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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 010612 Live Whales, Dolphins And Porpoises (Mammals Of The Order Cetacea), Manatees And Dugongs (Mammals Of The Order Sirenia)
2 010639 Live Birds, Other Than Poultry, Birds Of Prey Or Psittaciforme Birds
3 030562 Cod (Gadus Morhua, Gadus Ogac, Gadus Macrocephalus), Salted Or In Brine, But Not Dried Or Smoked
4 040640 Cheese, Blue-Veined,
5 040700 Birds' Eggs, In The Shell, Fresh, Preserved Or Cooked
6 051199 Animal Products, , Dead Horses And Other Equine Animals, Bovine Animals, Sheep, Goats And Poultry, Unfit For Human Consumption,
7 060310
8 070970 Spinach, New Zealand Spinach And Orache Spinach (Garden Spinach), Fresh Or Chilled
9 071140 Cucumbers Including Gherkins, Provisionally Preserved, But Unsuitable In That State For Immediate Consumption
10 071331 Beans Of The Species Vigna Mungo (L.) Hepper Or Vigna Radiata (L.) Wilczek, Dried Shelled, Including Seed
11 080820 Pears And Quinces, Fresh
12 081030 Currants, Black, White Or Red And Gooseberries (Other Than Kiwi Fruit), Fresh
13 091091 Mixtures Of Two Or More Spices Provided For Separately In Different Headings Of This Chapter
14 120400 Flaxseed (Linseed), Whether Or Not Broken
15 120926
16 151229 Cottonseed Oil And Its Fractions, Refined But Not Chemically Modified
17 158014
18 168514
19 170490 Sugar Confectionary (Including White Chocolate), Not Containing Cocoa,
20 190520 Gingerbread And The Like
21 190531 Sweet Biscuits
22 200110 Cucumbers Including Gherkins, Prepared Or Preserved By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid
23 200190 Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts And Other Edible Parts Of Plants, , Prepared Or Preserved By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid
24 200820 Pineapples, Prepared Or Preserved, Whether Or Not Containing Added Sweetening Or Spirit,
25 202000
26 210220 Yeasts, Inactive, Other Single-Cell Micro-Organisms, Dead
27 210500 Ice Cream And Other Edible Ice, Whether Or Not Containing Cocoa
28 210690 Food Preparations
29 220410 Sparkling Wine Of Fresh Grapes
30 230910 Dog And Cat Food, Put Up For Retail Sale
31 250590 Sands, Natural, Except Metal Bearing Or Silica Or Quartz Sands
32 252321 White Portland Cement, Whether Or Not Artifically Colored
33 271210 Petroleum Jelly
34 281511 Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), Solid
35 281810 Artificial Corundum, Whether Or Not Chemically Defined
36 282720 Calcium Chloride
37 284210 Double Or Complex Silicates
38 290512 Propan-1-Ol (Propyl Alcohol) And Propan-2-Ol (Isopropyl Alcohol)
39 290629 Aromatic Alcohols And Their Halogenated, Sulfonated, Nitrated Or Nitrosated Derivatives,
40 290719 Monophenols,
41 291639 Aromatic Monocarboxylic Acids, Their Anhydrides, Halides, Peroxides, Peroxyacids And Their Derivatives,
42 292145 1-Naphthylamine (Alpha-Naphthylamine), 2-Naphthylamine (Beta- Naphthylamine) And Their Derivatives, Salts Thereof
43 292800 Organic Derivatives Of Hydrazine Or Hydroxylamine
44 293292 1-(1,3-Benzodioxol-5-Yl) Propan-2-One Heterocycliccompounds With Oxygen Hetero-Atom(S) Only
45 293295 Tetrahydrocannabinols (All Isomers)
46 293299 Heterocyclic Compounds With Oxygen Hetero-Atoms(S) Only, N.E.S.O.I.
