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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 030623 Shrimps And Prawns, Live, Fresh, Chilled, Dried, Salted Or In Brine, Or Cooked By Steaming Or Boiling In Water, Not Frozen
2 070490 Edible Brassicas (Cabbages, Kohlrabi, Kale, Etc.), , Fresh Or Chilled
3 070511 Head Lettuce (Cabbage Lettuce), Fresh Or Chilled
4 081090 Fruit, , Fresh
5 081320 Prunes, Dried
6 090230 Black Tea (Fermented) And Partly Fermented Tea, In Immediate Packings Of A Content Not Exceeding 3 Kg (6.61 Lb.)
7 090412 Pepper Of The Genus Piper (Black And White), Crushed Or Ground
8 090420 Fruits Of The Genus Capsicum (Peppers) Or Of The Genus Pimenta (E.G., Allspice), Dried Or Crushed Or Ground
9 091091 Mixtures Of Two Or More Spices Provided For Separately In Different Headings Of This Chapter
10 100640 Rice, Broken
11 110429 Grains, Worked (For Example, Hulled, Pearled, Sliced Or Kibbled), Of Cereals,
12 110710 Malt, Not Roasted
13 110720 Malt, Roasted
14 120100 Soybeans, Whether Or Not Broken
15 120991 Vegetable Seeds For Sowing
16 121220 Seaweeds And Other Algae, Fresh Or Dried, Whether Or Not Ground
17 150710 Soybean Oil And Its Fractions, Crude, Whether Or Not Degummed
18 150990 Olive Oil And Its Fractions, Refined But Not Chemically Modified
19 160100 Sausages And Similar Products, Of Meat, Meat Offal Or Blood, Food Preparations Based On These Products
20 160250 Meat Or Meat Offal Of Bovine Animals, Prepared Or Preserved,
21 160420 Fish, Prepared Or Preserved, , Including Products Containing Meat Of Crustaceans, Molluscs, Etc., And Fish Balls, Cakes And Puddings
22 170199 Cane Or Beet Sugar And Chemically Pure Sucrose, Refined, In Solid Form, Not Containing Added Flavoring Or Coloring Matter
23 170290 Sugar, , Including Invert Sugar And Invert Syrup
24 180310 Cocoa Paste, Not Defatted
25 180500 Cocoa Powder, Not Containing Added Sugar Or Other Sweetening Matter
26 180631 Chocolate And Other Cocoa Preparations In Blocks, Slabs Or Bars, Weighing 2 Kg Or Less, Filled
27 180690 Cocoa Preparations, Not In Bulk Form,
28 190190 Malt Extract, Food Products Of Flour, Meal, Etc. With Cocoa (If Any) Under 40% And Milk Or Cream Products With Cocoa (If Any) Under 50%,
29 190219 Pasta (Spaghetti, Macaroni, Etc.), Uncooked, Not Stuffed Or Otherwise Prepared, Not Containing Eggs
30 190220 Pasta, Stuffed (Including Ravioli, Cannelloni And Lasagna), Whether Or Not Cooked Or Otherwise Prepared
31 190230 Pasta, Prepared,
32 190531 Sweet Biscuits
33 190590 Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Biscuits And Similar Baked Products, , And Puddings, Whether Or Not Containing Chocolate, Fruit, Nuts Or Confectionary
34 200490 Vegetables, , Prepared Or Preserved Otherwise Than By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid, Frozen
35 200520 Potatoes, , Prepared Or Preserved Otherwise Than By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid, Not Frozen
36 200599 Vegetables, Prepared Or Preserved Otherwise Than By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid, Not Frozen, Other Than Products Of Heading 20.06,
37 200811 Peanuts (Ground-Nuts), Prepared Or Preserved, , Including Peanut Butter
38 200830 Citrus Fruit (Including Mixtures And Chilled Segments), Prepared Or Preserved, Whether Or Not Containing Added Sweetening Or Spirit,
39 200980 Juice Of Any Other Single Fruit Or Vegetable, Unfermented And Not Containing Added Spirit, Whether Or Not Sweetened,
40 210111 Coffee Extracts, Essences And Concentrates, And Preparations With A Basis Of These Products Or With A Basis Of Coffee
41 210310 Soy Sauce
42 210390 Sauces And Preparations Therefor, , Mixed Condiments And Mixed Seasonings
43 210420 Homogenized Composite Food Preparations Put Up For Retail Sale As Infant (Or Dietetic) Food, In Containers Of A Net Weight Not Over 250 G (8.83 Oz.)
