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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 252510 Crude Mica And Mica Rifted Into Sheets Or Splittings
2 2525100000 Crude Mica Or Mica Rifted Into Sheets Or Splittings
3 68149090 Other
4 69149000 Other
5 701190 Glass Envelopes, Open, And Glass Parts Thereof, Without Fittings,
6 7011900090 Glass envelopes, including bulbs and tubes, o/t electron tubes
7 841620 Furnace Burners For Pulverized Solid Fuel Or For Gas, Including Combination Burners
8 8416200092 Furnace Gas Burners, O/T For Liquid Fuel, O/T For Htg Bldgs/Dom Type
9 8416200099 Furnace Burners, O/T For Liquid Fuel, Other Types, Nes
10 841690 Parts Of Furnace Burners For Liquid Fuel, Pulverized Solid Fuel Or Gas, Parts Of Mechanical Stokers, Grates, Ash Dischargers And Similar Appliances
11 8416900000 Pts F Furnace Burners F Liquid Fuel/Gas, Incl Combination,Mech Stoker & Sim Appl
12 845610 Machine Tools For Working Any Material By Removal Of Material, By Laser Or Other Light Or Photon Beam Processes
13 8456100000 Mach-Tls,F Work Mat,By Removal Of Mat,Operated By Laser/Light/Photon Beam Proc
14 847350 Parts And Accessories Equally Suitable For Use With Machines Of Two Or More Of The Headings 8469 To 8472
15 8473509000 Other Parts And Accessories Equally Suitable For 2 Or More Of Heading 84.69/72, Other Than Printed Circuit Assembly
16 847790 Parts Of Machinery For Working Rubber Or Plastics Or Parts Of Machinery Used In The Manufacture Of Products From Rubber Or Plastics Materials,
17 848180 Taps, Cocks, Valves And Similar Appliances For Pipes, Vats Or The Like, Including Thermostatically Controlled Valves,
18 8481800066 Ball Type Valves, Hand Operated Or Hand Activated, Nes
19 848190 Parts For Taps, Cocks, Valves And Similar Appliances For Pipes, Vats Or The Like, Including Pressure Reducing And Thermostatically Controlled Valves
20 8537101990 Numerical Control Panel, Built-In Auto Data Process, Not Exceeding 1000V, Other Than Controling Machines Tool And Used With Goods Of Tariff Items In S
21 854089 Thermionic And Other Cathode Tubes,
22 8540890000 Valves And Tubes Nes
23 8546200090 Electrical Insulators Of Ceramic, Other Than For Transmission Of Electrical Energy
24 854790 Insulating Fittings , For Electrical Machines Or Appliances, Electrical Conduit Tubing And Joints, Of Base Metal Lined With Insulating Material
25 9001109000 Optical Fibres, Optical Fibre Bundles & Cables, Nes
26 9026100099 Inst & App,Excl Elec,To Measure Or Check Liquid Flow Or Levels, Etc, Nes