47 293499 Nucleic Acids And Their Salts, Whether Or Not Chemically Defined, Other Heterocyclic Compounds,
48 300510 Adhesive Dressings And Other Articles Having An Adhesive Layer
49 300590 Wadding, Gauze, Bandages And Similar Articles, Impregnated Or Coated With Pharmaceutical Substances For Medical, Surgical Etc. Purposes,
50 300670 Gel Preparation Use Human/Veterinary Medicine Lubricant In Surgical Operation, Physical Exam Or Coupling Agent Tween Body & Med Instrument
51 321000 Paints And Varnishes (Including Enamels, Lacquers And Distempers), Prepared Water Pigments Of A Kind Used For Finishing Leather
52 321390 Artists', Students' Or Signboard Painters' Colors, Modifying Tints, Amusement Colors Etc. In Tablets, Tubes, Jars, Bottles, Pans Etc.,
53 330129 Essential Oils,
54 330300 Perfumes And Toilet Waters
55 330410 Lip Make-Up Preparations
56 330499 Beauty Or Make-Up Preparations And Preparations For Care Of The Skin (Excluding Medicaments) , Including Sunscreens And Suntan Preparations
57 330530 Hair Lacquers
58 330590 Preparations For Use On The Hair,
59 330730 Perfumed Bath Salts And Other Bath Preparations
60 33074100 “Agarbatti” and other odoriferous preparations which operate by burning
61 330790 Depilatories And Other Perfumery, Cosmetic Or Toilet Preparations,
62 340130 Organic Surface-Active Products And Preparations For Washing The Skin, In Liquid Or Cream Form, Put Up For Retail Sale
63 340220 Surface-Active Preparations, Washing Preparations And Cleaning Preparations , Put Up For Retail Sale
64 340510 Polishes, Creams And Similar Preparations For Footwear Or Leather
65 340600 Candles, Tapers And The Like
66 34060010 Candles
67 340700 Modeling Pastes, Including Those For Children, Dental Impression Compounds, Preparations For Use In Dentistry, With A Basis Of Plaster
68 350699 Prepared Glues And Adhesives,
69 370252 Photographic Film Rolls, , Film , For Color Photography, Not Over 16 Mm (0.6 In.) Wide And Over 14 M (46 Ft.) Long, Sensitized, Unexposed
70 380510 Gum, Wood Or Sulfate Turpentine Oils
71 380992 Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers And Preparations , Of A Kind Used In The Paper Or Like Industries
72 381400 Organic Composite Solvents And Thinners, , Prepared Paint Or Varnish Removers
73 382490 Chemical Products And Preparations Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries, Residual Products Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries
74 391910 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil, Tape And Other Flat Shapes Of Plastics, Self-Adhesive, In Rolls Not Over 20 Cm (8 In.) Wide
75 391990 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil, Tape And Other Flat Shapes Of Plastics, Self-Adhesive,
76 392010 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics, Not Self-Adhesive, Non-Cellular, Not Reinforced Or Laminated Etc., Of Polymers Of Ethylene
77 392062 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics, Not Self-Adhesive, Non-Cellular, Not Reinforced Etc., Of Polyethylene Terephthlate
78 392112 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics , Cellular Polymers Of Vinyl Chloride
79 392210 Baths, Shower Baths And Washbasins, Of Plastics
80 392220 Lavatory Seats And Covers, Of Plastics
81 392310 Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles, Of Plastics
82 392321 Sacks And Bags (Including Cones), Of Polymers Of Ethylene
83 392329 Sacks And Bags (Including Cones), Of Plastics
84 392350 Stoppers, Lids, Caps And Other Closures, Of Plastics
85 392390 Articles For The Conveyance Or Packing Of Goods, , Of Plastics
86 392410 Tableware And Kitchenware Of Plastics
87 392490 Household Articles (Other Than Tableware And Kitchenware) And Toilet Articles, Of Plastics
