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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 491110 Trade Advertising Material, Commercial Catalogs And The Like
2 650590 Hats And Headgear, Knitted Or Crocheted, Made Up From Lace, Felt Or Other Textile Fabric In The Piece (Not In Strips), Whether Or Not Lined Or Trimmed
3 680422 Millstones, Grindstones, Grinding Wheels And The Like , Of Agglomerated Abrasives Or Of Ceramics
4 6804220090 Millstone and grindstone,etc,of o agglo abrasive/ceramic,excl circ saw blade,nes
5 6805301000 Flap Wheel And Spiral Band With Grinding Machinery Of Heading 84.64, Base Of Materials Other Than Woven Textiles, Paper, Paperboard
6 820231 Circular Saw Blades Of Base Metal, With Working Part Of Steel, And Parts Thereof
7 820239 Circular Saw Blades Of Base Metal With Working Part Of Material Other Than Steel, And Parts
8 8202390000 Circular Saw Blades And Parts Thereof - With Working Part Of Materials Other Than Steel
9 820291 Straight Saw Blades For Working Metal, Of Base Metal
10 8202910029 Straight saw blades, metal working, o/t for jig or sabre saws, nes
11 820299 Saw Blades , And Parts Of Saw Blades , Of Base Metal
12 8202990019 Parts for blanks or of bow,web,keyhole,hack or other hand saws, nes
13 8202990028 Blades For Saw Blades O/T Jig Or Sabre Saws For Wook Working, Nes
14 8202990029 Parts For Saw Blades, Nes
15 820750 Tools For Drilling, Other Than Rock Drilling, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
16 820890 Knives And Cutting Blades For Machines Or Mechanical Appliances , And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
17 8208900000 Knives And Blades For Leather, Paper, Tobacco Machines And Other Industries
18 846039 Sharpening (Tool Or Cutter Grinding) Machines For Removing Metal, Not Numerically Controlled
19 8460390090 Sharpening tool or cutter grinding machines, o/t n/c, metal removing, new
20 846610 Tool Holders And Self-Opening Dieheads For Machines Or Any Type Of Tool For Working In The Hand
21 846630 Dividing Heads And Other Special Attachments For Machine Tools
22 846711 Pneumatic Tools For Working In The Hand, Rotary Type (Including Combined Rotary-Percussion)
23 846719 Pneumatic Tools For Working In The Hand, Except Rotary Type
24 846729 Electromechanical Tools For Working In The Hand, Other Than Drills Or Saws, With Self-Contained Electric Motor
25 8467299090 Electro-Mechanical Tools, For Working In The Hand, With Self-Cont Elec Mtr, Nes
26 8467911000 Housings Of Hand-Operated Chain Saws, With Self-Cont Elec/Non-Elec Motor
27 846799 Parts Of Tools With Self-Contained Nonelectric Motor, For Working In The Hand,
28 8508191000 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
29 850860 Other Vacuum Cleaners
30 8508701000 Parts Of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners