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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 010110 Live Purebred Breeding Horses And Asses
2 010619 Live Mammals, Other Than Primates, Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Manatees And Dugongs
3 020120 Meat Of Bovine Animals, Cuts With Bone In (Other Than Half Or Whole Carcasses), Fresh Or Chilled
4 021020 Meat Of Bovine Animals, Salted, In Brine, Dried Or Smoked
5 040620 Cheese Of All Kinds, Grated Or Powdered
6 060420 Foliage, Branches And Other Parts Of Plants, Without Flowers Or Flower Buds, And Grasses, Mosses And Lichens, Being Goods Of A Kind Suitable For Bouquets Or For Ornamental Purposes (Fresh)
7 070420 Brussels Sprouts, Fresh Or Chilled
8 071120 Olives, Provisionally Preserved, But Unsuitable In That State For Immediate Consumption
9 080420 Figs, Fresh Or Dried
10 080720 Papayas (Papaws), Fresh
11 081020 Raspberries, Blackberries, Mulberries And Loganberries, Fresh
12 081120 Raspberries, Blackberries, Mulberries, Loganberries, Currents And Gooseberries (No Kiwi Fruit), Uncooked Or Cooked By Steam Or Boiling Water, Frozen
13 090420 Fruits Of The Genus Capsicum (Peppers) Or Of The Genus Pimenta (E.G., Allspice), Dried Or Crushed Or Ground
14 090720 Cloves (Whole Fruit, Cloves And Stems), Crushed Or Ground
15 091020 Saffron
16 100620 Rice, Husked (Brown)
17 110620 Flour And Meal Of Sago, Roots Or Tubers Of Heading 0714
18 110720 Malt, Roasted
19 120220 Peanuts (Ground-Nuts), Not Roasted Or Otherwise Cooked, Shelled, Whether Or Not Broken
20 120720 Cotton Seeds, Whether Or Not Broken
21 120999 Seeds, Fruit And Spores, Of A Kind Used For Sowing,
22 121020 Hop Cones, Ground, Powdered Or In The Form Of Pellets, Lupulin
23 121120 Ginseng Roots, Fresh Or Dried, Whether Or Not Cut, Crushed Or Powdered
24 121190 Plants And Parts Of Plants (Including Seeds And Fruits), Used Primarily In Perfumery, Pharmacy Or For Insecticides, Etc., Fresh Or Dried, Etc.,
25 121220 Seaweeds And Other Algae, Fresh Or Dried, Whether Or Not Ground
26 121229 Seaweeds And Other Algae, Fresh, Chilled, Frozen Or Dried, Whether Or Not Ground, Other Than For Human Consumption
27 121291 Sugar Beet, Fresh Or Dried, Whether Or Not Ground
28 130120 Gum Arabic
29 130212 Vegetable Saps And Extracts Of Licorice
30 130232 Mucilages And Thickeners, Whether Or Not Modified, Derived From Locust Beans, Locust Bean Seeds Or Guar Seeds
31 13023220 Guargum refined split
32 13023230 Guargum treated and pulverised
33 150420 Fish Fats And Oils And Their Fractions (Other Than Liver Oils), Whether Or Not Refined, But Not Chemically Modified
34 160520 Shrimps And Prawns, Prepared Or Preserved, Including Products Containing Fish Meat
35 170240 Glucose (Dextrose) And Glucose Syrup, Containing In The Dry State At Least 20% But Less Than 50% By Weight Of Fructose
36 180620 Chocolate And Other Food Preparations Containing Cocoa , In Bars, Blocks, Slabs Or Other Bulk Form In Containers Etc. Of A Content Exceeding 2 Kg
37 190220 Pasta, Stuffed (Including Ravioli, Cannelloni And Lasagna), Whether Or Not Cooked Or Otherwise Prepared
38 200320 Truffles, Prepared Or Preserved Otherwise Than By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid
39 200520 Potatoes, , Prepared Or Preserved Otherwise Than By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid, Not Frozen
40 200820 Pineapples, Prepared Or Preserved, Whether Or Not Containing Added Sweetening Or Spirit,
41 210120 Tea Or Mate Extracts, Essences And Concentrates, And Preparations With A Basis Of These Products Or With A Basis Of Tea Or Mate
42 210220 Yeasts, Inactive, Other Single-Cell Micro-Organisms, Dead
43 210320 Tomato Ketchup And Other Tomato Sauces
44 210690 Food Preparations
45 220720 Ethyl Alcohol And Other Spirits, Denatured, Of Any Strength
46 220820 Spirits Obtained By Distilling Grape Wine Or Grape Marc (Grape Brandy)
47 230320 Beet-Pulp, Bagasse And Other Waste Of Sugar Manufacture, Whether Or Not In The Form Of Pellets
48 250620 Quartzite
49 251020 Natural Calcium Phosphates, Natural Aluminum Calcium Phosphates And Phosphatic Chalk, Ground
50 251749 Granules, Chippings And Powder Of Monumental Or Building Stones (Calcareous , Alabaster, Granite, Porphyry, Basalt, Sandstone Etc.),
51 261220 Thorium Ores And Concentrates
52 270220 Agglomerated Lignite, Excluding Jet
53 270720 Toluene
54 270820 Pitch Coke From Coal And Other Mineral Tars
55 271220 Paraffin Wax Containing By Weight Less Than 0.75% Oil
56 280620 Chlorosulfuric Acid
57 291020 Methyloxirane (Propylene Oxide)
58 481930 Sacks And Bags, Having A Base Of 40 Cm (15.75 In.) Wide Or More, Of Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
59 630532 Sacks And Bags, Of A Kind Used For The Packing Of Goods Of Manmade Textile Materials Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
60 810420 Magnesium Waste And Scrap
61 844120 Machines For Making Paper Bags, Sacks Or Envelopes
62 940430 Sleeping Bags