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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 080520 Mandarins (Including Tangerines And Satsumas), Clementines, Wilkings And Similar Citrus Hybrids, Fresh Or Dried
2 080550 Lemons (Citrus Limon, Citrus Limonum) And Limes (Citrus Aurantifolia, Citrus Latifolia), Fresh Or Dried
3 081330 Apples, Dried
4 100630 Rice, Semi-Milled Or Wholly Milled, Whether Or Not Polished Or Glazed
5 120220 Peanuts (Ground-Nuts), Not Roasted Or Otherwise Cooked, Shelled, Whether Or Not Broken
6 150910 Olive Oil And Its Fractions, Virgin, Not Chemically Modified
7 210130 Chicory, Roasted, And Other Roasted Coffee Substitutes And Extracts, Essences And Concentrates Thereof
8 280519 Alkali Or Alkaline-Earth Metals (Other Than Sodium Or Calcium)
9 350300 Gelatin (Including Gelatin In Rectangular Or Square Sheets) And Gelatin Derivatives, Isinglass, Other Glue Of Animal Origin (Except Casein Glue)
10 382490 Chemical Products And Preparations Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries, Residual Products Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries
11 391732 Tubes, Pipes And Hoses , Not Reinforced Or Otherwise Combined With Other Materials, Of Plastics, Without Fittings
12 440799 Nonconiferous Wood , Sawn Or Chipped Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Whether Or Not Planed, Etc., Over 6 Mm (.236 In.) Thick
13 441192 Fiberboard, , Of A Density Exceeding 0.8 G/Cm2
14 441400 Wooden Frames For Paintings, Photographs, Mirrors Or Similar Objects
15 441820 Doors And Their Frames And Thresholds, Of Wood
16 441890 Builders' Joinery And Carpentry Of Wood,
17 481310 Cigarette Paper In The Form Of Booklets Or Tubes
18 521059 Woven Fabrics Of Cotton, Less Than 85% Cotton By Weight, Mixed Mainly With Manmade Fibers, Printed, Except Plain Weave, , Not Over 200 G/M2
19 551511 Woven Fabrics Of Polyester Staple Fibers , Containing Under 85% (Wt.) Of Such Fibers, Mixed With Viscose Rayon Staple Fibers
20 630900 Worn Clothing And Other Worn Textile Articles
21 680292 Worked Monumental Or Building Stone , Of Calcareous Stone
22 690790 Unglazed Ceramic Flags And Paving, Hearth Or Wall Tiles
23 700992 Glass Mirrors (Other Than Rearview Mirrors For Vehicles), Framed
24 732119 Other Cooking Appliances And Plate Warmers Of Iron Or Steel
25 732393 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Stainless Steel
26 732399 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Iron (Not Cast) And Steel (Not Stainless), Not Enameled
27 821599 Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Cake-Servers, Sugar Tongs And Like Kitchen Or Tableware Of Unplated Base Metal (No Sets), And Parts Thereof,
28 841981 Machinery, Plant Or Equipment For Making Hot Drinks Or For Cooking Or Heating Food
29 841990 Parts For Machinery, Plant Or Laboratory Equipment For The Treatment Of Material Involving Temperature Change (Except Domestic Machinery),
30 843149 Parts And Attachments, , For Derricks, Cranes, Self-Propelled Bulldozers, Graders Etc. And Other Grading, Scraping, Etc. Machinery
31 843290 Parts For Agricultural, Horticultural Or Forestry Machinery (For Soil Preparation Or Cultivation) And Parts For Lawn Or Ground Rollers
32 843850 Machinery For The Preparation Of Meat Or Poultry
33 848340 Gears And Gearing (Except Toothed Wheels, Chain Sprockets, Etc.), Ball Or Roller Screws, Gear Boxes And Other Speed Changers, Incl Torque Converters
34 870899 Parts And Accessories For Motor Vehicles,
35 940360 Wooden Furniture,