88 392590 Builders' Ware Of Plastics,
89 39261099 Other
90 392620 Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Accessories , Of Plastics
91 392640 Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Of Plastics
92 392690 Articles Of Plastics,
93 39269099 Other
94 401035 Endless Synchronous Transmission Belts Of Vulcanized Rubber Of An Outside Circumference 60 To 150 Cm
95 401692 Erasers, Of Vulcanized Rubber
96 401699 Articles Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber,
97 420100 Saddlery And Harness For Any Animal (Including Traces, Leads, Knee Pads, Muzzles, Saddle Cloths, Saddle Bags, Dog Coats And The Like), Of Any Material
98 420232 Articles Normally Carried In The Pocket Or Handbag, With Outer Surface Of Sheeting Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
99 420239 Articles Normally Carried In The Pocket Or Handbag, With Outer Surface Of Materials
100 420292 Container Bags, Boxes, Cases And Satchels , With Outer Surface Of Sheeting Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
101 420299 Container Bags, Boxes, Cases And Satchels , With Outer Surface Of Materials
102 440310 Wood In The Rough, Whether Or Not Stripped Of Bark Or Sapwood Or Roughly Squared, Treated With Paint, Stain, Creosote Or Other Preservatives
103 440349 Other Tropical Wood In The Rough, Whether Or Not Stripped Of Bark Or Sapwood, Or Roughly Squred, Not Treated,
104 440399 Nonconiferous Wood In The Rough, , Whether Or Not Stripped Of Bark Or Sapwood Or Roughly Squared, Not Treated
105 440410 Hoopwood, Split Poles, Piles, Pickets And Stakes Pointed, Roughly Trimmed Wooden Sticks For Walking-Sticks, Etc., Chipwood And The Like, Coniferous
106 441292
107 441520 Pallets, Box Pallets And Other Load Boards Of Wood, Pallet Collars Of Wood
108 441700 Tools, Tool Bodies, Tool Handles, Broom Or Brush Bodies And Handles, Of Wood, Boot Or Shoe Lasts And Trees Of Wood
109 441900 Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Wood
110 442010 Statuettes And Other Ornaments, Of Wood
111 4420100000 Statuettes And Other Ornaments - Wood
112 44219090 Other
113 460210
114 460211 Basketwork, Wickerwork And Other Articles, Mader Directly To Shape, Of Bamboo
115 460290 Basketwork, Wickerwork And Other Articles Made Directly To Shape, Of Other Than Vegetable Materials, Articles Of Loofah
116 470710 Waste And Scrap Of Unbleached Kraft Paper Or Paperboard Or Of Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard
117 480256 Paper/Paperboard For Writing/Printing/Other Graphic Purpose, Wt 40G/M2-150G/M2, N/O 10% Fiber By Mechanical/Chemi- Process, Sized Sheets
118 480269 Uncoated Paper And Paperboard For Graphic Purposes , Ov 10% By Wt Total Fiber Obtained By Mechanical/Chemi- Process, In Sheets
119 480300 Toilet, Facial Tissue, Towel Or Napkin Stock And Similar Paper, Cellulose Fiber Wadding And Webs, In Rolls Or Sheets
120 480439 Kraft Paper And Paperboard, , Weighing Not Over 150 G/M2, Uncoated, Bleached, In Rolls Or Sheets
121 480530 Sulfite Wrapping Paper, Uncoated, In Rolls Or Sheets
122 48101390 Other
123 481141 Self-Adhesive Paper And Paperboard, In Rolls Or Sheets, Other Than Of Heading 4803, 4809 Or 4810
124 481190 Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding And Webs Of Cellulose Fibers, Coated, Impregnated, Etc. , In Rolls Or Sheets
125 481810 Toilet Paper
126 481820 Handkerchiefs, Cleansing Or Facial Tissues And Towels, Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
127 481890 Bed Sheets And Similar Household Or Hospital Articles Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers,
128 481920 Folding Cartons, Boxes And Cases, Of Non-Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
