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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 340290 Surface-Active Preparations, Washing Preparations And Cleaning Preparations , Not Put Up For Retail Sale
2 3402909000 Surface-Active Preparations, Washing And Cleaning Preparations, Nes
3 340319 Lubricating Preparations Containing Petroleum Oils Or Oils Obtained From Bituminous Minerals,
4 3403191990 Lubricating Oils Based In Part On Petroleum, O/T Than For Automotive Use
5 381010 Pickling Preparation For Metal Surfaces, Soldering, Brazing Or Welding Powders And Pastes Consisting Of Metal And Other Materials
6 3810109090 Soldering,brazing/welding powders & pastes consisting of metal & o materials,nes
7 381090 Fluxes And Other Auxiliary Preparations For Soldering, Brazing Or Welding, , Prepared Cores Or Coatings For Welding Electrodes Or Rods
8 3810900019 Fluxes And Other Auxiliary Preparations For Soldering, Brazing Or Welding, N.E.S.
9 392340 Spools, Cops, Bobbins And Similar Supports, Of Plastics
10 3923409090 Spools, cops, bobbins & similar supports, of plastics, nes
11 442190 Articles Of Wood,
12 4421909010 Bobbins and spools, of wood
13 481910 Cartons, Boxes And Cases Of Corrugated Paper And Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
14 4819100090 Cartons, Boxes And Cases, Of Corrugated Paper/Paperboard, N.E.S.
15 481950 Packing Containers, , Including Record Sleeves, Of Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
16 4819500090 Containers, Packing, Of Paper/Paperboard, N.E.S.
17 482110 Paper And Paperboard Labels Of All Kinds, Printed
18 4821100000 Paper Or Paperboard Labels Of All Kinds - Printed
19 620112 Men'S Or Boys' Overcoats, Carcoats, Capes, Cloaks And Similar Articles Of Cotton, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
20 650610 Safety (Including Sports) Headgear, Whether Or Not Lined Or Trimmed
21 6506101030 Safe Headgear For Welders
22 7211199010 Flat rolled prod,iron/non alloy steel,hr,not in coils,< 600mm wide
23 721129 Flat-Rolled Iron Or Nonalloy Steel Products , Under 600 Mm Wide, Hot-Rolled, Not Clad, Plated Or Coated, Under 4.75 Mm Thick
24 7211299000 Flat Rolled Products, Iron/Non-Alloy Steel, Cold Rolled Or Cold Reduced, Less Than 600Mm Wide, N.E.S.
25 722300 Wire Of Stainless Steel
26 7223001900 Wire, Of Stainless Steel, Not Coated/Covered, N.E.S.
27 722920 Wire Of Silico-Manganese Steel
28 7229200000 Wire Of Silico-Manganese Steel
29 722990 Wire Of Alloy Steel
30 7229909919 Wire of al/s,o/t ss,not ctd/cov,o/t cold heading & forging quality,nes
31 732690 Articles Of Iron Or Steel,
32 7326909099 Articles, Of Iron Or Steel, Nes
33 740729 Bars, Rods And Profiles Of Copper Alloys,
34 760429 Aluminum Alloy Bars, Rods And Profiles, Other Than Hollow Profiles
35 7604292029 Bars & rods,aluminum,alloyed,worked,max cross-sect dim<=12.7mm, nes
36 7605110011 Wire,aluminum,not alloyed,max cross-sect dim >7 but<=12.7mm,not coated/covered
37 820720 Dies For Drawing Or Extruding Metal, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
38 8207201010 Transfer dies, drawing dies exc dies in rough for drawing wire
39 8207209099 Dies for drawing or extruding metal, nes
40 831110 Coated Electrodes Of Base Metal, For Electric Arc-Welding
41 8311100020 Coated Electrodes, Of Iron Or Steel, Other Than Stainless Steel, For Electric Arc-Welding
42 8311100090 Coated Electrodes, Of Other Base Metal, For Electric Arc-Welding, N.E.S.