44 210690 Food Preparations
45 220290 Nonalcoholic Beverages, (Including Milk-Based Drinks And Nonalcoholic Beer)
46 220510 Vermouth And Other Wine Of Fresh Grapes Flavored With Plants Or Aromatic Substances, In Containers Holding 2 Liters Or Less
47 230400 Soybean Oilcake And Other Solid Residues Resulting From The Extraction Of Soy Bean Oil, Whether Or Not Ground Or In The Form Of Pellets
48 250100 Salt (Incl Table & Denatured Salt) & Pure Sodium Chloride, Wheth/Nt In Aqueous Solution Or Containg Added Anticaking Or Free Flowing Agts, Sea Water
49 251612 Granite, Merely Cut Into Blocks Or Slabs Of Rectangular Or Square Shape
50 253010 Vermiculite, Perlite And Chlorites, Unexpanded
51 271113 Butanes, Liquefied
52 290110 Acyclic Hydrocarbons, Saturated
53 291830 Carboxylic Acids With Aldehyde Or Ketone Function But No Other Oxygen Function, Their Anhydrides, Halides, Peroxides, Peroxyacids And Derivatives
54 292145 1-Naphthylamine (Alpha-Naphthylamine), 2-Naphthylamine (Beta- Naphthylamine) And Their Derivatives, Salts Thereof
55 292242 Glutamic Acid And Its Salts
56 293420 Heterocyclic Compounds Containing A Benzothiazole Ring-System (Whether Or Not Hydrogenated), Not Further Fused
57 370220
58 390760 Polyethylene Terephthalate, In Primary Forms
59 391590 Waste, Parings And Scrap, Of Plastics,
60 392330 Carboys, Bottles, Flasks And Similar Articles, Of Plastics
61 440349 Other Tropical Wood In The Rough, Whether Or Not Stripped Of Bark Or Sapwood, Or Roughly Squred, Not Treated,
62 482369 Trays, Dishes,Plates, Cups And The Like, Of Paper Or Paperboard,
63 500400 Silk Yarn (Other Than Spun From Silk Waste) Not Put Up For Retail Sale
64 521042
65 611090 Sweaters, Pullovers, Sweatshirts, Vests And Similar Articles Of Textile Materials , Knitted Or Crocheted
66 620322 Men'S Or Boys' Ensembles Of Cotton, Not Knitted Or Crocheted
67 630110 Blankets, Electric
68 821000 Hand-Operated Mechanical Appliances, Weighing Not Over 10 Kg, For Preparing, Conditioning Or Serving Food Or Drink, And Base Metal Parts Thereof
69 830910 Crown Corks (Including Crown Seals And Caps), And Parts Thereof, Of Base Metal
70 841720 Bakery Ovens, Including Biscuit Ovens, Nonelectric
71 841821 Refrigerators, Household Type, Compression Type
72 843820 Machinery For The Manufacture Of Confectionery, Cocoa Or Chocolate
73 850940 Electromechanical Domestic Food Grinders, Processors And Mixers, And Fruit Or Vegetable Juice Extractors, With Self-Contained Electric Motor
74 851420 Industrial Or Laboratory Electric Furnaces And Ovens, Induction Or Dielectric Type
75 851660 Electric Ovens, Cooking Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Plates, Boiling Rings, Grillers And Roasters,
76 901010 Photographic Equipment For The Automatic Development Of Film Or Paper In Rolls Or Automatically Exposing Developed Film To Rolls Of Photographic Paper
77 901090 Parts And Accessories Of Apparatus And Equipment For Photographic (Including Cinematographic) Laboratories , Negatoscopes And Projection Screens
78 901120 Microscopes , For Photomicrography, Cinephotomicrography Or Microprojection
79 950890 Merry-Go-Rounds, Boat-Swings, Shooting Galleries And Other Fairground Amusements, Traveling Theaters, Parts And Accessories Thereof
80 999900