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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 220190 Waters Other Than Mineral Or Aerated, Not Sweetened Or Flavored , Ice And Snow
2 230500 Peanut (Ground-Nut) Oilcake And Other Solid Residues Resulting From The Extraction Of Peanut (Ground-Nut) Oil, Whether Or Not Ground Or In Pellets
3 251611 Granite, Crude Or Roughly Trimmed
4 270750 Aromatic Hydrocarbons , Of Which 65% Or More By Volume (Including Losses) Distills At 250 Degrees Centigrade By The Astm D 86 Method
5 271019 Petroleum Oils & Oils (Not Light) From Bituminous Minerals Or Preps 70%+ By Wt. From Petroleum Oils Or Bitum. Min.
6 300650 First-Aid Boxes And Kits
7 391890 Floor Coverings And Wall Or Ceiling Coverings Of Plastics Materials
8 392030 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics, Not Self-Adhesive, Non-Cellular, Not Reinforced Or Laminated Etc., Of Polymers Of Styrene
9 392490 Household Articles (Other Than Tableware And Kitchenware) And Toilet Articles, Of Plastics
10 392590 Builders' Ware Of Plastics,
11 420219 Trunks, Suitcases, Vanity Cases And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Materials Other Than Leather, Plastics Or Textiles
12 440710 Coniferous Wood Sawn Or Chipped Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Whether Or Not Planed, Etc., Over 6 Mm (.236 In.) Thick
13 440890 Veneer Sheets And Sheets For Plywood, Etc. Whether Or Not Planed, Etc., Not Over 6 Mm (.236 In.) Thick, Of Nonconiferous Wood,
14 440910 Wood Continuously Shaped (Tongued, Grooved, Rebated, V-Jointed, Beaded, Molded, Etc.) Along Any Of Its Edges Or Faces, Planed, Etc. Or Not, Coniferous
15 440929 Wood Continuously Shaped Along Any Of Its Edges, Ends Or Faces, Whether Or Not Planed, Sanded Or End-Jointed
16 441820 Doors And Their Frames And Thresholds, Of Wood
17 441890 Builders' Joinery And Carpentry Of Wood,
18 442190 Articles Of Wood,
19 650510 Hair Nets Of Any Material, Whether Or Not Lined Or Trimmed
20 660110 Umbrellas, Garden Or Similar
21 691310 Ceramic Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Of Porcelain Or China
22 701310 Glassware, Of Glass-Ceramics, Of A Kind Used For Table, Kitchen, Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Or Similar Purposes
23 710121 Cultured Pearls, Unworked
24 732111 Cooking Appliances And Plate Warmers, For Gas Fuel Or For Both Gas And Other Fuels, Of Iron Or Steel
25 732183
26 732399 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Iron (Not Cast) And Steel (Not Stainless), Not Enameled
27 732690 Articles Of Iron Or Steel,
28 820590 Sets Of Two Or More Handtools (Planes, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Etc.) , Provided For In Two Or More Subheadings
29 830140 Locks (Key, Combination Or Electrically Operated), Except For Motor Vehicles Or Furniture, Of Base Metal
30 843230 Seeders, Planters And Transplanters
31 871640 Trailers And Semi-Trailers,
32 901180 Compound Optical Micoscopes,
33 901210 Microscopes Other Than Optical Microscopes, Diffraction Apparatus
34 902000 Breathing Appliances And Gas Masks Having Mechanical Parts And/Or Replaceable Filters, Parts And Accessories Thereof
35 910811 Watch Movements, Complete And Assembled, Battery Powered, With Mechanical Display Only Or With A Device To Which Such A Display Can Be Incorporated
36 940179 Seats With Metal Frames, Not Upholstered,
37 94017900 Other
38 940320 Metal Furniture,
39 940360 Wooden Furniture,
40 940510 Chandeliers And Other Electric Ceiling Or Wall Lighting Fittings, Excluding Those Used For Lighting Public Open Spaces Or Thoroughfares
41 940520 Electric Table, Desk, Bedside Or Floor-Standing Lamps
42 940530 Lighting Sets Of A Kind Used For Christmas Trees
43 940540 Electric Lamps And Lighting Fittings,