129 481940 Sacks And Bags, , Including Cones, Of Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
130 481950 Packing Containers, , Including Record Sleeves, Of Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
131 482010 Registers, Account Books, Notebooks, Order Books, Receipt Books, Letter Pads, Memorandum Pads, Diaries And Similar Articles Of Paper Or Paperboard
132 48201020 Letter pads
133 48201090 Other
134 482020 Exercise Books, Of Paper Or Paperboard
135 48202000 Exercise books
136 482030 Binders (Other Than Book Covers), Folders And File Covers, Of Paper Or Paperboard
137 482050 Albums For Samples Or For Collections, Of Paper Or Paperboard
138 482110 Paper And Paperboard Labels Of All Kinds, Printed
139 482369 Trays, Dishes,Plates, Cups And The Like, Of Paper Or Paperboard,
140 482390 Articles Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers,
141 490199 Printed Books, Brochures, Leaflets And Similar Printed Matter,
142 490300 Children'S Picture, Drawing Or Coloring Books
143 490510 Glodes, Including Terrestrial, Lunar Or Celestial, Printed
144 490900 Printed Or Illustrated Post Cards, Greeting Cards, Messages Or Announcements, With Or Without Envelopes Or Trimmings
145 491000 Calendars Of Any Kind, Printed, Including Calendar Blocks
146 491191 Pictures, Designs And Photographs, Printed
147 491199 Printed Matter,
148 540490 Synthetic Strip And The Like (For Example, Artificial Straw) Of Synthetic Textile Materials Of An Apparent Width Not Over 5 Mm
149 550110 Synthetic Filament Tow Of Nylon Or Other Polyamides
150 551321 Woven Fabrics Of Polyester Staple Fibers, Under 85% (Wt.) Of Such Fibers, Dyed, Plain Weave, Mixed With Cotton, Not Over 170 G/M2
151 551332
152 551342
153 560313 Nonwovens, Whether Or Not Impregnated, Coated, Covered Or Laminated Of Manmade Filaments Weighing More Than 70 G/M2 But Not More Than 150 G/M2
154 560500 Metallized Manmade Textile Yarn Of 67 Decitex Or More, No Cross-Section Over 1 Mm, Gimped Or Not, And Strip Not Over 5 Mm Wide Combined With Metal
155 560741 Binder Or Baler Twine, Whether Or Not Plaited Or Braided Or Coated Etc. With Rubber Or Plastics, Of Polyethylene Or Polypropylene
156 57039010 Carpets and other floor coverings, of cotton, other than durries
157 570490 Carpets And Other Textile Floor Coverings, Of Felt, Not Tufted Or Flocked (Whether Or Not Made-Up), Other Than Tiles With A Maximum Area Of 0.30 M2
158 570500 Carpets And Other Textile Floor Coverings (Whether Or Not Made-Up),
159 57050011 Of silk
160 57050042 Handloom, Cotton Rugs Of Handloom
161 580632 Narrow Woven Fabrics , Not Over 30 Cm In Width, Of Manmade Fibers
162 580890 Ornamental Trimmings In The Piece, Without Embroidery, Other Than Knitted Or Crocheted, Tassels, Pompons And Similar Articles
163 590190 Tracing Cloth, Prepared Painting Canvas, Buckram And Similar Stiffened Textile Fabrics Of A Kind Used For Hat Foundations
164 591190 Textile Products And Articles For Technical Uses
165 600622 Dyed Knitted Or Crocheted Fabrics Of Cotton,
166 610910 T-Shirts, Singlets, Tank Tops And Similar Garments Of Cotton, Knitted Or Crocheted
167 611090 Sweaters, Pullovers, Sweatshirts, Vests And Similar Articles Of Textile Materials , Knitted Or Crocheted
168 611130 Babies' Garments And Clothing Accessories Of Synthetic Fibers, Knitted Or Crocheted
169 611595 Socks (Exc. Graduated Compression Hosiery), Nesoi, Of Cotton
170 611596 Socks (Exc. Graduated Compression Hosiery), Nesoi, Of Textile Materials Other Than Wool, Fine Animal Hair Or Cotton
171 611599 Socks And Hosiery And Footwear Without Applied Soles, Of Textile Materials , Knitted Or Crocheted
172 61159990 Other
173 611610 Gloves Impregnated, Coated Or Covered With Plastics Or Rubber, Knitted Or Crocheted
