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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 250840 Clays (Excluding Expanded Clays), , Including Common Blue Clay And Other Ball Clays, Whether Or Not Calcined
2 252510 Crude Mica And Mica Rifted Into Sheets Or Splittings
3 300510 Adhesive Dressings And Other Articles Having An Adhesive Layer
4 321511 Printing Ink, Black
5 391731 Flexible Tubes, Pipes And Hoses, Having A Minimum Burst Pressure Of 27.6 Mpa, Of Plastics
6 391810 Floor Coverings And Wall Or Ceiling Coverings Of Vinyl Chloride Polymers
7 391890 Floor Coverings And Wall Or Ceiling Coverings Of Plastics Materials
8 392030 Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip Of Plastics, Not Self-Adhesive, Non-Cellular, Not Reinforced Or Laminated Etc., Of Polymers Of Styrene
9 400251 Latex Of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber (Nbr)
10 450410 Blocks, Plates, Sheets And Strip, Tiles Of Any Shape, Solid Cylinders, Including Disks, Of Agglomerated Cork
11 481810 Toilet Paper
12 481820 Handkerchiefs, Cleansing Or Facial Tissues And Towels, Of Paper Pulp, Paper, Cellulose Wadding Or Webs Of Cellulose Fibers
13 481910 Cartons, Boxes And Cases Of Corrugated Paper And Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
14 482020 Exercise Books, Of Paper Or Paperboard
15 490290 Newspapers, Journals And Periodicals, Whether Or Not Illustrated Or Containing Advertising Material, Appearing Less Than Four Times A Week
16 550912 Synthetic Staple Fiber Yarn (Except Sewing Thread), Not For Retail Sale, 85% Or More (Wt.) Of Nylon Or Other Polyamides, Multiple Or Cabled Yarn
17 550922 Synthetic Staple Fiber Yarn (Except Sewing Thread), Not For Retail Sale, 85% Or More (Wt.) Of Polyesters, Multiple Or Cabled Yarn
18 611599 Socks And Hosiery And Footwear Without Applied Soles, Of Textile Materials , Knitted Or Crocheted
19 621710 Made-Up Clothing Accessories
20 630292
21 630293 Toilet And Kitchen Linen Of Manmade Fibers
22 630710 Floorcloths, Dishcloths, Dusters And Similar Cleaning Cloths
23 650700 Headbands, Linings, Covers, Hat Foundations, Hat Frames, Peaks (Visors), And Chinstraps For Headgear
24 660200 Walking-Sticks, Seat-Sticks, Whips, Riding-Crops And The Like
25 711320 Jewelry And Parts Thereof, Of Base Matel Clad With Precious Metal
26 740500 Master Alloys Of Copper
27 841420 Hand- Or Foot-Operated Air Pumps
28 842330 Constant-Weight Scales And Scales For Discharging A Predetermined Weight Of Material Into A Bag Or Container, Including Hopper Scales
29 842860 Teleferics, Chair Lifts, Ski Draglines, Traction Mechanisms For Funiculars
30 846591 Sawing Machines For Working Wood, Cork, Bone, Hard Rubber, Hard Plastics Or Similar Hard Materials
31 848180 Taps, Cocks, Valves And Similar Appliances For Pipes, Vats Or The Like, Including Thermostatically Controlled Valves,
32 848250 Cylindrical Roller Bearings
33 848280 Ball Or Roller Bearings , Including Combined Ball/Roller Bearings
34 851529 Electric Machines And Apparatus For Resistance Welding Of Metal, Other Than Fully Or Partly Automatic
35 871492 Wheel Rims And Spokes For Bicycles And Other Cycles
36 901910 Mechano-Therapy Appliances, Massage Apparatus, Psychological Aptitude-Testing Apparatus, Parts And Accessories Thereof
37 901920 Ozone Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Aerosol Therapy, Artifical Respiration Or Other Therapeutic Respiration Apparatus, Parts And Accessories Thereof
38 910121 Wrist Watches, Not Battery Powered, With Cases Of Precious Metal (Or Of Metal Clad With Precious Metal), With Automatic Winding
39 911390 Watch Straps, Watch Bands And Watch Bracelets, And Parts There Of, Of Materials , Including Leather, Plastics Or Textile Material
40 950300 Toys, Including Riding Toys O/Than Bicycles, Puzzles, Reduced Scale Models
41 950629 Waterskis, Surfboards And Other Water-Sport Equipment Except Sailboards, Parts And Accessories Thereof
42 950632 Golf Balls
43 950669 Balls, Other Than Golf, Tennis (Lawn- And Table-) And Inflatable Balls,
44 950691 Articles And Equipment For General Physical Exercise, Gymnastics Or Athletics, , Parts And Accessories Thereof
45 960400 Hand Sieves And Hand Riddles
46 960860 Refills For Ball Point Pens, Comprising The Ball Point And Ink Reservoir