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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 3917299099 Tubes, Pipes & Hoses, Rigid, Of Plastics, Nes
2 3917321090 Tubes,pipes,hoses,flex,of poly hd 39.02,etc,not reinf/combi w o mat,w/o fittings
3 401699 Articles Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber,
4 420212 Trunks, Suitcases, Vanity Cases And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
5 680530 Abrasive Powder Or Grain, On A Base Of Materials Other Than Woven Textiles, Paper Or Paperboard
6 6805301000 Flap Wheel And Spiral Band With Grinding Machinery Of Heading 84.64, Base Of Materials Other Than Woven Textiles, Paper, Paperboard
7 6805309000 Natural Or Artificial Abrasive Powder Or Grain On A Base Of Materials Other Than Woven Textiles, Paper/Paperboard, N.E.S.
8 691490 Ceramic Articles , Of Other Than Porcelain Or China
9 700210 Glass Balls (Except Microsheres Not Over 1 Mm In Diameter), Unworked
10 7002100090 Balls, glass, o/t microspheres of heading 70.18, nes
11 701810 Glass Beads, Imitation Pearls, Imitation Precious Or Semiprecious Stones And Similar Glass Smallwares
12 7018100090 Similar Glasswares And Articles Thereof O/T Imitation Jewellery Nes
13 702000 Articles Of Glass,
14 7020009090 Other articles of glass, nes
15 721250 Flat-Rolled Iron Or Nonalloy Steel Products, Under 600 Mm Wide, Plated Or Coated,
16 7218999000 Semi-Finished Products Of Stainless Steel, N.E.S.
17 730411 Stainless Steel, Seamless Line Pipe Used For Oil Or Gas Pipelines
18 730719 Pipe Or Tube Fittings, Cast, Of Iron Or Steel
19 820320 Pliers (Including Cutting Pliers), Pincers, Tweezers, And Similar Tools, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
20 830790 Flexible Tubing, Of Base Metal, Other Than Iron Or Steel
21 8307900000 Flexible Tubing (With Or Without Fittings) - Base Metals (Other Than Iron Or Steel)
22 846691 Parts And Accessories For Machine Tools For Working Stone, Ceramics, Concrete, Asbestos-Cement Or Like Materials Or For Cold Working Glass,
23 8466910000 Pts & Access F Mach-Tools F Work Stone,Ceramic,Concrete,Asbestos-Cement/Like Min
24 853230 Variable Or Adjustable (Pre-Set) Capacitors
25 8532309000 Electrical Capacitors, Variable Or Adjustable (Pre-Set), Nes
26 853590 Electrical Apparatus For Switching, Protecting Or Making Connections To Or In Electrical Circuits, For A Voltage Exceeding 1,000 V,
27 853669 Electrical Plugs And Sockets For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V
28 8536699090 Plugs And Sockets, Voltage Not Exceeding 1000 Volts, N.E.S.
29 853690 Electrical Apparatus For Switching, Protecting Or Making Connections To Or In Electrical Circuits, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 1,000 V,
30 8536909300 Electrical App Swch/Protec Elec Crt, Vltg <=1000V, Connec/Contact, Wires/Cables
31 8536909990 Electrical Apparatus For Switching Or Protecting Electrical Circuits, Voltage Not Exceeding 1000V, N.E.S.
32 853890 Parts For Electrical Apparatus For Electrical Circuits, Boards, Panels Etc. For Electric Control Or Distribution Of Electricity,
33 854091 Parts Of Cathode-Ray Tubes
34 854110 Diodes, Other Than Photosensitive Or Light-Emitting Diodes
35 8541400029 Photosensitive Diodes, O/T Led, Nes
36 854190 Parts For Diodes, Transistors And Similar Semiconductor Devices, Parts For Photosensitive Semiconductor Devices And Mounted Piezoelectric Crystals
37 854470 Insulated Optical Fiber Cables, Made Up Of Individually Sheathed Fibers
38 8544709000 Insulated Optical Fibre Cables, Made Up Of Individually Sheathed Fibre, N.E.S.
39 900110 Optical Fibers, Optical Fiber Bundles And Cables, Other Than Optical Fiber Cables Made Up Of Individually Sheathed Fibers
40 9001101000 Optical Glass Fibres, For Use In The Mfr Of Fibre Optic Telecommunication Cable
41 900190 Lenses (Except Contact And Spectacle), Prisms, Mirrors And Other Optical Elements, Unmounted, Other Than Elements Of Glass Not Optically Worked
42 9001901010 Colour filters for photographic cameras,unmounted,halftone/sim prntg screens,etc
43 9001909010 Lenses, Prisms, And Mirrors, Unmounted, Other Than Of Glass Not Optically Worked
44 9002119090 Objective lenses, mounted, for cameras,projtr or photo enlargers/reducers nes
45 9002201090 Difusion discs and polarizing filters for cameras nes, and holders
46 9005909900 Parts And Accessories (Including Mountings) Of Tariff Item No. 9005.80.99, Other Than Goods Of Heading 9001/9002, N.E.S.
47 901320 Lasers, Other Than Laser Diodes
48 9013200000 Lasers (Other Than Laser Diodes)
49 9013902000 Parts And Accessories Of Lasers, Other Than Laser Diodes