174 611693 Gloves , Mittens And Mitts, Of Synthetic Fibers, Knitted Or Crocheted
175 611710 Shawls, Scarves, Mufflers, Mantillas, Veils And The Like, Knitted Or Crocheted
176 611780 Made-Up Clothing Accessories , Knitted Or Crocheted
177 621143 Women'S Or Girls' Garments , Of Manmade Fibers, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
178 621590 Ties, Bow Ties And Cravats, Of Textile Materials , Not Knitted Or Crocheted
179 63025900 Other Table Linen Of Flax
180 630260 Toilet And Kitchen Linen Of Cotton Terry Toweling Or Similar Cotton Terry Fabrics
181 63026010 Handloom
182 63026090 Toilet Linen & Kitchen Linen, Of Terry Towelling Or Similar Terry Fabrics, Of Cotton, Other Than Handloom
183 630291 Toilet And Kitchen Linen Of Cotton, Other Than Of Terry Fabrics
184 630293 Toilet And Kitchen Linen Of Manmade Fibers
185 630492 Furnishing Articles , Of Cotton, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
186 63049250 Terry towel
187 63049260 Towels, other than terry towel
188 63049291 Other Furnishing Acricles Of Handloom
189 630493 Furnishing Articles , Of Synthetic Fibers, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
190 630710 Floorcloths, Dishcloths, Dusters And Similar Cleaning Cloths
191 63071010 Of cotton
192 63071090 Other
193 630790 Made-Up Textile Articles,
194 63079020 Made up articles of cotton
195 640220 Footwear, With Outer Soles And Uppers Of Rubber Or Plastics, With Upper Straps Or Thongs Assembled To The Sole By Means Of Plugs (Zoris)
196 640299 Footwear, With Outer Soles And Uppers Of Rubber Or Plastics , Not Covering The Ankle
197 640419 Footwear, With Outer Soles Of Rubber Or Plastics And Uppers Of Textile Materials,
198 640520 Footwear , With Uppers Of Textile Materials
199 660199 Umbrellas,
200 6601990000 Umbrellas Nes
201 670100 Skins And Other Parts Of Birds With Their Feathers Or Down, Bleached, Dyed Or Processed And Articles Of Feathers Or Down
202 670210 Artificial Flowers, Foliage, Fruit And Parts Thereof, And Articles Made Of Artificial Flowers, Foliage And Fruit, Of Plastics
203 670290 Artificial Flowers, Foliage, Fruit And Parts Thereof, And Articles Made Of Artificial Flowers, Foliage And Fruit, Of Materials Other Than Plastics
204 670490 Wigs, False Beards, Eyebrows And Eyelashes, Switches And The Like, , Of Materials Other Than Synthetic Textiles Or Human Hair
205 680520 Abrasive Powder Or Grain, On A Base Of Paper Or Paperboard Only
206 681099 Articles Of Cement, Concrete Or Artificial Stone, Whether Or Not Reinforced,
207 681390
208 691010 Ceramic Sanitary Fixtures (Sinks, Washbasins, Baths, Water Closet Bowls And Tanks, Etc.), Of Porcelain Or China
209 691110 Ceramic Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Porcelain Or China
210 6911109029 Kitchenware of porcelain or china
211 691200 Ceramic Tableware, Kitchenware, Other Household And Toilet Articles, Other Than Of Porcelain Or China
212 691390 Ceramic Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Of Other Than Porcelain Or China
213 700232 Glass , Having A Linear Coefficient Of Expansion Not Over 5X10-6 Per Kelvin Within A Temperature Range Of 0 To 300 Degrees C, Unworked
214 700521 Float And Other Glass, In Nonwired Sheets, Colored Throughout The Mass, Opacified, Flashed Or Surface Ground, Without An Absorbent Or Reflecting Layer
215 700991 Glass Mirrors (Other Than Rearview Mirrors For Vehicles), Unframed
216 700992 Glass Mirrors (Other Than Rearview Mirrors For Vehicles), Framed
217 701321
218 701349 Glassware For Table Or Kitchen Purposes (O/Than Drinking Glasses), Nesoi
219 701391 Glassware (Including Glassware Of A Kind Used For Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Or Similar Purposes) , Of Lead Crystal
