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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 071290 Vegetables, , Dried And Vegetable Mixtures, Dried (Whole, Cut, Sliced, Etc.), But Not Further Prepared
2 110100 Wheat Or Meslin Flour
3 110412 Grains, Rolled Or Flaked, Of Oats
4 120100 Soybeans, Whether Or Not Broken
5 120110 Soybeans, Whether Or Not Broken, Seed
6 120220 Peanuts (Ground-Nuts), Not Roasted Or Otherwise Cooked, Shelled, Whether Or Not Broken
7 121299 Vegetable Products (Including Unroasted Chicory Roots Of The Variety Cichorium Intybus Sativum) Of A Kind Used Primarily For Human Consumption,
8 160100 Sausages And Similar Products, Of Meat, Meat Offal Or Blood, Food Preparations Based On These Products
9 200290 Tomatoes, Other Than Whole Or In Pieces (Including Paste And Puree), Prepared Or Preserved Otherwise Than By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid
10 200811 Peanuts (Ground-Nuts), Prepared Or Preserved, , Including Peanut Butter
11 200892 Fruit Mixtures, Prepared Or Preserved, Whether Or Not Containing Added Sweetening Or Spirit,
12 282720 Calcium Chloride
13 290532 Propylene Glycol (Propane-1,2-Diol)
14 291821 Salicylic Acid And Its Salts
15 292242 Glutamic Acid And Its Salts
16 293627 Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) And Its Derivatives, Unmixed
17 300490 Medicaments, In Measured Doses, Etc. (Excluding Vaccines, Etc., Coated Bandages Etc. And Pharmaceutical Goods),
18 360410 Fireworks
19 391110 Petroleum Resins, Coumarone, Indene Or Coumarone-Indene Resins, In Primary Forms, Polyterepenes, In Primary Forms
20 392690 Articles Of Plastics,
21 400300 Reclaimed Rubber In Primary Forms Or In Plates, Sheets Or Strip
22 481910 Cartons, Boxes And Cases Of Corrugated Paper And Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
23 490199 Printed Books, Brochures, Leaflets And Similar Printed Matter,
24 630532 Sacks And Bags, Of A Kind Used For The Packing Of Goods Of Manmade Textile Materials Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
25 630533 Sacks And Bags, Of A Kind Used For The Packing Of Goods Of Manmade Textile Materials Of Polyethylene Or Polypropylene Strip Or The Like
26 680300 Worked Slate And Articles Of Slate Or Agglomerated Slate
27 691010 Ceramic Sanitary Fixtures (Sinks, Washbasins, Baths, Water Closet Bowls And Tanks, Etc.), Of Porcelain Or China
28 691410 Ceramic Articles , Of Porcelain Or China
29 701399 Glassware (Including Glassware Of A Kind Used For Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Or Similar Purposes) , Not Of Glass-Ceramics Or Lead Crystal
30 701690 Pressed Or Molded Glass Articles, Wired Or Not, For Building Or Construction, Leaded Glass Windows Etc., Formed Multicellular Or Foam Glass
31 701912 Glass Fiber Rovings
32 701959 Other Woven Fabrics Of Glass Fibers,
33 721710 Wire Of Iron Or Nonallloy Steel, Not Plated Or Coated, Whether Or Not Polished
34 721720 Wire Of Iron Or Nonalloy Steel, Plated Or Coated With Zinc
35 730110 Sheet Piling Of Iron Or Steel, Whether Or Not Drilled, Punched Or Made From Assembled Elements
36 730120 Welded Angles, Shapes And Sections Of Iron Or Steel
37 730300 Tubes, Pipes And Hollow Profiles Of Cast Iron
38 730711 Pipe Or Tube Fittings, Cast, Of Nonmalleable Iron
39 730722 Pipe Or Tube Fittings, , Stainless Steel Threaded Elbows, Bends And Sleeves
40 730890 Structures And Parts Of Structures , Of Iron Or Steel
41 731021 Cans, Plain, Unfitted, Of A Capacity Of Less Than 50 Liters (13.21 Gal.), Which Will Be Closed By Soldering Or Crimping, Of Iron Or Steel
42 731210 Stranded Wire, Ropes And Cables, Not Electrically Insulated, Of Iron Or Steel
43 731449 Grill, Netting And Fencing Of Iron Or Steel Wire
44 731700 Nails, Tacks, Drawing Pins, Staples (Other Than In Strips), And Similar Articles, Of Iron Or Steel, Excluding Such Articles With Heads Of Copper
45 731990 Knitting Needles, Bodkins, Crochet Hooks, Embroidery Stilettos And Similar Articles For Use In The Hand, Of Iron Or Steel,
46 732111 Cooking Appliances And Plate Warmers, For Gas Fuel Or For Both Gas And Other Fuels, Of Iron Or Steel
47 732399 Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Iron (Not Cast) And Steel (Not Stainless), Not Enameled
48 732620 Articles Of Iron Or Steel Wire,
49 732690 Articles Of Iron Or Steel,
50 760611 Aluminum Nonalloyed Rectangular (Including Square) Plates, Sheets And Strip, Over 0.2 Mm Thick
51 760612 Aluminum Alloy Rectangular (Including Square) Plates, Sheets And Strip, Over 0.2 Mm Thick
52 760711 Aluminum Foil, Not Over 0.2 Mm Thick, Not Backed, Rolled But Not Further Worked
53 761010 Aluminum Doors, Windows And Their Frames And Thresholds For Doors
54 830520 Staples In Strips, Of Base Metal
55 841490 Parts For Air Or Vacuum Pumps, Air Or Other Gas Compressors And Fans, Parts Of Ventilating Or Recycling Hoods Incorporating A Fan,
56 842542 Jacks And Hoists, Hydraulic, Except Built-In Jacking Systems Used In Garages
57 843050 Moving, Grading, Leveling, Scraping, Excavating, Tamping, Compacting Or Extracting Machinery For Earth, Minerals Or Ores, , Self-Propelled
58 843131 Parts For Passenger Or Freight Elevators Other Than Continuous Action, Skip Hoists Or Escalators
59 843149 Parts And Attachments, , For Derricks, Cranes, Self-Propelled Bulldozers, Graders Etc. And Other Grading, Scraping, Etc. Machinery
60 847230 Machines For Sorting Or Folding Mail, For Inserting Mail In Envelopes, Or For Opening Or Sealing Mail And Machines For Affixing Or Cancelling Postage
61 850211 Generating Sets With Compression-Ignition Internal Combustion Piston (Diesel Or Semi-Diesel) Engines, Of An Output Not Exceeding 75 Kva
62 850220 Generating Sets With Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Piston Engines
63 870892 Mufflers And Exhaust Pipes And Parts Thereof, For Motor Vehicles
64 870899 Parts And Accessories For Motor Vehicles,
65 940320 Metal Furniture,
66 940360 Wooden Furniture,
67 940390 Parts Of Furniture,
68 970110 Paintings, Drawings And Pastels, Hand Executed Works Of Art, Framed Or Not Framed