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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 170260 Fructose, (Other Than Chemically Pure), And Fructose Syrup Containing In The Dry State More Than 50% By Weight Of Fructose
2 170490 Sugar Confectionary (Including White Chocolate), Not Containing Cocoa,
3 251310 Pumice
4 261000 Chromium Ores And Concentrates
5 321310 Artists', Students' Or Signboard Painters' Colors In Sets
6 340600 Candles, Tapers And The Like
7 340700 Modeling Pastes, Including Those For Children, Dental Impression Compounds, Preparations For Use In Dentistry, With A Basis Of Plaster
8 350610 Products Suitable For Use As Glues Or Adhesves, Put Up For Retail Sale As Glues Or Adhesives, Not Exceeding A Net Weight Of 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs)
9 382490 Chemical Products And Preparations Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries, Residual Products Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries
10 391890 Floor Coverings And Wall Or Ceiling Coverings Of Plastics Materials
11 391990 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil, Tape And Other Flat Shapes Of Plastics, Self-Adhesive,
12 392310 Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles, Of Plastics
13 392321 Sacks And Bags (Including Cones), Of Polymers Of Ethylene
14 392329 Sacks And Bags (Including Cones), Of Plastics
15 392330 Carboys, Bottles, Flasks And Similar Articles, Of Plastics
16 392350 Stoppers, Lids, Caps And Other Closures, Of Plastics
17 392410 Tableware And Kitchenware Of Plastics
18 392490 Household Articles (Other Than Tableware And Kitchenware) And Toilet Articles, Of Plastics
19 392610 Office Or School Supplies Of Plastics
20 392640 Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Of Plastics
21 392690 Articles Of Plastics,
22 401610 Articles , Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber, Of Cellular Rubber
23 401691 Floor Coverings And Mats, Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber
24 401692 Erasers, Of Vulcanized Rubber
25 401699 Articles Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber,
26 420212 Trunks, Suitcases, Vanity Cases And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
27 420232 Articles Normally Carried In The Pocket Or Handbag, With Outer Surface Of Sheeting Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
28 420292 Container Bags, Boxes, Cases And Satchels , With Outer Surface Of Sheeting Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
29 441900 Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Wood
30 442190 Articles Of Wood,
31 481710 Envelopes Of Paper Or Paperboard, Of A Kind Used In Correspondence
32 481940 Sacks And Bags, , Including Cones, Of Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
33 481950 Packing Containers, , Including Record Sleeves, Of Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
34 482010 Registers, Account Books, Notebooks, Order Books, Receipt Books, Letter Pads, Memorandum Pads, Diaries And Similar Articles Of Paper Or Paperboard
35 482030 Binders (Other Than Book Covers), Folders And File Covers, Of Paper Or Paperboard
36 482390 Articles Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers,
37 490300 Children'S Picture, Drawing Or Coloring Books
38 490890 Transfers (Decalomanias),
39 490900 Printed Or Illustrated Post Cards, Greeting Cards, Messages Or Announcements, With Or Without Envelopes Or Trimmings
40 560312 Nonwovens, Whether Or Not Impregnated, Coated, Covered Or Laminated Of Manmade Filaments Weighing More Than 25 G/M2 But Not More Than 70 G/M2
41 560900 Articles Of Yarn, Strip Or The Like Of Specified Dimensions (Heading 5404 And 5405), Twine, Cordage, Rope Or Cables,
42 580890 Ornamental Trimmings In The Piece, Without Embroidery, Other Than Knitted Or Crocheted, Tassels, Pompons And Similar Articles
