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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 392310 Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles, Of Plastics
2 392329 Sacks And Bags (Including Cones), Of Plastics
3 441520 Pallets, Box Pallets And Other Load Boards Of Wood, Pallet Collars Of Wood
4 481910 Cartons, Boxes And Cases Of Corrugated Paper And Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
5 4819100010 Sanitary Food Or Beverage Containers, Of Corrugated Paper/Paperboard
6 5508109010 Sewing thread,of synthetic staple fibres,cntg>=85% wt synthetic staple fib,nfrs
7 560890 Knotted Netting Of Twine, Cordage Or Rope, Of Materials Other Than Manmade Textiles, Made-Up Nets (Fishing And Other), Of Textile Materials
8 5608909000 Knotted Netting Of Twine Etc, Nes, & Made Up Nets Of O Tex Mat Exc Comm Fishing
9 600330 Knitted Or Crocheted Fabrics Of Synthetic Fibers, Width Not Over 30 Cm, Other Than Those Of Heading 6001 Or 6002
10 6003309990 Knitted/crochet fab,of synthetic fibres,wd<=30cm,o/t 60.01/60.02,nes,o/t apparel
11 600590 Warp Knit Fabric (Including Made On Galloon Knit Machine), Not Of Wool/Fine Animal Hair, Cotton Or Manmade Fiber, Not Of Headings 6001-6004
12 630520 Sacks And Bags, Used For Packing Goods, Of Cotton
13 630533 Sacks And Bags, Of A Kind Used For The Packing Of Goods Of Manmade Textile Materials Of Polyethylene Or Polypropylene Strip Or The Like
14 6305330010 Sacks Or Bags For Packing Of Goods, Of Polyethylene Or Polypropyl×ne Strip, Impregnated/Coated/Covered/Laminated, N.E.S.
15 6305330020 Sack Or Bag, For Packing Of Goods, Of Polyethylene Or Of Polypropyl×ne Strip, Not Impregnated/Coated/Covered/Laminated, N.E.S.
16 680510 Abrasive Powder Or Grain, On A Base Of Woven Textile Fabric Only
17 721720 Wire Of Iron Or Nonalloy Steel, Plated Or Coated With Zinc