220 701399 Glassware (Including Glassware Of A Kind Used For Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Or Similar Purposes) , Not Of Glass-Ceramics Or Lead Crystal
221 701590 Clock Or Watch Glass, Glasses For Noncorrective Spectagles Not Optically Worked, Hollow Glass Spheres And Their Segments For Making Such Glasses
222 701810 Glass Beads, Imitation Pearls, Imitation Precious Or Semiprecious Stones And Similar Glass Smallwares
223 702000 Articles Of Glass,
224 70200090 Other
225 710399 Semiprecious Stones, Otherwise Worked
226 711319 Jewelry And Parts Thereof, Of Precious Metal Other Than Silver
227 711411 Articles Of Silver (Other Than Jewelry), Whether Or Not Plated Or Clad With Other Precious Metal
228 711790 Imitation Jewelry (Not Of Base Metal)
229 731700 Nails, Tacks, Drawing Pins, Staples (Other Than In Strips), And Similar Articles, Of Iron Or Steel, Excluding Such Articles With Heads Of Copper
230 731930 Pins , Of Iron Or Steel
231 731940 Safety Pins And Other Pins, Of Steel
232 732113
233 73239190 Other
234 732393 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Stainless Steel
235 73239390 Other
236 732399 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Iron (Not Cast) And Steel (Not Stainless), Not Enameled
237 73239990 Other
238 73269099 Other
239 740829 Wire Of Copper Alloys,
240 741521 Washers, Including Spring Washers, Of Copper
241 760200 Aluminum Waste And Scrap
242 760612 Aluminum Alloy Rectangular (Including Square) Plates, Sheets And Strip, Over 0.2 Mm Thick
243 761511 Pot Scourers, Scouring Or Polishing Pads, Gloves, Etc, Of Aluminum
244 820551 Household Handtools , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
245 820559 Handtools , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
246 821000 Hand-Operated Mechanical Appliances, Weighing Not Over 10 Kg, For Preparing, Conditioning Or Serving Food Or Drink, And Base Metal Parts Thereof
247 821192 Knives, Other Than Table Knives, Having Fixed Blades, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
248 821300 Scissors, Tailors' Shears And Similar Shears, And Blades And Other Base Metal Parts Thereof
249 821420 Manicure Or Pedicure Sets And Instruments (Including Nail Files) And Base Metal Parts Thereof
250 821490 Articles Of Cutlery , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
251 821599 Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Cake-Servers, Sugar Tongs And Like Kitchen Or Tableware Of Unplated Base Metal (No Sets), And Parts Thereof,
252 82159900 Other
253 830110 Padlocks Of Base Metal
254 830610 Bells, Gongs And The Like, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
255 830629 Stauettes And Other Ornaments, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal Not Plated With Precious Metal
256 830630 Photograph, Picture Or Similar Frames And Mirrors, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
257 841370 Centrifugal Pumps,
258 842240 Packing Or Wrapping Machinery (Including Heat-Shrink Wrapping Machinery),
259 842330 Constant-Weight Scales And Scales For Discharging A Predetermined Weight Of Material Into A Bag Or Container, Including Hopper Scales
260 842410 Fire Extinguishers, Whether Or Not Charged
261 842489 Mechanical Appliances For Projecting, Dispersing Or Spraying Liquids Or Powders,
262 842940 Tamping Machines And Road Rollers, Self-Propelled
263 844090 Parts For Bookbinding Machinery, Including Parts For Book-Sewing Machines
264 845940 Boring Machines For Removing Metal,
265 847010 Electronic Calculators Capable Of Operation Without An External Source Of Power
266 847150 Processing Units Other Than Those Of 8471.41 And 8471.49, N.E.S.O.I.