43 590190 Tracing Cloth, Prepared Painting Canvas, Buckram And Similar Stiffened Textile Fabrics Of A Kind Used For Hat Foundations
44 611699 Gloves , Mittens And Mitts, Of Textile Materials , Knitted Or Crocheted
45 621010 Garments, Made-Up Of Fabrics Of Felts And Nonwovens
46 621710 Made-Up Clothing Accessories
47 630240 Table Linen, Knitted Or Crocheted
48 630491 Furnishing Articles , Of Textile Materials, Knitted Or Crocheted
49 630493 Furnishing Articles , Of Synthetic Fibers, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
50 630499 Furnishing Articles , Of Textile Materials , Not Knitted Or Crocheted
51 630710 Floorcloths, Dishcloths, Dusters And Similar Cleaning Cloths
52 630790 Made-Up Textile Articles,
53 650590 Hats And Headgear, Knitted Or Crocheted, Made Up From Lace, Felt Or Other Textile Fabric In The Piece (Not In Strips), Whether Or Not Lined Or Trimmed
54 650610 Safety (Including Sports) Headgear, Whether Or Not Lined Or Trimmed
55 660200 Walking-Sticks, Seat-Sticks, Whips, Riding-Crops And The Like
56 691110 Ceramic Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Porcelain Or China
57 701337 Drinking Glasses, Nesoi
58 701349 Glassware For Table Or Kitchen Purposes (O/Than Drinking Glasses), Nesoi
59 731029 Tanks, Casks, Drums, Cans, Boxes And Similar Plain, Unfitted Containers , Of A Capacity Of Less Than 50 Liters (13.21 Gal.), Of Iron Or Steel
60 732310 Iron Or Steel Wool, Pot Scourers And Scouring Or Polishing Pads, Gloves And The Like, Of Iron Or Steel
61 732399 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Iron (Not Cast) And Steel (Not Stainless), Not Enameled
62 732690 Articles Of Iron Or Steel,
63 761519 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Aluminum
64 830810 Hooks, Eyes And Eyelets, Of Base Metal
65 847290 Office Machines (Including Automatic Banknote Dispensers, Coin-Sorting Machines, Pencil-Sharpening Machines, Perforating Or Stapling Machines)
66 851310 Portable Electric Lamps, Battery Or Magneto Powered,
67 851580 Electric, Laser, Ultrasonic Etc. Brazing Or Welding Machines , Electric Machines For Hot Spraying Of Metals Or Sintered Metal Carbides,
68 871419 Parts And Accessories Of Motorcycles (Including Mopeds),
69 900410 Sunglasses
70 900661 Photographic Discharge Lamp (Electronic) Flashlight Apparatus
71 901380 Optical Devices, Appliances And Instruments,
72 902511 Thermometers And Pyrometers, Not Combined With Other Instruments, Liquid-Filled, For Direct Reading
73 911110 Watch Cases Of Precious Metal Or Of Metal Clad With Precious Metal
74 940180 Seats Other Than Of Metal Or Wooden Frames,
75 940389 Furniture (O/Than Seats) Nesoi
76 940540 Electric Lamps And Lighting Fittings,
77 940550 Non-Electrical Lamps And Lighting Fittings
78 950300 Toys, Including Riding Toys O/Than Bicycles, Puzzles, Reduced Scale Models
79 950490 Game Machines Except Coin- Or Token-Operated, Games Played On Boards, Mah-Jong And Dominoes, Poker Chips And Dice, Bowling Equipment, Games
80 950510 Articles For Christmas Festivities And Parts And Accessories Thereof
81 950590 Festive (Except Christmas), Carnival Or Other Entertainment Articles, Including Magic Tricks And Practical Joke Items, Parts And Accessories Thereof
82 950661 Lawn-Tennis Balls
83 960330 Artists' Brushes, Writing Brushes And Similar Brushes For The Application Of Cosmetics
84 960390 Hand-Operated Mechanical (Not Motorized) Floor Sweepers, Mops And Feather Dusters, Prepared Knots And Tufts For Broom Or Brush Making,
85 960810 Ball Point Pens
86 960820 Felt Tipped And Other Porous-Tipped Pens And Markers
87 960910 Pencils And Crayons, With Leads Encased In A Rigid Sheath
88 960990 Writing Or Drawing Chalks, Pastels, Crayons, Etc.,
89 961000 Slates And Boards, With Writing Or Drawing Surfaces, Whether Or Not Framed
90 961100 Date, Sealing Or Numbering Stamps, Etc. (Including Devices For Printing, Etc. Labels) For Hand Use, Hand-Operated Composing Sticks And Printing Sets