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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 401220 Used Pneumatic Tires, Of Rubber
2 401693 Gaskets, Washers And Other Seals, Of Vulcanized Rubber Other Than Hard Rubber
3 540710 Woven Fabrics Of Synthetic Filament High Tenacity Yarn, Of Nylon Or Other Polyamides Or Of Polyesters
4 660191 Umbrellas Having A Telescopic Shaft
5 681091 Prefabricated Structural Components For Building Or Civil Engineering Made Of Cement, Concrete Or Artificial Stone, Whether Or Not Reinforced
6 722920 Wire Of Silico-Manganese Steel
7 730890 Structures And Parts Of Structures , Of Iron Or Steel
8 731512 Articulated Link Chain Other Than Roller Chain, Of Iron Or Steel
9 7315129100 Silent Chain, I/S, Operates W Gears/Sproket/Radial Groove Wheel W Mach Cut Teeth
10 731815 Threaded Screws And Bolts , With Or Without Their Nuts Or Washers, Of Iron Or Steel
11 731816 Nuts, Threaded, Of Iron Or Steel
12 731822 Washers, Other Than Lock Washers, Of Iron Or Steel
13 732620 Articles Of Iron Or Steel Wire,
14 820120 Forks (Handtools), Including Pitch Forks, And Parts Thereof Of Base Metal
15 830250 Hat-Racks, Hat Pegs, Brackets And Similar Fixtures, And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
16 830710 Flexible Tubing, Of Iron Or Steel
17 830910 Crown Corks (Including Crown Seals And Caps), And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
18 841360 Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps,
19 841520 Automotive Air Conditioners
20 841581 Air Conditioning Machines , Incorporating A Refrigerating Unit And Valve For Reversal Of The Cooling/Heat Cycle
21 842531 Winches And Capstans, Powered By Electric Motors
22 842790 Fork-Lift And Other Works Trucks Fitted With Lifting Or Handling Equipment, Other Than Self-Propelled,
23 843149 Parts And Attachments, , For Derricks, Cranes, Self-Propelled Bulldozers, Graders Etc. And Other Grading, Scraping, Etc. Machinery
24 846693 Parts And Accessories For Machine Tools, For Laser Operation, Metalworking Machining Centers, Lathes And Drilling Machines, Etc.,
25 847170 Automatic Data Processing Storage Units, N.E.S.O.I.
26 848120 Valves For Oleohydraulic Or Pneumatic Transmissions
27 8481200050 Pneumatic Valves, Other Than Directional Control, N.E.S.
28 848280 Ball Or Roller Bearings , Including Combined Ball/Roller Bearings
29 8482809099 Other combined ball/roller bearings, nes
30 848310 Transmission Shafts (Including Camshafts And Crankshafts) And Cranks
31 848340 Gears And Gearing (Except Toothed Wheels, Chain Sprockets, Etc.), Ball Or Roller Screws, Gear Boxes And Other Speed Changers, Incl Torque Converters
32 848360 Clutches And Shaft Couplings (Including Universal Joints)
33 848390 Parts For Transmission Shafts, Bearings (Housed Etc.), Gears, Gear Boxes Etc., Speed Changers, Flywheels, Pulleys, Clutches And Shaft Couplings
34 851490 Parts For Industrial Or Laboratory Electric Furnaces And Ovens , Parts For Industrial Or Laboratory Induction Or Dielectric Heating Equipment,
35 860719 Truck Axles And Wheels And Parts Thereof, Including Parts Of Truck Assemblies, For Railway Or Tramway Vehicles
36 870590 Special Purpose Vehicles, Other Than Those Principally Designed For The Transport Of Persons Or Goods,
37 870840 Gear Boxes And Parts Thereof, For Motor Vehicles
38 870850 Drive Axles With Differential And Non-Drive Axles And Parts Thereof, For Motor Vehicles
39 870880 Suspension Systems And Parts Thereof, For Motor Vehicles
40 870893 Clutches And Parts Thereof For Motor Vehicles
41 870894 Steering Wheels, Steering Columns And Steering Boxes And Parts Thereof, For Motor Vehicles
42 870899 Parts And Accessories For Motor Vehicles,
43 87089900 Other
44 8708991910 Universal Joints Nes, For Motor Vehicles Nes
45 8708991990 Other Power Train Parts & Accessories Nes, For Motor Vehicles Nes
46 871493 Hubs (Other Than Coaster Braking Hubs And Hub Brakes) And Free-Wheel Sprocket-Wheels For Bicyles And Other Cycles
47 880510 Aircraft Launching Gear And Parts Thereof, Deck-Arrestors Or Similar Gear And Parts Thereof
48 901832 Tubular Metal Needles And Needles For Sutures And Parts And Accessories Thereof
49 901910 Mechano-Therapy Appliances, Massage Apparatus, Psychological Aptitude-Testing Apparatus, Parts And Accessories Thereof
50 930610
51 940410 Mattress Supports
52 970190 Collages And Similar Decorative Plaques, Framed Or Not Framed
53 981800