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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 2710192040 Petroleum Greases And Lubricating Greases
2 2710199140 Lube Oils Nes Ret Pack, Or Oils Visc Etc, For Automotive Gears
3 401032 Endless Transmission V-Belt Of Vulcanized Rubber, Not V-Ribbed, Outside Circumference Exceed 60 Cm Not Exceed 180 Cm
4 4010329090 Endl trans V-belts,of vulc rbr, o/t V-ribbed, circ >60 cm<=180 cm, nes
5 4011999019 Pneumatic tires, other off-highway, new, nes
6 401693 Gaskets, Washers And Other Seals, Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber
7 4016931030 Packing rings,for automotive goods of Chapter 87,of vulcanized rubber
8 4016939950 Oil Seals, Of Vulcanized Rubber, Nes
9 4016939990 Seals, Of Vulcanized Rubber, Except Oil Seals, Nes
10 401699 Articles Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber,
11 4016999090 Articles Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber, N.E.S.
12 420229 Handbags, Whether Or Not With Shoulder Strap Or Handles, With Outer Surface Of Materials
13 4202290090 Handbags, nes
14 4202929090 Containers,Similar To Travel Goods & Handbags,W Outer Surf Of Plas/Tex Mat,Nes
15 4203100022 Anoraks of leather, women's or girls'
16 4203100099 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories of leather, nes
17 4901990010 Brochures
18 560750 Twine, Cordage, Rope And Cable, Whether Or Not Plaited Or Braided Or Coated Etc. With Rubber Or Plastics, Of Synthetic Fibers
19 5607502010 Twine, cordage, ropes and cables, of nylon or other polyamides, circum<=25.4 mm
20 620193 Men'S Or Boys' Anoraks, Ski-Jackets, Windbreakers And Similar Articles Of Manmade Fibers, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
21 6201930021 Men'S Anoraks Including Ski-Jackets, Of Nylon/Other Polyamides, Not Knitted/Crocheted, N.E.S.
22 6201930081 Men's anoraks, incl ski-jackets, of man-made fibres,not knitted or crocheted,nes
23 6201930082 Boys' anoraks, incl ski-jackets, of man-made fibres, not knitted/crocheted, nes
24 6202930021 Women Anoraks, Including Ski-Jackets, Of Nylon/Other Polyamides, Not Knitted/Crocheted N.E.S.
25 6203430021 Men's bib and brace overalls, of other synthetic fibres, not knitted/crochet,nes
26 620349 Men'S Or Boys' Trousers, Bib And Brace Overalls, Breeches And Shorts Of Textile Materials , Not Knitted Or Crocheted
27 6203490010 Men's/boys' bib and overalls, of other textile materials, not knitted/crochetted
28 6204630021 Women's bib and brace overalls, nes, of synthetic fibres, not knitted/crocheted
29 6204690010 Women's/girls' bib and brace overalls,of other textile mat,not knitted/crocheted
30 621020 Men'S Or Boys' Overcoats, Carcoats, Cloaks And Similar Articles Of Impregnated, Coated Or Rubberized Etc. Textile Fabrics, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
31 6210200000 Mens/Boys Overcoats, Raincoats, Capes, Cloaks - Woven - Coated Fabrics
32 630790 Made-Up Textile Articles,
33 6307909390 Made up articles, incl dress patterns, of cotton/o veg fib, exc solely jute, nes
34 6307909990 Made Up Articles, Of Textile Materials, Including Dress Patterns, Nes
35 650590 Hats And Headgear, Knitted Or Crocheted, Made Up From Lace, Felt Or Other Textile Fabric In The Piece (Not In Strips), Whether Or Not Lined Or Trimmed
36 6505903920 Women's, girls' or babies' felt hats and other headgear
37 650610 Safety (Including Sports) Headgear, Whether Or Not Lined Or Trimmed
38 6813201900 Asbestos Brake Linings And Pads, Nes
39 731512 Articulated Link Chain Other Than Roller Chain, Of Iron Or Steel
40 7315129100 Silent Chain, I/S, Operates W Gears/Sproket/Radial Groove Wheel W Mach Cut Teeth
41 732020 Helical Springs Of Iron Or Steel
42 7616999090 Articles Of Aluminum, Nes
43 8310000090 Sign-Plates, Name-Plates, Address-Plates And Similar Plates, Of Base Metal, Excluding Heading 94.05, N.E.S.
