton, not knitted or crocheted, nes
55 630140 Blankets (Other Than Electric Blankets) And Traveling Rugs, Of Synthetic Fibers
56 6301400020 Blankets (Other Than Electric) And Travelling Rugs, Of Polyesters
57 630291 Toilet And Kitchen Linen Of Cotton, Other Than Of Terry Fabrics
58 630392 Curtains (Including Drapes), Interior Blinds And Curtain Or Bed Valances Of Synthetic Fibers, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
59 63051060 Plastic coated or paper cum polythene lined jute bags and sacks
60 630520 Sacks And Bags, Used For Packing Goods, Of Cotton
61 630790 Made-Up Textile Articles,
62 63079090 Other
63 660191 Umbrellas Having A Telescopic Shaft
64 6601910000 Umbrellas With A Telescopic Shaft
65 660199 Umbrellas,
66 6601990000 Umbrellas Nes
67 660320 Umbrella Frames, Including Frames Mounted On Shafts (Sticks)
68 680299 Worked Monumental Or Building Stone , Of Stone
69 690710 Unglazed Ceramic Tiles, Cubes And Similar Articles, The Largest Surface Area Of Which Can Be Enclosed In A Square With Sides Less Than 7 Cm
70 691110 Ceramic Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Porcelain Or China
71 6911109019 Tableware, Of Porcelain Or China (Excl Bone China), Nes
72 691200 Ceramic Tableware, Kitchenware, Other Household And Toilet Articles, Other Than Of Porcelain Or China
73 702000 Articles Of Glass,
74 711320 Jewelry And Parts Thereof, Of Base Matel Clad With Precious Metal
75 7113209000 Articles Of Jewellery And Parts Thereof Of Base Metal Clad With Precious Metal
76 720421 Stainless Steel Waste And Scrap
77 732393 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Stainless Steel
78 7323930090 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Stainless Steel, N.E.S.
79 760612 Aluminum Alloy Rectangular (Including Square) Plates, Sheets And Strip, Over 0.2 Mm Thick
80 761510 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Aluminum, Pot Scourers And Scouring Or Polishing Pads And The Like, Of Aluminum
81 7615190090 Kitchen And Household Articles, Of Aluminum And Parts, Eg. Pot Scourers, Gloves, Etc, N.E.S.
82 761699 Articles Of Aluminum, N.E.S.O.I.
83 790400 Zinc Bars, Rods, Profiles And Wire
84 820551 Household Handtools , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
85 820559 Handtools , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
86 820590 Sets Of Two Or More Handtools (Planes, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Etc.) , Provided For In Two Or More Subheadings
87 8205900000 Sets Of Articles Of Two Or More Hand Tools (Such As Screwdrivers, Drills Etc.)
88 821420 Manicure Or Pedicure Sets And Instruments (Including Nail Files) And Base Metal Parts Thereof
89 821510 Sets Of Assorted Kitchenware Or Tableware Of Base Metal, Containing At Least One Article Plated With Precious Metal
90 821520 Sets Of Assorted Kitchenware Or Tableware Of Base Metal, Containing No Articles Plated With Precious Metal
91 8215999090 Kitchen or tableware, o/t plated with precious metal, nes
92 841111 Turbojets Of A Thrust Not Exceeding 25 Kn
93 841410 Vacuum Pumps
94 841451 Fans, Table, Floor, Wall, Window, Ceiling Or Roof, With Self-Contained Electric Motor Of An Output Not Exceeding 125 W
95 847030 Calculating Machines, Except Electronic
96 8470300000 Other Calculating Machines Nes
97 847480 Machinery For Agglomerating Etc. Solid Mineral Fuels, Ceramic Paste Or Other Mineral Products, Machines For Forming Foundry Molds Of Sand
98 847990 Parts Of Machines And Mechanical Appliances Having Individual Functions,
99 850440 Electrical Static Converters, Power Supplies For Adp Machines Or Units Of 8471
100 850760 Lithium-Ion Batteries
101 851310 Portable Electric Lamps, Battery Or Magneto Powered,
102 851750
103 851770 Parts Of Telecommunications Apparatus
104 851822 Multiple Loudspeakers, Mounted In Same Enclosure
105 851829 Loudspeakers,
106 851830 Headphones, Earphones And Combined Microphone/Speaker Sets
107 852580 Television Cameras, Digital Cameras And Video Camera Recorders
108 854442 Insulated Electric Conductors, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1000 V, Fitted With Connectors
109 900140 Spectacle Lenses Of Glass
110 900410 Sunglasses
111 901780 Instruments For Measuring Length, For Use In The Hand,
112 902620 Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Checking Pressure Of Liquids Or Gases,
113 902910 Revolution Counters, Production Counters, Taximeters, Odometers, Pedometers And The Like
114 9029100090 Taxi Meters, Mileometers, Pedometers And The Like, Nes
115 910212 Wrist Watches, Battery Powered, With Cases Of Materials (Except Of Or Clad With Precious Metal) , With Opto-Electronic Display Only
116 910519 Alarm Clocks, Not Electrically Operated
117 9105190010 Alarm clocks, travel, with protective case, nes
118 910591 Clocks , Electrically Operated
119 940179 Seats With Metal Frames, Not Upholstered,
120 9401791000 Seats, Household, Not Upholstered, With Metal Frames
121 960622 Buttons Of Base Metal, Not Covered With Textile Material
122 961700 Vacuum Flasks And Other Vacuum Vessels, Complete With Cases, Parts Thereof Other Than Glass Inners