267 847529 Machines For Manufacturing Or Hot Working Glass Or Glassware,
268 847990 Parts Of Machines And Mechanical Appliances Having Individual Functions,
269 848030 Molding Patterns
270 848130 Check Valves
271 848280 Ball Or Roller Bearings , Including Combined Ball/Roller Bearings
272 850440 Electrical Static Converters, Power Supplies For Adp Machines Or Units Of 8471
273 850519 Permanent Magnets And Articles Intended To Become Permanent Magnets After Magnetization, Made Of Materials Other Than Metal
274 850660 Primary Cells And Primary Batteries, Air-Zinc
275 851310 Portable Electric Lamps, Battery Or Magneto Powered,
276 851490 Parts For Industrial Or Laboratory Electric Furnaces And Ovens , Parts For Industrial Or Laboratory Induction Or Dielectric Heating Equipment,
277 851621 Electric Storage Heating Radiators
278 851830 Headphones, Earphones And Combined Microphone/Speaker Sets
279 851939
280 851992
281 852460
282 852830
283 853222 Fixed Capacitors , Aluminum Electrolytic
284 853922 Electric Filament Lamps , Of A Power Not Exceeding 200 W And For A Voltage Exceeding 100 V
285 853932 Mercury Or Sodium Vapor Discharge Lamps, Metal Halide Discharge Lamps
286 854040 Data/Graphic Display Tubes, Color, With A Phosphor Dot Screen Pitch Smaller Than 0.4 Mm
287 854442 Insulated Electric Conductors, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1000 V, Fitted With Connectors
288 854520 Electrical Carbon Or Graphite Brushes
289 870830 Brakes And Servo-Brakes And Parts Thereof , For Motor Vehicles
290 870840 Gear Boxes And Parts Thereof, For Motor Vehicles
291 871680 Vehicles (Other Than Trailers And Semi-Trailers), Not Mechanically Propelled,
292 890400 Tugs And Pusher Craft Vessels
293 900140 Spectacle Lenses Of Glass
294 900490 Spectacles, Goggles And The Like, Corrective, Protective Or Other,
295 900510 Binoculars
296 900659 Photographic Cameras (Other Than Cinematographic),
297 901320 Lasers, Other Than Laser Diodes
298 901780 Instruments For Measuring Length, For Use In The Hand,
299 940179 Seats With Metal Frames, Not Upholstered,
300 940180 Seats Other Than Of Metal Or Wooden Frames,
301 940320 Metal Furniture,
302 940340 Wooden Furniture (Except Seats) Of A Kind Used In The Kitchen
303 940490 Articles Of Bedding And Similar Furnishings (Except Mattresses And Sleeping Bags), Fitted Or Stuffed Etc., Including Quilts, Pillows And Cushions
304 940530 Lighting Sets Of A Kind Used For Christmas Trees
305 940550 Non-Electrical Lamps And Lighting Fittings
306 950300 Toys, Including Riding Toys O/Than Bicycles, Puzzles, Reduced Scale Models
307 950330
308 950349
309 950350
310 950440 Playing Cards
311 950490 Game Machines Except Coin- Or Token-Operated, Games Played On Boards, Mah-Jong And Dominoes, Poker Chips And Dice, Bowling Equipment, Games
312 950510 Articles For Christmas Festivities And Parts And Accessories Thereof
313 950590 Festive (Except Christmas), Carnival Or Other Entertainment Articles, Including Magic Tricks And Practical Joke Items, Parts And Accessories Thereof
314 950629 Waterskis, Surfboards And Other Water-Sport Equipment Except Sailboards, Parts And Accessories Thereof
315 950661 Lawn-Tennis Balls
316 960321 Tooth Brushes, Including Dental-Plate Brushes
317 960329 Shaving Brushes, Hairbrushes, Nail Brushes, Eyelash Brushes And Other Toilet Brushes For Use On The Person, Other Than Tooth Brushes
318 960340 Paint, Distemper, Varnish And Similar Brushes (Other Than Artists' Etc.),, Paint Pads And Rollers
319 960390 Hand-Operated Mechanical (Not Motorized) Floor Sweepers, Mops And Feather Dusters, Prepared Knots And Tufts For Broom Or Brush Making,
320 960500 Travel Sets For Personal Toilet, Sewing Or Shoe Or Clothes Cleaning (Other Than Specified Manicure And Pedicure Sets)
321 960810 Ball Point Pens
322 96081019 Other
323 960820 Felt Tipped And Other Porous-Tipped Pens And Markers
324 960839 Fountain Pens, Stylograph Pens And Other Pens,
325 960891 Pen Nibs And Nib Points
326 960899 Parts Of Pens And Mechanical Pencils (Other Than Leads),
327 960910 Pencils And Crayons, With Leads Encased In A Rigid Sheath
328 960990 Writing Or Drawing Chalks, Pastels, Crayons, Etc.,
329 961000 Slates And Boards, With Writing Or Drawing Surfaces, Whether Or Not Framed
330 961511 Combs, Hair-Slides And The Like Of Hard Rubber Or Plastics
331 961519 Combs, Hair-Slides And The Like,
332 961590 Hair Pins, Curling Pins, Curling Grips, Hair-Curlers (Except Electrically Operated) And The Like, , And Parts Thereof
333 966505
334 980800
335 999900