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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 040620 Cheese Of All Kinds, Grated Or Powdered
2 121120 Ginseng Roots, Fresh Or Dried, Whether Or Not Cut, Crushed Or Powdered
3 210220 Yeasts, Inactive, Other Single-Cell Micro-Organisms, Dead
4 280540 Mercury
5 392690 Articles Of Plastics,
6 401110 New Pneumatic Tires, Of Rubber, Of A Kind Used On Motor Cars (Including Station Wagons And Racing Cars)
7 401140 New Pneumatic Tires, Of Rubber, Of A Kind Used On Motorcycles
8 401150 New Pneumatic Tires, Of Rubber, Of A Kind Used On Bicycles
9 401193 New Pneumatic Tires, Of Rubber, For Construction Or Industrial Handling Vehicles And Machines, Rim Size Not Over 61 Cm,
10 401199 New Pneumatic Tires, Of Rubber,
11 401220 Used Pneumatic Tires, Of Rubber
12 401290 Solid Or Cushion Tires, Interchangeable Tire Treads And Tire Flaps, Of Rubber
13 401310 Inner Tubes, Of Rubber, Of A Kind Used On Motor Cars (Including Station Wagons And Racing Cars), Buses Or Trucks
14 401390 Inner Tubes, Of Rubber,
15 420100 Saddlery And Harness For Any Animal (Including Traces, Leads, Knee Pads, Muzzles, Saddle Cloths, Saddle Bags, Dog Coats And The Like), Of Any Material
16 420292 Container Bags, Boxes, Cases And Satchels , With Outer Surface Of Sheeting Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
17 420310 Articles Of Apparel, Of Leather Or Composition Leather
18 420321 Gloves, Mittens And Mitts, Designed For Use In Sports, Of Leather Or Of Composition Leather
19 441029
20 441293
21 441510 Cases, Boxes, Crates, Drums And Similar Packings Of Wood, Cable-Drums Of Wood
22 540710 Woven Fabrics Of Synthetic Filament High Tenacity Yarn, Of Nylon Or Other Polyamides Or Of Polyesters
23 551513 Woven Fabrics Of Polyester Staple Fibers , Containing Under 85% (Wt.) Of Such Fibers, Mixed With Wool Or Fine Animal Hair
24 611030 Sweaters, Pullovers, Sweatshirts, Vests And Similar Articles Of Manmade Fibers, Knitted Or Crocheted
25 620193 Men'S Or Boys' Anoraks, Ski-Jackets, Windbreakers And Similar Articles Of Manmade Fibers, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
26 620339 Men'S Or Boys' Suit-Type Jackets And Blazers Of Textile Materials , Not Knitted Or Crocheted
27 630621
28 640192 Waterproof Footwear With Bonded Or Cemented Outer Soles And Uppers Of Rubber Or Plastics , Covering The Ankle But Not Covering The Knee
29 640391 Footwear, With Outer Soles Of Rubber, Plastics Or Composition Leather And Uppers Of Leather , Covering The Ankle
30 640610 Footwear Uppers And Upper Parts, Except Stiffeners
31 640699 Parts Of Footwear , Including Removable Insoles, Heel Cushions And Similar Articles, Gaiters, Leggings And Similar Articles, And Parts Thereof
32 650610 Safety (Including Sports) Headgear, Whether Or Not Lined Or Trimmed
33 650700 Headbands, Linings, Covers, Hat Foundations, Hat Frames, Peaks (Visors), And Chinstraps For Headgear
34 700910 Rear-View Mirrors For Vehicles
35 730719 Pipe Or Tube Fittings, Cast, Of Iron Or Steel
36 731511 Roller Chain Of Iron Or Steel
37 731512 Articulated Link Chain Other Than Roller Chain, Of Iron Or Steel
38 731519 Parts Of Articulated Link Chain Of Iron Or Steel
39 731589 Chain Of Iron Or Steel,
40 731813 Screw Hooks And Screw Rings, Threaded, Of Iron Or Steel
41 830140 Locks (Key, Combination Or Electrically Operated), Except For Motor Vehicles Or Furniture, Of Base Metal
42 841420 Hand- Or Foot-Operated Air Pumps
43 841850 Other Furniture (Chests, Cabinets, Display Counters, Showcases And The Like) For Storage And Display, Incorporating Refrigerating Or Freezing Equimpen
44 842330 Constant-Weight Scales And Scales For Discharging A Predetermined Weight Of Material Into A Bag Or Container, Including Hopper Scales
45 842531 Winches And Capstans, Powered By Electric Motors
46 842612 Mobile Lifting Frames On Tires And Straddle Carriers
47 843139 Parts For Lifting, Handling, Loading Or Unloading Machinery,
48 843141 Buckets, Shovels, Grabs And Grips For Derricks, Cranes, Bulldozers, Angledozers, Graders, Scrapers, Borers, Extracting, Etc. Machinery
49 843149 Parts And Attachments, , For Derricks, Cranes, Self-Propelled Bulldozers, Graders Etc. And Other Grading, Scraping, Etc. Machinery
50 843910 Machinery For Making Pulp Of Fibrous Cellulosic Material
51 845951 Milling Machines, Knee Type, For Removing Metal, Numerically Controlled
52 847050 Cash Registers
53 848390 Parts For Transmission Shafts, Bearings (Housed Etc.), Gears, Gear Boxes Etc., Speed Changers, Flywheels, Pulleys, Clutches And Shaft Couplings
54 850690 Parts Of Primary Cells And Primary Batteries
55 850710 Lead-Acid Storage Batteries Of A Kind Used For Starting Piston Engines
56 851010 Electric Shavers, With Self-Contained Electric Motor
57 853929 Electric Filament Lamps,
58 870310 Passenger Motor Vehicles Specially Designeed For Traveling On Snow, Golf Carts And Similar Vehicles
59 870899 Parts And Accessories For Motor Vehicles,
60 871419 Parts And Accessories Of Motorcycles (Including Mopeds),
61 871420 Parts And Accessories Of Invalid Carriages
62 920110 Upright Pianos
63 920994 Parts And Accessories For Musical Instruments, The Sound Of Which Is Electrically Produced Or Amplified
64 930610
65 950619 Snow-Ski Equipment And Parts And Accessories Thereof
66 961100 Date, Sealing Or Numbering Stamps, Etc. (Including Devices For Printing, Etc. Labels) For Hand Use, Hand-Operated Composing Sticks And Printing Sets
67 970600 Antiques Of An Age Exceeding One Hundred Years
68 981800