43 831120 Cored Wire Of Base Metal, For Electric Arc-Welding
44 8311200020 Coated Wire, Of Iron Or Steel, O/T Stainless Steel, For Arc-Welding Bogies, Csa
45 8408900094 Compression ignition engines,<=149.2 kW, nes
46 841410 Vacuum Pumps
47 841480 Air Pumps And Air Or Other Gas Compressors, , Ventilating Or Recycling Hoods Incorporating A Fan,
48 8414809099 Compressors, O/T Stationary Air, Nes
49 841490 Parts For Air Or Vacuum Pumps, Air Or Other Gas Compressors And Fans, Parts Of Ventilating Or Recycling Hoods Incorporating A Fan,
50 841950 Heat Exchange Units, Industrial Type
51 842131 Intake Air Filters For Internal Combustion Engines
52 842139 Filtering Or Purifying Machinery And Apparatus For Gases,
53 842199 Parts For Filtering Or Purifying Machinery And Apparatus For Liquids Or Gases
54 842890 Lifting, Handling, Loading Or Unloading Machinery
55 8428900099 Lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery, nes
56 845690 Other Machine Tools For Working Any Material By Removal Of Material,
57 8456900000 Other Mach-Tls,Op By Electro-Chemical,Electron/Ionic Beam/Plasma Arc Proc,Nes
58 846310 Draw-Benches For Bars, Tubes, Profiles, Wire Or The Like For Working Metal Without Removing Material
59 8463109090 M/w mach-tls,draw-benches for bars,tubes,profiles,wire etc,new, nes
60 846330 Machines For Working Wire Without Removing Material
61 8463309099 Other metalworking machine-tools for working wire,new,nes
62 846390 Machine Tools For Working Metal, Sintered Metal Carbides Or Cermets, Without Removing Material,
63 8463909099 Other mach-tls for working metal/sintered metal carbide/cermets,new,nes
64 846693 Parts And Accessories For Machine Tools, For Laser Operation, Metalworking Machining Centers, Lathes And Drilling Machines, Etc.,
65 8466939090 Other pts and access for specific metarworking mach-tools of hd 84.56-84.61, nes
66 846694 Parts And Accessories For Machines Tools, For Forging, Die-Stamping, Shearing, Etc. Metal And Those For Working Metal Without Removing Material,
67 8466949000 Other Pts & Access Nes For Other Metalworking Mach-Tools Of Hd 84.62,84.63, Nes
68 846880 Machinery And Apparatus For Soldering, Brazing Or Welding,
69 8468800000 Other Soldering, Brazing Or Welding Machinery Or Apparatus (Other Than Gas-Operated )
70 846890 Parts Of Machinery And Apparatus For Soldering, Brazing Or Welding,
71 8468902000 Parts Of Torches, Hand-Held, For Soldering, Brazing Or Welding
72 847950 Industrial Robots For Multiple Uses
73 847981 Machines And Mechanical Appliances For Treating Metal, Including Electric Wire Coil-Winders
74 8479810000 Machines, For Treating Metal, Including Electric Wire Coil-Winders
75 847990 Parts Of Machines And Mechanical Appliances Having Individual Functions,
76 850211 Generating Sets With Compression-Ignition Internal Combustion Piston (Diesel Or Semi-Diesel) Engines, Of An Output Not Exceeding 75 Kva
77 8502111000 Generating sets w compression ignt int combu pstn eng (diesl/semi-diesl)<=35kVA
78 850220 Generating Sets With Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Piston Engines
79 8502209000 Generating Sets, With Spark-Ignition Int Combustion Piston Engines, Nes, <35Kw
80 850300 Parts Of Electric Motors, Generators, Generating Sets And Rotaary Converters
81 8503009090 Parts, Of The Machines Of Heading No. 85.02, Nes
82 850431 Electrical Transformers , Having A Power Handing Capacity Not Exceeding 1 Kva
83 850440 Electrical Static Converters, Power Supplies For Adp Machines Or Units Of 8471
84 8504409031 Rectifiers, With Or Without A Device > 100 A For Use In The Converting Element
85 850730 Nickel-Cadmium Storage Batteries
86 8507309000 Electric Nickel-Cadmium Accum, Incl Sep, W/N Rect (Incl Sq), Nes
87 850860 Other Vacuum Cleaners
88 851531 Electric Machines And Apparatus For Arc (Including Plazma Arc) Welding Of Metals, Fully Or Party Automatic
89 8515310091 Fully Or Partly Automatic, Apparatus For Arc Welding Of Metals, Dc Or Ac/Dc
90 851539 Electric Machines And Apparatus For Arc (Including Plazma Arc) Welding Of Metals, Other Than Fully Or Partly Automatic
91 8515390019 Non-Rotating Electric Apparatus For Arc Welding Of Metals, Other Than Ac Transformer Type
92 851580 Electric, Laser, Ultrasonic Etc. Brazing Or Welding Machines , Electric Machines For Hot Spraying Of Metals Or Sintered Metal Carbides,
93 8515800000 Electric/Laser Machines/Apparatus Nes - For Soldering/ Brazing/Welding/Spraying
94 851590 Parts For Electric Laser, Ultrasonic Etc. Welding Etc. Machines, Parts For Electric Machines For Hot Spraying Of Metals Or Sintered Metal Carbides
95 8515900092 Parts, Of Dc Or Ac/Dc Arc Welders Of Metals
96 8515900099 Part Of Elec Apparatus For Sold,Braz Or Hot Spray Of Met Or Sinter Met Carbd,Nes
97 853340 Variable Resistors, Including Rheostats And Potentiometers,
98 853630 Electrical Apparatus For Protecting Electrical Circuits For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V,
99 8536309090 Electrical Apparatus For Protecting Electrical Circuits, Voltage <=1000 V, Nes
100 8536509981 Rotary Switches, For Use With Machinery Or Equipment, Voltage <=1000 V
101 853669 Electrical Plugs And Sockets For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V
102 853710 Boards, Panels, Consoles, Etc. With Electrical Apparatus, For Electric Control Or Distribution Of Electricity, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V
103 854442 Insulated Electric Conductors, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1000 V, Fitted With Connectors
104 854520 Electrical Carbon Or Graphite Brushes
105 8545200010 Carbon Brushes
106 854720 Insulating Fittings Of Plastics, For Electrical Machines Or Appliances
107 8547200000 Insulating Fittings Of Plastics - For Electrical Machines, Appliances Or Equipment
108 871680 Vehicles (Other Than Trailers And Semi-Trailers), Not Mechanically Propelled,
109 8716802090 Vehicles, Not Mechanically Propelled, For The Transport Of Goods N.E.S.
110 902300 Instruments, Apparatus And Models, Designed For Demonstrational Purposes, Unsuitable For Other Uses, And Parts And Accessories Thereof
111 9023000000 Instrument, Apparatus And Models For Demonstrational Purposes Only (Incl Educational)
112 9029100020 Time counters
113 903033 Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Checking Voltage, Current, Resistance Or Power, With A Recording Device (Excluding Multimeters),
114 9030331090 Elec panel indicat inst,o/t veh,etc,f meas/chk power,w/o a recording device,nes
115 9603909013 Wire Brushes