44 8409912020 Pts Of Spk-Ign Eng Of Ti 8407.33.90,O/T Piston Rng Cast,Timing Chain&Exhst Valve
45 8409919090 Pts For Use Solely/Princ With Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Piston Eng, Nes
46 8421319090 Intake Air Filters For Internal Combustion Engines, N.E.S.
47 842531 Winches And Capstans, Powered By Electric Motors
48 8425310019 Winches, o/t marine, powered by electric motor, nes
49 8482109099 Ball Bearings, N.E.S.
50 8483409990 Other gears & gearing, o/t toothed whl, chain sprocket & o elements, nes
51 851120 Internal Combustion Engine Ignition Magnetos, Magneto-Dynamos And Magnetic Flywheels
52 8511200090 Magneto-dynamos, magnetic flywheels, for use in the mfr of int combu eng, nes
53 851180 Electrical Ignition Or Starting Equipment Used For Internal Combustion Engines, , And Equipment Used In Conjunction With Such Engines,
54 8511809090 Equipment Of A Kind Used For Internal Combustion Engines, Nes
55 851190 Parts For Electrical Ignition Or Starting Equipment Used For Internal Combustion Engines, Parts For Generators And Cut-Outs Used With Such Equipment
56 8511909010 Parts, of magnetos used in the manufacture of internal combustion engines
57 8516290019 Electric Space Heating Apparatus, Other Than Domestic, Nes
58 853929 Electric Filament Lamps,
59 870310 Passenger Motor Vehicles Specially Designeed For Traveling On Snow, Golf Carts And Similar Vehicles
60 8703101000 Vehicles, Recreation Or Sporting, To Transport Persons Over Snow
61 870321 Passenger Motor Vehicles With Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Reciprocating Piston Engine, Cylinder Capacity Not Over 1,000 Cc
62 8703211000 All Terrain Vehicles, Non-Amphibious, Cylinder Capacity Not Exceeding 1000Cc, Less Than 227.3Kg, With Fewer Than 6 Wheels, And Designed For One Passen
63 8703219000 Passenger Vehicles, Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Reciprocating Piston Engines, Cylinder Capacity Not Exceeding 1000Cc, N.E.S.
64 8704210010 Vehicles For Transportation Of Goods, Diesel/Semi-Diesel, Gvw Not Exceeding 2 Tonnes
65 870490 Motor Vehicles For The Transport Of Goods,
66 8704900000 Other Vehicles For The Transport Of Goods Nes
67 8708999999 Parts And Accessories, For Motor Vehicles, Nes
68 870990 Parts For Works Trucks (Not Lifting Or Handling) Used In Factories Etc. And Parts Of Tractors Of The Type Used On Railway Station Platforms
69 8709900090 Parts of work trucks(trac)s-prop,not fitted with lifting or handling equip nes
70 871150 Motorcycles And Cycles With An Auxiliary Motor With Reciprocating Internal Combustion Piston Engine, Cylinder Capacity Over 800 Cc
71 8711500000 Motorcycles - Engine Cylinder Capacity Over 800 Cc
72 871419 Parts And Accessories Of Motorcycles (Including Mopeds),
73 8714190000 Parts For Motorcycles And Mopeds - Other Nes
74 902519 Thermometers And Pyrometers, Not Combined With Other Instruments,
75 9025190099 Thermometers, excl elec or liquid-filled, not combined w other instruments, nes
76 920890 Fairground Organs, Mechanical Street Organs And Birds, Musical Saws And Instruments , Whistles, Call Horns And Other Mouth-Blown Signal Devices
77 9208900090 Musical instruments, nes
78 9403200070 Showcases, Counters, Lockers, Racks Or Partitions, Of Metal Other Than Office