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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 290544 D-Glucitol (Sorbitol)
2 293430 Heterocyclic Compounds Containing A Phenothiazine Ring-System (Whether Or Not Hydrogenated), Not Further Fused
3 293627 Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) And Its Derivatives, Unmixed
4 293690 Provitamins And Vitamins (Including Natural Concentrates), Derivatives Thereof Used Primarily As Vitamins, And Intermixtures Of The Foregoing,
5 2936900000 Provitamins, Nes And Their Derivatives, Including Natural Concentrates
6 400610 Camel-Back Strips For Retreading Rubber Tires, Of Unvulcanized Rubber
7 420100 Saddlery And Harness For Any Animal (Including Traces, Leads, Knee Pads, Muzzles, Saddle Cloths, Saddle Bags, Dog Coats And The Like), Of Any Material
8 441199
9 481910 Cartons, Boxes And Cases Of Corrugated Paper And Paperboard Used In Offices, Shops, Or The Like
10 482090 Blotting Pads, Book Covers (Including Cover Boards And Book Jackets) And Articles Of Stationery , Of Paper Or Paperboard
11 840729 Inboard Engines For Marine Propulsion
12 852329 Magnetic Media, Other Than Cards Incorporating A Magnetic Stripe
13 901890 Instruments And Appliances For Medical, Surgical Or Veterinary Sciences, , And Parts And Accessories Thereof
14 901910 Mechano-Therapy Appliances, Massage Apparatus, Psychological Aptitude-Testing Apparatus, Parts And Accessories Thereof
15 901920 Ozone Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Aerosol Therapy, Artifical Respiration Or Other Therapeutic Respiration Apparatus, Parts And Accessories Thereof
16 902110 Orthopedic Or Fracture Appliances, And Parts And Accessories Thereof
17 902219 Apparatus Based On The Use Of X-Rays For Uses Other Than Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary, Including Industrial X-Ray Apparatus
18 9022190000 Apparatus Based On The Use Of X-Rays - For Radiography, Radiotherapy
19 902290 X-Ray Generators, High Tension Generators, Control Panels And Desks, Screens, Examination Or Treatment Tables, Chairs Etc., Parts And Accessories
20 9022909099 Parts And Accessories For Apparatus Based On Alpha Or Beta Or Gamma Radiation Etc, N.E.S.
21 950691 Articles And Equipment For General Physical Exercise, Gymnastics Or Athletics, , Parts And Accessories Thereof
22 961220 Ink-Pads, Whether Or Not Inked